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12/30/12 1:29 A

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i will probably have to repeat week 1 challenges all month (or maybe 2-3 months) to make it a new habit.

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6/21/12 10:52 A

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On Saturday or Sunday I sit down with a stack of Cooking Light magazines, or refer to recipes I have been saving on SP or Pinterest and I plan out the week. I try to cook seasonally so that I can take advantage of what our Farmer's Market has to offer.
During the school year it's a smoothie every morning, an apple and egg for snack/lunch, and a routine of dinners thru the week. I like to change it up daily during the summer. Honestly, I joined this challenge during the summer because I knew I could focus on it vs not meeting the weekly goals. I can imagine how hard it would be if you had to plan around a family of more than two, or if you didn't have a file of recipes. In my dreams I would own a little coffee shop that changed it's menu up daily. That's how much I enjoy being in the kitchen!

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5/17/12 10:23 A

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I suppose I did NOT complete the week one challenge. My goal is to build up to a meal plan. I thought that was a pretty hard goal to have for week one! The meal plan is like the worst thing for me ever. I do not have a repertoire of recipes my family will eat. I am just learning how to cook really. So, I specifically did not complete this meal plan challenge. I did kind of map out what I was going to bring for lunch everyday, and the lunches I made for my son, and I had a rough idea of main ingredients for every night. However, it was no the kind of meal plan I want to have. Maybe I'm too focused on perfection right now, or to worried about form. I had an overall strategy written down, but it wasn't as organized and wonderful as what I'm striving for. As in , checking what's in season, maybe what's on sale, having about 20 dinner recipes I know my family will love and that are healthy, etc.

3/18/12 9:26 A

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My H and I spend Sat morning together reviewing our upcoming week - classes, commitments, etc. Then we map out our dinners accordingly. We start with a tom-cuc salad and then plan the side dish and protein for at least 3 nights (6 servings), knowing we'll both be out at least one night each week.

I have a protein shake for breakfast every morning and he eats the same thing everyday for breakfast & lunch, so those don't require planning (just checking on ingredients). I like to mix it up for lunches so I choose one of Chef Meg's meals and eat the 4 servings over 5 days.

For snacks, I bring a fruit and 1/2 oz of almonds for mid-morning and a homemade greek-yogurt dip and veg for afternoon. All-in, I target about 1600 calories.

Our challenge is always Friday night & Saturday lunch/dinner.


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2/21/12 2:57 P

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I completed the wk 1 challenge but I think I just squeaked by! I am a big eater. I go through phases of eating crap food for a few days & then don't touch it for weeks. So cutting that out of my meal plans were easy. Trying to figure out proper portion sizes per meal is an extreme challenge for me. Like I said, I'm a fairly healthy BIG eater leaning on the carb side of things. I love my veggies & like my fruit, get bored very quickly of all so I have to keep reinventing healthy stuff to eat. I like cooking in big batches then freezing some so that helps but I'm finding it is still very overwhelming to make my own meal plans.

When I was following SP meal plans I was doing just that... following them to the T. It was perfect! I never had to question what I was eating the next day because I knew & if I didn't like it I changed it. But having it done for me was not really teaching me and I was finding I was spending more time "tweaking" the next meal plan than I was anything else! I would spend a whole afternoon or day just to make a wk's plan!

So now that I have vented some of my frustrations... does anyone have suggestions on making a meal plan? Quickly & healthy?

Thanks & good luck to all of you!!
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