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6/28/10 12:53 P

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Greetings and Welcome,

WOW! You are off to a great start. I hope you are having fun with this as well. When I was little I always wanted to have my own restaurant (I still do but it isn't in the plan yet). Anyway, I think of my kitchen and pantry as my little restaurant. I keep certain amount of staples on hand that I can use to whip up any meal within minutes, and just as you, buy the perishables on sale. That way I can plan meals around what is on sale for that week.

I also try to keep in my head all the different meals I can put together in a flash. When that fails, I keep recipes on two magnet clips on my frig next to my dry-erase board shopping list. Whenever I come across a new recipe I put it on the frig, write down the ingredients and pick them up when I do my shopping. For me, it has been fun and exciting to try one to two new recipes a week. Actually, that is my goal for my life's adventurous side.

If you want to make it fun name your kitchen as you would a restaurant and make up a menu for your family each day. It can be simple or elaborate. Welcome your family (guests) to your cafe/restaurant and hand them their meal options for the eventing/or lunch. After the meal is done, make notes on the back as far as what went well and what you would like to change for next time. Then set it aside and use it again in a month. This is fun if you have children and you can also include them in making up a healthy menu for the day. They are never too young (or old) to learn the basics of preparing a healthy meal. My Grandma let me do this starting when I was seven. It really is a great way to build healthy styles and memories.

Finally, I just would like to add that presentation says it all when it comes to serving your meals. I also pretend I am serving customers when I present my meals (even if it is only for myself). Make it look appealing and beautiful. Add garnishes and colors, use candle light, or flowers. Beautiful food, soft lights, soothing music, and wonderful companionship/conversation (even if it only you) all work together to help us eat in moderation and ensure proper digestion.

Enjoy and my best to you on your journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Julia emoticon

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6/28/10 12:46 P

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emoticon sounds like you are on your way.

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6/28/10 9:26 A

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Welcome aboard! Sounds as if you're off to a good start.

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6/28/10 7:19 A

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Good for you

Nancy - from Virginia

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6/28/10 7:09 A

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I think I finished week one already. (unless I am missing something from the challenge)

I made my menu for the week starting this past Friday:

25th Pizza (homemade half wheat half unbleached flour)

26th BBQ eye round steak, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob

27th Fried Rice and Lo Mein....sorry this was from a box. The sodium is not bad, IMO and I can not cook good fried rice or lo mein.

28th Chicken, leftover mashed potatoes, and a veggie from a can

29th Is Taco Tuesday I will have a taco salad and try to make my own pinto beans no meat for me.

30th Leftovers

1st More leftovers I set up a buffet for the family they pick and I reheat in the microwave...give the range a night

2nd Pizza again

3rd BBQ

I also rearranged my pantry. I do have before and after picks, but I am having hardware issues and can not get the pics off my camera,yet.

I finished cleaning out my cabinets make is easier to find pots and pans, I have Smart Balance oil and cooking spray in the house, and I cleaned out my drawer with all my measure spoons and cooking stuff.

I have to go to the store tomorrow to get the rest of my produce while it is on sale.

I have my cookbooks in order and marked the foods I know my family will eat and onces I want to try.

Is there anything left to week one challenge?

TIA for your help.

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