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1/3/13 12:40 A

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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to move on to Week 3 (though technically I should be on Week 4). I want to be in bed by midnight this week, and by 10:30-11 the final week. It's 12:30am now, so I won't start week 3 until "tomorrow" night. But I'm getting ready for bed and not staying up until that's a start! I exercised a great deal, so I think that's why I'm feeling a little more sleepy than usual.

Week three says to figure out what time you have to get up each day and count backwards. I do not work outside the home, which is one reason my schedule can get out of whack. Part of my Week 3 goal will be setting a time to wake up and setting my alarm (the radio alarm AND my cell phone alarm) to get up at a decent time. I'm tired of wasting precious daylight...esp. limited in the winter. Reasonable, I'd like to sleep from 12-8 or 11-7. Something to work towards.

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1/1/13 4:05 P

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Great! Good luck.

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12/30/12 9:30 A

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Yeah, remember they're guide lines only, you're the one who sets them in stone.

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12/30/12 5:29 A

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It looks like you are still making good progress but be aware that you are not required to move in each week if you feel you want to repeat a week you can. there is not a hard limit to the time it takes to complete the challenge so if it makes you feel better to try week 2 again then do that and move on once you are ready. If you want to go forward with the awesome goals for week 3 then move. I am glad you gave up the soda for some other more nutritious drink.
Don't be too hard on yourself we all have challenging weeks during this time of year. emoticon

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12/30/12 4:46 A

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I guess all the holiday hubbub made it difficult to focus during Week 2. I was keeping my sleep diary as a daily blog entry, but I was soon overwhelmed by too many activities. I could barely keep up with tracking my food.

It's still hit and miss, but I am making more effort to:
~follow a relaxing bedtime routine: I find a bubble bath or at least a hot shower really does help. I've used this time to also do something special for myself, like a spa treatment (homemade with natural ingredients like avocado, olive oil, honey, etc.). My skin feels pampered which puts me in a better state of mind. One night I used my foot spa and gave myself a pedicure...including using Vitamin E oil for dry skin and heels.
~exercise. Getting in some cardio during the day definitely makes me sleepy. Gentle stretching relaxes me, but I have to be careful and limit even this before bedtime....sometimes I get over-zealous and want to exercise more....then I'm wired!

Goals for Week 3:
~I drink a lot of herbal tea instead of caffeinated beverages. I gave up soda, which kept me up and caused a lot of health issues. I'm going to buy more organic teas that help induce sleep.
~I am organizing the bedroom to make more conducive to sleep.
~Post sleep diary at least 2-3 times.

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