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It really IS hard to get the motivation back. I totally understand and am there myself right now. I too am a State employee( WV) and 3 laps around my building is a mile. It is not picturesque in the least and not a single soul joins me but I have been making myself go on morning break ( 10:30), and afternoon break ( 2:30) and occasionally at lunch. I can get 2-3 miles a day in without feeling like it was a burden. I am back in my chair in no time. Also, I recently discovered a morning workout show called Radius, it is on CBS sports cable channel. The workouts are 30 minutes and they are GREAT! They also have an app and a website - It has really encouraged me and though I am only down 1.8 pounds, it's a start and I am already feeling better and motivated for summer! Stay with it, you will get there and anytime you need a " walking partner" for breaks, we can go together across the miles!!

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Reply goal...starting to walk for at least 30 mins/day. This *should not* be a problem, especially during the work week. It is pathetic considering that I have such a beautiful walk route that hundreds - literally hundreds - of other California state employees manage to fit in each day, walking around the California State Capitol.

I often use the excuse that I am too busy. Sometimes, I legitimately am too busy to walk at the time that my "walking buddy" can go, but that doesn't mean that I can't go at another time and/or walk by myself.

Anyhow, I'm just stuck in this slump, physically and mentally. Mentally because I have too much going on in my personal life that is emotionally draining right now. Hopefully, that will all be resolved, in as much as it can be "resolved", in May. (Since the ordeal really kicked into full swing - in January - I have been stress eating every time I've had something new to face or some new blow or some sort of memory has saddened me. My reaction, literally, is that I receive bad news and my next immediate thought - almost as quickly as I'm processing this new information - is "I want ice cream..." As such, I've gained approx. 4-5 pounds. Why is it so easy to gain weight and SOOOO hard to lose it?)

And physically, I think I've found everything particularly difficult because I used to be in such good shape and I used to work out so often. By so often I mean, every day at the gym...cardio and strength training every other day. I've had personal trainers, and then knew and learned enough to develop my own routines. I had muscle tone. Really good muscle tone. (Now I have baby muscle little muscles are still there, just nowhere near where they used to be and I have NO physical endurance.)

So, I'm trying to start small. I've probably said this about 3x a week since I really fell out of my routine in February 2014 (the last remains of the routine that I had before it finally slipped away) . My goal is to get in my 30 mins a day of walking, gradually kicking up the pace, and then move towards adding some body resistance strength training and/or yoga.

I'm hoping that posting this - saying "outloud" if you will - might make me a bit more accountable, inspired, and motivated to follow through this time.

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