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10/20/11 8:01 P

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I would love the find a local support group but I don't like to leave my DH too often or too long.
My DH is still quite sweet natured but he seems to think I make up things when I tell he has done it and that is one of the reasons he needs to go to the nursing home. One day he is OK with it, the next day he says NO Way. But I don't argue with him (I don't think we have ever argued) He is a very laid back person and gets along with just about everyone. I am still going ahead with looking for the nursing home. Saw a perfect one today but man was it ever expenive.
I keep telling myself, one day at a time, one day at a time.

Thanks for listening you guys, it really helps emoticon

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10/19/11 10:20 P

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The best advice I can give to both of you is to find a support group and know that you are not alone in your area
You do have this venue to vent but it helps to have a live person who can understand what you are having to deal with and give you ideas
The alzheimers association is a great organization
There are also great books to read go to the library
There is one book " The 36 Hour Day "
Believe me in the 15 years have been dealing with memory loss and now alzheimers have spent many 36 hour days
It is different for me as am dealing with my DH where you are dealing with parents
Was in denial for a long long time and when finally accepted life has been better
DH seemed to accept it from the start having to retire at age 62 and we traveled for seven years and then he had to give up driving and so now we have our trailer on our DD/SIL property on a lake and go there for two weeks at a time
We truly live one day at a time

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10/14/11 12:16 A

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I know what you are going through. I moved in with my mom last Feb. She still doesn't know that I Iive with her. I quit my job in early June because I was afraid to leave her alone at night when I worked (she still thinks that I work full time). Since we live in her home every time I open a cupboard she thinks I am stealing something that belongs to her. Since my father passed away and I became completely responsible for my mother's care I have gained 45 lbs. in addition to the 80 lbs that I already had to loose. It is really hard but try not to worry about the donut and just get back on plan. I struggle with emotional eating every day and worry that I will never overcome the knee jerk reaction to eat when everything else in my life is way out of control. I think that the hardest thing for me to ignore is the constant repetition. Most days we have the same conversation for hours. She can't remember eating and trys to eat the same meals several times.I guess that the only thing that we have going for us is that she is in good health.

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10/13/11 10:37 P

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Had to take mom to the doctor's today - she might have pneumonia. He sent us to get a chest x-ray. Had a "tussle" with the pharmacy - they sent me an automated voice mail saying there was a "delay" and they'd call back when the prescription was ready. Turns out they didn't HAVE the medicine. It was an almost FOUR HOUR delay getting her started on her antibiotic.

THEN mom accused my sister-in-law of taking her pajama top. Mom's in MD, SIL in FL. Mom's a size 6 petite and my SIL is morbidly obese. I KNEW not to do it. I KNEW to just ignore it, but instead I defended my SIL. Mom yelled that she was packing up and leaving my house tomorrow. She has been SOOOOO chipper for more than a week and we've had NO arguments!

Now I know that there's a good chance she won't remember that tomorrow, but she almost always "holds onto" STRONG emotional things. She doesn't remember what she had for breakfast, but is STILL angry at the opthamologist she saw ONE TIME in FL almost two years ago!

LOL is this where I admit that I stuffed a double chocolate donut in my face?

I have seen women looking at jewelry ads with a misty eye and one hand resting on the heart, and I only know what they're feeling because that's how I read the seed catalogs in January.

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