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This excerpt from the Shape Shifter's Daily Diary is the introduction and instructions for its use. The Diary is a spiral bound book. This information is included here for you to get a feel for what the Diary has to offer. If you wish to use this forum to post your Diary entries, please feel free to do so.

First things first …

The book that you hold in your hands is the third generation of an evolving project … it’s being Shape Shifted, too. The first version of this creative tool was called The Shape Shifter’s Workbook, and I came up with it after a reader of Shape Shifting—reclaiming YOUR perfect body asked me if there was a study guide to the book. She loved it, but wasn’t sure how to make it work for herself. So, I started paying attention to the specifics of what I was doing to make it work for me and used that information to create the Workbook.

The Workbook was a weekly log of the Four Components (Challenges, Intentions, Triumphs and Makeovers … all of which will be explained later). At that time, this worked for me, and for my readers. But as I evolved, so did the need for a little tweaking on the Workbook. I realized it wasn’t fulfilling my needs any more. I needed a daily diary because it allowed more focused and deliberate intent. I found that the weekly platform was too loose.

So, the first version of the Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary was born. It was, in essence, the same thing as the Workbook but it also included, among other small changes, a week-end wrap up … blank pages for jotting down Epiphanies and any other notes that there wasn’t room for on the Diary pages.

That worked fine, but then I found myself adding more components, and they were just as powerful as the original four, if not more so … in particular, Current Conditions and Daily Thanksgivings! When it comes to Shape Shifting, being aware of the way we’re feeling is crucial. Even Abraham, as translated by Esther Hicks, stresses the importance of feeling in alignment with what we’re wanting to create. And if/when we find ourselves in an undesired condition, nothing brings us out of it faster than counting our blessings and being grateful for the good things that are already in our lives. This is the fastest way into alignment with our goals. Read on for a much more full description of how to use this book.

About the cover art …
This is an incredible story, and it is a brilliant example of how Shape Shifting works … of how our desires unfold for us in ways we could never imagine, if we get out of their way and let them happen.

I had been trying to find something suitable for the cover of the Diary for some time, because I wanted it to be more than just a cool picture. I wanted it to be magical … to deliver a message on a very deep level. I had a very specific image in my head that if only I had the artistic talent either on canvas or computer to express, I would do it myself.

Alas, I do not. So I had to find an artist, someone to whom I could explain what I was looking for, someone who would capture my vision and bring it to life. I asked around, and it just wasn’t happening. Finally, I put it on a back burner and moved on to other things. Meantime, however, I continued to create the image in my head, dreaming of its eventual physical expression.

In October 2007, I was on a promotional tour for Shape Shifting and was flying to Las Vegas to appear on Steve and Barbara Rother’s television show, The Virtual Light Broadcast. (Watch the video at This was at the height of the frantic security scare days at all the airports, and it seemed that my bags and I were getting searched every single time I flew. Was it because I look vaguely ethnic? Was it because my name is on some list to be singled out because I wrote something disparaging on my blog about the TSA? Was it because I resist and resent the invasion of privacy and am, therefore, attracting it to myself? Who knows?

I’ve been patted down, x-rayed, had air blown on me (still don’t understand how that machine works), and threatened by security guards for protesting when they confiscated an unopened mango smoothie bottle I had just overpaid five dollars for in an airport snack stand. I got to the point where I was no longer surprised to find the card in my suitcase saying, in essence, “We went through your stuff when you weren’t looking.” Of course they did. They always did. Flying had become a very unpleasant experience.

So imagine my delight to find that this flight to Vegas had something soothing to offer … the in-flight monitors were playing a gorgeous video of New Age imagery. It was very modern and spiritual. I was deeply impressed that this airline was conscious enough to realize the value of this work, in these troubled times. I made a note of the name of the video, Twenty Gems, and ordered both DVDs (there are two versions) as soon as I got home. I played them over and over and thought, boy, if only I could find an artist who could do that for my book cover.

Fast forward a couple months. One day I logged on to MySpace and found a comment from one of my MySpace Friends. It was from someone accepting a random friend request I had sent. He said, “Welcome aboard. What an odd coincidence. I was just watching you on The Virtual Light Broadcast yesterday.”

I replied, “It’s amazing how many synchronicities are happening these days, isn’t it?

This led to a series of brief emails. One from him included a computer generated image he had made. He said, “While listening to some of your radio shows this symbol I created a couple of years back came to mind. I call it “Trinity Scale” to represent balance of mind, body and soul. All in combination of trinity symbols. Everything is animated of course. The guy in the bubble I sent earlier is a representation of the soul’s womb that I feel we are in all through our lives. It regulates positive and negative energies into our selves.”

I loved the image and wrote back, “Your work is exquisite and reminds me of a couple of different things. Have you seen the Twenty Gems meditation DVDs? Also there was an online virtual world called Peace City that I adored, but it's no longer in existence as far as I know. I'm just talking off the top of my head here, but maybe we can work together on something. I've got so many visuals in my head to try to describe to people what I'm talking about when I describe Shape Shifting, but I don't have the skills that you have.”

His response still stuns me, “The Twenty Gems DVD you’re referring to is my work. I produced and created the first volume.”

I had been unknowingly communicating with Charlie Case, producer of a series of exquisite videos called Star Chronicles. Here is an excerpt from his bio at

All of his life, Charlie has had intense visions and many lucid dreams, which reveal phenomenal futuristic scenes and residual visions of the past. From a very young age, he knew he would have to find a way to bring his mental pictures into a tangible form for others to see. Every step of Charlie’s career path led him to acquire knowledge and necessary skills to bring his dreams into reality.

Even though Charlie is commended as an artistic guru by his professional associates, his true passion is creating his own original productions that will help usher our planet into a new era. Grammy award winning artists seem to be directed to him by a Higher Force. They travel long distances to Charlie’s in-home studio to collaborate and discuss eclectic subjects. Committed to developing and delivering works of inspiration, Charlie feels there are many visual messages he must create before his time runs out.

Eventually, I asked Charlie if he would be interested in helping me with the cover art. I sent him the same description with which I had approached a few other artists, with no luck:

“A very brief description of the kind of thing I'm looking for is an androgynous being passing through the veil ... the ‘old’ world is drab and dull and the ‘new’ one is stunning, vivid and exquisite. The implication is that the person is ‘Shape Shifting’ by stepping into a new level of consciousness.”

The end result you see is the cover of this Diary. It is imbued with magical energy. It took six months to complete and during that time I feel like I have literally crossed through that veil. It was during that time that this new version of the Diary was created. And it was also during this time that we have officially entered into the Age of Aquarius. We are definitely in a new world. This Diary really is a magical tool. Use it well and watch your own amazing stories unfold.

This Diary is created for the Shape Shifter, perhaps one who has read Shape Shifting—reclaiming YOUR perfect body. It’s for those who want to move forward into a more genuine expression of Self. It is intended to teach you to be a Shape Shifter. It's a magical book that you activate with your intention and agreement to use it as such. Irresponsible (harmful) use immediately deactivates the mojo. This safeguard cannot be overridden.

Find yourself a good pen, one with which you love to write, one that allows your hand to flow and makes it easy for you to envision a trail of glowing, sparkling, glistening letters in your hand's wake … perhaps a gel pen with glittery, metallic ink. Maybe attach a crystal or some feathers … something fun. Put some thought into choosing the right instrument. This pen is your magic wand—an extension of your hand—through which you pour your focused intent onto the pages. You might even consider buying some glittery “fairy dust” to sprinkle on the pages, just for fun.

One of the most important aspects of Shape Shifting is using your imagination. Imagine that this book’s magic is real (it is). Pretend you're really seeing fairy dust as you wave your pen/wand. Pretend that you see your words lit up in sparkling light, flowing from your pen in a stream of radiance as you write. Pretend this book glows with a golden white aura, and that you can feel its energy tingle. (Don't be surprised if one day you don't need to pretend anymore.)

A Shape Shifter knows that whatever is intended with this book will come true, so be deliberate and mindful of how you state things. The feeling you're expressing when stating your intentions, as your glowing letters hit the page, is what the book will create for you.

You will most likely get it.

The Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary will help you to create the life you’d rather be living. Used in conjunction with the book Shape Shifting—reclaiming YOUR perfect body, you can use this Diary to lose weight, get healthier, or to accomplish any other goal. The process is the same and the possibilities are endless.

Using several powerful creation components (Don’t panic! It’s not as complicated as it looks!) this Diary will help you to not only create and keep track of accomplishments (one of the most important parts of manifesting … feeling grateful for the good things in life), but to also recognize and reframe any roadblocks.

How to use this Diary
First, you will find two pages upon which to write your primary Goal. What would you like to accomplish? Why are you using this diary? You will also find, every four weeks, additional pages to enter any reality checks that might help with accomplishing this goal. Sometimes our goal shifts as we go. You can tweak and refine your goal along the way.

You may find that your original goal has become obsolete because you’ve realized that it’s not what you really wanted after all, or that you’ve already easily accomplished it and it’s time to move on to the next Goal!

After the Goal pages, the next page of the Diary has only two components listed: Challenges and Intentions. On your first day, you will not yet have any Triumphs or Makeovers, etc. to write about. We start out easy. Each set of pages after that will include all of the components.

Challenges are the things that are currently vexing you. They are the circumstances in your life that seem to be keeping you from your preferred state. For example, if your immediate goal is to lose weight but you’re the only one in your family interested in eating healthy, that would be a Challenge. If you want to find a new career, but you don’t know what you would rather do, that is a Challenge. You need a new car but can’t afford it. You need some rest but your schedule is just too busy. You’re tired of being single, but can’t find love. All Challenges.

Only Challenges are allowed to be voiced, initially, as possible negatives because we immediately flip them over and reword them as Intentions.

In other words, what do you want to do and why can’t you do it? That’s your first Challenge.

Intentions are Challenges reframed to make a positive statement. Once you recognize a Challenge, you now know what you wish to overcome. Have good cheer! Intentions make dissolving Challenges easy! When stating Intentions, Triumphs and Makeovers, use only positive tones if you wish positive results.

Find a positive way to reword your Challenge and start the sentence with “I intend that …” and state it in the present tense. If your Challenge is that you feel as if your family is keeping you from eating healthier, you might first think about wording your Intention along the lines of, “I intend that I lose weight whether my family supports my efforts or not.”

While this is a legitimate statement, it carries a tinge of anger or frustration about your lack of support. You don’t wish to carry that anger/frustration with you, like a ball and chain attached to your ankle, so we find a more positive way to say the same thing.

Try not to make it a negative statement, while keeping it real. This can be tricky, but it is very doable. You might better word it this way: “I intend that I eat healthy because I enjoy it and I easily fit it into my lifestyle.” Use whatever wording works for you and makes you feel good about yourself.

Wording an Intention in the present tense is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. We have learned that the creative Force into which we speak our wishes takes our words … and how we feel about them … very literally. If you say, “I intend that I will lose weight,” the Force interprets your words as something you intend to do in the future, and spins that exact result back at you … you will do it in the future and the future is never Now. You will constantly be chasing that desire and wondering why it never arrives.

Saying, “I intend that I am losing weight right now,” gives the Force something to bite into and create, now. Think literally and deliberately when framing an Intention, even if it doesn’t feel true. If you want it to be true, then say it like it already is. As you pour your words onto the page, see them lit up with the power of your desire for this intent to be so, Now.

If your Challenge is that you want that new career but have no clue where to begin, you might state your Intention as, “I intend that I am seeing signs pointing me in the right direction, everywhere I look.” You might also write something like “I intend that new doors begin to open for me and opportunities for something new present themselves.” Then begin to watch for confirmation that your words are true, because evidence will be quickly forthcoming. It’s your job to pay attention and recognize it when it appears (hint: this evidence will be added to your Diary as a Triumph).

Recognizing Challenges are the first step, because without being fully aware of what’s keeping us from our bliss, we may continue to bump into those Challenges without understanding why we can’t move forward.

Let’s not dwell on them, however. Focusing too much on what’s “wrong” will only help to prolong a Challenge’s existence. Instead, we look for the silver lining, the blessing we can find in the situation, a way we can take better, more loving care of ourselves. We consciously choose to look at the situation in another way … a healthier way that allows us to be more fully authentic. We Intend to turn them around into a more preferred state of being.

Triumphs are Intentions accomplished or acknowledged. They are the evidence that your Intention is beginning to come true, even to a small degree. When you begin Day Two (and every day thereafter) of the Diary, you will take your previous Intention(s) and tell a success story about how you accomplished it—or, at the very least—made an effort. Triumphs don’t have to be “Mission Accomplished.” They can be the smallest indication that something is different, in a good way. Shining light upon them helps them to grow.

For example, if you Intend to eat healthier foods, your Triumph could be, “I passed last night on the processed ‘cheezy-flavored’ instant mashed potatoes and had an organic baked potato instead.” Or, if a new career is your goal, your Triumph might be, “I noticed, as I walked past our company’s graphic designer’s office, that what she was doing looked interesting and I may look into taking some classes.”

Triumphs are Intentions, followed up and acted upon.

Makeovers are the things you do to look or feel better about yourself. They can be as simple as wearing your favorite shirt to work—the one you save for special occasions—for no particular reason … or showering with your “expensive” soap. They can also be energy clearing actions like cleaning your closets, changing your sheets or smudging your house with sage. Changing the Feng Shui of your home is an extremely powerful Makeover.

They can also, of course, be full-blown makeovers at a spa or redecorating your home. They don’t have to cost anything, but they should make you feel pampered and like you’ve cleared some stagnant energy.

Epiphanies are the Shape Shifter’s ambrosia. They are the moments of brilliance, those “Aha!” moments, that we experience when our eyes are suddenly opened to something we’ve never seen or realized before, even if it’s been in front of our noses the whole time. They are the breakthroughs that illuminate blocks and dissolve walls.

Between every seven-day set of pages, you will find blank pages to write any Epiphanies you may have. Keep track of these! These are the yummiest side effects of the Shape Shifting process. The insights that you gain as you go along are the true gems that you’re mining for.

You can also use the Epiphany pages for doodles or to paste photos as you would in a scrapbook or on a collage/vision board. They are your pages to get creative with! Remember, this is your magic book. Make it juicy!

(Every four weeks, the Epiphany pages will be replaced by Reality Check/Tweak pages. This is where you will have the opportunity to enter anything you’d like to update or change with regard to the Goal with which you began the month.)

To use a gardening analogy:

• Stating your Challenges is the same as tilling the weedy and rocky soil.
• Setting your Intentions is planting high-quality seeds.
• Recognizing your Triumphs is spotting and caring for the tiny sprouts as they poke through the earth.
• Makeovers are the fertilizer that makes your soil rich.
• Epiphanies are the soul-feeding crops that you harvest as they come in.

Extra fun stuff …
These Five Components are the core of the Shape Shifting process, but you will also see a few other items on the Diary pages that are very helpful for acknowledging and tracking your progress. They are Current Conditions and Daily Thanksgivings. You will also find an extra few lines for any extra Notes that don’t fit into any of the above, but might be a good idea to jot down, things like synchronicities, etc.

Current Conditions are the circumstances that may be coloring your story. For example, what kind of mood are you in? How is the weather? What’s going on at home or at work with your friends, family and/or coworkers? Do you have a cold? Are you feeling excellent that day? Are you planning a party and feeling overwhelmed? Are you planning a party and feeling excited? What are the behind-the-scenes events that are affecting your overall life that day?

In addition to a few lines to jot down a description of your Current Conditions, you’ll find a bunch of emoticons that will help you to zero in on how you’re feeling. At the end of the week, you’ll be asked to average them out so you will have an idea of your general mood range. If you find that you’re spending a lot of time in the negative end, it would be a good idea to pay more deliberate attention to what you’re spending your time thinking about and begin to move into a more positive mindset.

Current Conditions, if we are not happy about them, can be viewed as valuable contrast that demonstrates to us what we have created with our past thoughts, words and actions. If Conditions are as we wish them to be, they are proof that what we’re doing is working.

They are also powerful indicators of where we may be giving away our power or allowing ourselves to be knocked off balance. Oftentimes, we are completely unaware of the fact that we are doing this.

When things over which we have little or no control are allowed to ruin our day, seeing what we’ve written in the Current Conditions section gives us the opportunity to be more Zen, or, deliberately at peace. We then move, by logical progression, into the next step:

Daily Thanksgivings are very important, especially if our Current Conditions are difficult that day. Making a point to be grateful for the good things in life helps us to focus our creative energy on the things and/or circumstances we would like to expand upon and grow.

When we make a deliberate effort to pay attention to the things we enjoy about our lives, and be grateful for their presence, we feed the furnace of creativity. We are, in essence, telling the Universe, “More of this, please. I like when my life and circumstances feel like this, so I am now placing my order for more reasons to feel like this or even better! Yay!”

Think about what it feels like to give a gift to someone you wish to please. When they are happy with what they’ve received, it makes you feel good and you can’t wait to give another gift. If they act ungrateful or disappointed, the last thing you want to do is to give them more. The Universe loves to make you happy. Tell it how! Daily Thanksgivings may be the most powerful part of the Shape Shifting process, so don’t forget to really dig in, every single day!

This may seem like a lot to keep track of, with too many ways to make a mistake. You may be overwhelmed at first, because this is a new way of doing things. Just like the first few days on a new job, while you’re the “trainee,” the new job may seem impossible to learn. But after a short while, you look back and wonder why you ever thought it was hard.

This Diary is simply a new way of organizing the way you go about creating your life so that it is much more in line with your desires. It’s a learning process, and it’s okay to take a little time to learn how to do it.

Don’t worry. You can’t do this wrong. You will learn as you go how to most effectively use this book. The first couple weeks will be the time for you to get a feel for how it works. Once you do, and you begin to see results, you will look forward to waking up each morning with a new excitement over what that day will bring.

Your new life begins today.
All it takes is this first step…

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