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1/14/14 1:13 A

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I have seen Dr. Bernard on TV and he seems like a nice enough guy, but the vegetarian lifestyle is not an easy one and definitely not for everyone.

We still need protein and it is not always easy to get enough from just plant sources. Yes, you can get some from nuts and seeds (beans, etc.) but there is also lots of fat in them as well.

I personally believe the best way to it get a full all-rounded diet including fish and chicken, eggs and dairy (unless allergic) Look for a diabetic nutritionist - someone who specializes in diabetic eating. They are your best resource and can help you monitor what you eat and what you should be looking for.....


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1/13/14 5:20 P

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I have to give you props for being 30 days without red meat. I can honestly say, I could never do it. I'm a few years into my diabetes diagnosis, but never took care of myself. It wasn't until this past November when the doctor told me I had to start Insulin. I'm slowly making progress with trying to change my eating habits. It hasn't been easy.
I'm not sure how being a vegan or a vegetarian will effect your diabetes. My best advice would be to consult your doctor, or if you're seeing a Diabetes educator or dietician. I don't see how being on just a plant base diet would get you your proper nutrition you need.
Anyway.. the best of luck to you!

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1/13/14 2:16 P

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Hi Jeanette, he sounds like a quack to me. I have the best control that I ever had and my diet is high in protein. When I don't eat enough protein, I lose muscle. I eat a wide assortment of veggies, fruits, lean protein, and at least two servings of dairy a day. I only put olive oil and vinegar on my salads for dressing. I drink a lot of water with lemon and lime slices in it. I don't eat fried foods, starches, or high card foods. I don't drink any sugary drinks. I don't eat pasta, rice, or potatoes. I eat greek yogurt daily with gluten free granola.



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1/13/14 12:50 P

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I am reading Dr. Neal Barnard's Reverse Diabetes book. He is recommending a completely vegan diet for folks with Diabetes. His main emphasis is no animal products whatsoever. No fish meat, no chicken meat, no eggs, no diary. Pure plant base diet. He also shuns using oils like olive oil to cook with. I am curious if any of you out there are vegan. I am already eating a mostly vegetarian diet since September. I eat chicken maybe a few nights. Once or twice a week I eat fish. I haven't had red meat in almost 30 days. Other days I have beans or tofu as my protein source for dinner. But giving up dairy for me will be a challenge. I love Greek yogurt for breakfast. I love lowfat or fat free cottage cheese for a snack. I eat sting cheeses for snacks too. What is your opinions?

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