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9/10/11 11:45 P

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My vet says xylitol can kill a dog fast. So be careful. Yes so can chocolate...but just be aware. I use it off and on, but do get gas from it.

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I use Xylitol for my husband and I will only get the one made with birch bark since corn in the US is GMO and also contains fungus inside it's kernel. So I just stay away from corn all the time. Plus I had my tongue swell after eating some thing with corn product in it.


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9/7/11 8:25 P

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Thanks for sharing!

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An informed choice is what I am looking for in sweeteners of safe effective value. I want more than just empty calories. I want sugars that promote healing and sound energy creation. My sights fall in the eight essential saccharides of life that the human body does great work on when these essentials are part of daily menu options. I wish to name all of the eight by heart. I take them one at a time. With each experience of learning about the foods I love now and some answers of why my gut agrees with my tongue and why these saccharides are so beloved; I delve into the secret world of hidden value beyond that sensational flavor. They actually have healing powers. This is a path of understanding; one step of eight steps to a better food environment on my pantry shelves. After the eight sugars are identified I will be able to list some of the foods to have this elevated quality to heal, I did not know before.

Part one
Sweeter than sugar with fewer calories, xylitol can come from birch trees, oats, berries, mushrooms, corn husk, cane bagasse, or other fruits and vegetables. Xyl (on)-Greek for wood- itol suffix, (zi-li-tol). But how do you find out which food is used to create a given product? I have to go to the customer service line of the brand mane and ask. It is currently used in commercial chewing gums, some sweet snacks, and medical and dental products like; diabetic sweets, bone replacement care products, ear and upper respiratory infections reduction care, general, chronic, and intermittent infection treatments because xylitol attracts then starves bacteria of mutan streptococci. It is also effective for Candid yeast and other fungal control dental programs in mouthwash and some fluoride tablets. It is so assistance note worthy; I share a super short list of places to find more health related healing power of xylitol.

Laxation threshold: the amount of sweetener that can be consumed before abdominal discomfort sets-in. (It is my understanding that the reduced power of sweetness on the tongue found in xylitol over cane sugar has shown slow but proven success in addressing a person’s response to the need for sweetness and gradual but obtainable results to cut the volume and strength of the desire for sweets; the calories are cut by as much as 2/3 in every use.) This is measured in a comparison of sugar/sucrose to xylitol. The sugar has 15 calories with xylitol being just 9.6 calories per teaspoon of food energy per serving; and a very low glycemic index of 13 (glucose has a GI of 100).
The aldehyde molecules are danced into the final 5 molecule crystal pattern turning the xylitol sugar into an alcohol. Xylitol is better gut tolerated than either Sorbitol or Mannitol (corporate patented sweetening products) in medically tested capacities.
As with many water based nutrients the gut can react with aggressive response to extremes and unfriendly intakes. What sweet food is your daily intake and amount tolerance of the sweeteners you use?

The ritual of reaching for sweets to soothing away stress does weaken the immune system. Are you going from empty calorie to fuel for weight loss. It could be that looking for nutrient dense foods to fill the daily calorie quota would better affect the waist line for focused fuel to energize focused exercise. This reversal of thinking is a gentle step toward getting off higher denser calorie filled teaspoons of sweetness/sugar or artificials that remain side-effect troubling. Xylitol has lower food energy of cane or beet sugars. Doing away with high fructose corn products, soy, yeast or crude oil forms of sugar alcohol derivatives leads one to a no-less processed but scientifically much improving different food, xylitol. It has fuel properties cane sugar is famous for, fueling energy. This more volume with fewer calories is a little twisting thinking for a sugar switch. This sugar feeds the cells by providing body healing nutrients cane sugar alone does not possess. Staying with in a daily calorie volume takes forethought and assertive action to met goals. We try to follow the guidelines and good health advice tips from our doctors. Looking for sweetness that can also kill bacteria? Xylitol can. Or on known to shrink fungus, xylitol can do this, too. Doctors and dentists all over the world have learned of the health improving power of this sugar, this is one of eight known saccharides to heal human tissues cell deep; could even help the spirit. When a weight loss goal is met no matter how small the spirit lifts. This sugar is spirit lifting. Explore the taste and food value yourself and tell me what you think! But do not let the dog get it!

Here is a quote out of Wiki web site…
Absorbed more slowly than sugar, it does not contribute to high blood sugar levels or the resulting hyperglycemia caused by insufficient insulin response. This characteristic has also has also proven beneficial for people suffering from metabolic syndrome, a common disorder that includes insulin resistance, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and an increased risk for blood clots. This is one statement of the thousands mentioning different illnesses that have improved health results with a change in sweetener choices.

Can xylitol harm dogs? YES! But so does chocolate and salmon fish and people still eat them.

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