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7/28/14 11:52 A

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I'm on a ketogenic diet, so I have to stay away from carb-based foods...but I really like the Vermont Smoke and Cure's beef and turkey sticks. They may be pricey, but they are all-natural, no scary preservatives, and delish!

I also carry around with me the small 100 calorie almond packs, with the cinnamon...because I get to pretend they're sweet.

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7/25/11 7:13 P

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I really like Fiber One bars as emergency purse rations. They're a lot cheaper than Cliff or Luna bars and I find they fill me up pretty well. I also like the little light tuna salad and crackers snack boxes you can find near the tuna in most grocery stores. No need to refrigerate. Cut veggies and a garlic herb laughing cow wedge is another favorite.

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4/7/11 9:55 P

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I love Justin's nut butter. The sell single serving packs of most of their varieties. I also love crackers, which I portion out into snack bags when I purchase the bigger box.
I also love meat jerky, which is an OK snack if you don't have an issue with salt. I often bring yogurt with me, but it's not really feasible if you can't chill it.

9/13/10 11:03 A

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Homemade Tofu jerky is actually pretty easy although it takes some to describe.

Slice your tofu to about 1/4 inch thick and put it on kitchen towels to drain while preparing the marinade.

Mix up the marinade of your choice - there are lots of choices for jerky out there. Even those used for meat can usually be used for tofu. I prefer tamari sauce with a good amount of added garlic, hot sauce, and coarse ground pepper with some water added. Remember that when most of the moisture is driven from the tofu, the marinade in the tofu will be concentrated.

Put the tofu and marinade in a sealed container and refrigerate a while. How long depends on your taste. I usually leave it overnight.

Drain the tofu and place it in the dryer.

If using an oven instead of dryer, place on a cookie sheet or shallow something that can take the heat. It's best if you have something like a grill under it to allow the juices to drain, but still works even if you don't. Place in oven on the lowest of low setting (the goal is to dry, not cook) and crack the door.

Check the tofu after a few hours to see if it needs to be turned and to get an estimate on how much longer it will need to dry. Stop it a little bit before you think it's really dry. When I've made it, tofu seems to become like eating sliced rocks if allowed to get too dry. And it seems to be dryer after it cools.

Once dry to your preference, place in a container and refrigerate. If it is pretty dry, it's OK to be at room temp for a trip, but I keep it in the fridge for added safety.

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9/13/10 3:40 A

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Homemade Tofu Jerky? Do you make it yourself? Now I'm going to the recipe section to find that recipe. It sounds good.

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9/4/09 3:33 P

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I used to pack "Hummus to go". I think the brand is "Wild Garden, and for some reason, the only place I've ever seen the individual packs for sale is World Market.

It's definitely NOT the best hummus in the world, but it's in aseptic portion packs that don't need to be refrigerated.

I'm now a BIG fan of triscuits (or some similar cracker) and peanut butter. That's my new favorite road-trip food.

Also, if you're staying in a hotel, see if there's a nearby grocery store. You can get stuff there, if you have any small items requiring refrigeration, you can store them in the ice bucket in your hotel room.

P.S. Have fun!!

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8/3/09 11:06 A

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It's time to think college room appliances - one of those water heating things - ok, it's been SO long since I've had to think of this - but go to any Target or where ever and they can hook you up. Perfect time of year for it, as well. That way you can make your own soups, oatmeal, coucous, whatever. It's hard to make suggestions on food as we don't know what kind of allergies you have. Good luck!

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8/3/09 4:36 A

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I live on oatmeal, other breakfast cereals, fruit, bread and hummus when I'm away from home with limited cooking facilities. I also give in and eat *some* junk, I'm on vacation after all, but try and limit it, and when friends do want to eat out I try and get them to pick a place where there are NON deep fried options, lol!

But having only hot water to work with sounds fairly limiting!

Have you tried instant couscous? It's pretty easy to work with, put it in a container, pour the right amount of water on.... I use a brand that's got spices and sun-dried tomatoes thru and it comes out lovely every time.

Those 3 minute noodles? (if you're not gluten intolerant or whatever). Some need boiled on a stove, but others you can pour boiling water over in a dish, check the pack instructions.

Although they are overpriced for what they are, you can get snack size packs of pre-washed mini carrots you could take for a crunchy snack and an extra portion of veggies? Carrots are robust enough to do OK with refrigeration a coupla days I reckon.

Canned sweetcorn doesn't need cooking?

If you're not veggie, canned tuna is also a godsend.

Erm, no other ideas, sorry!

HTH some x

"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once"

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8/2/09 6:49 P

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This is the deal, as previously mentioned, I am going to my first Science Fiction conference in a little over a month. I have a ton of food allergies and will most likely have to bring most, if not all, of the food that I will eat for those three days. (I can't eat in a lot of restaurants and I don't want to be the limiting factor for where everyone else in the group can eat. I also don't want to be forced to eat an unhealthy meal that I'm not allergic to just because I didn't plan and execute appropriately and am starving.) I won't have a refrigerator or microwave.

In working through what I can take, it occurred to me that others might find it helpful to have ideas of good healthy foods to take with us for trips or even to work for snacks.

I'm planning my usual oatmeal with dried cranberries and Fiber One classic cereal for breakfast each day. I can get hot water from the coffee maker to make it with. That means I'll still need up to six meals plus snacks.

I'm currently planning to take:
homemade tofu jerky,
granola bars,
small pkgs of protein of some kind,
canned beans,
instant soup,
canned veggies, and
a small amount of dairy free chocolate.

What kinds of things do y'all like to take to eat when away from home?

"A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity." Robert Frost

" pay in time and in yourself, as well as in money, for what you want to do." Sarah A. Hoyt

In just two days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday. Do it NOW!

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