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8/2/11 10:21 A

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Month 2 sounds so intimidating! We are on Month 1 Week 4, so almost there!! It's very inspiring to see all of you digging deep, and it's good to know in advance I shouldn't expect to be able to keep up on the Max workouts :p But I will certainly give it my best!

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8/2/11 1:38 A

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I'm on week 1 of Month 2 and it hasn't been easy! I have realized that the soreness and cramping is bound to be there because I have been gaining muscle recently, and soreness is a sign of the muscle breaking down (and healing again, hence getting stronger).
I have, however, realized that drinking plenty of water reduces cramping and having protein shake reduces muscle fatigue. Also, you might want to increase your caloric intake if you have been feeling lethargic and worn out.
My shoulders have also been getting cramped when I wake up in the morning, so I do some light stretching and it helps!
Just keep on digging deeper. We can do it!


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7/13/11 12:01 P

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Also...don't forget to eat! Especially with the Month 2 workouts, I've found that if I miss a snack or don't eat enough at one of my meals I get fatigued a lot earlier. I also never put much stock in the whole results & recovery drink the beachbody people are always pushing. However, I did start drinking some lemonade or gatorade--up to a cup of it-- halfway through the workout if I start to "bonk." I find it really helps give you a bit more energy to get through it--especially in summer when you're bound to sweat a lot more.

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7/13/11 10:33 A

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I agree it sounds like you might need to talk to your doctor for your pronation issue. As for keeping up, I am on Month 2 of Round 2 and I still have to stop for breaks. Sometimes I even have to skip a whole set. This workout is *hard*, and the idea is just to do your best. As Shaun T. says, you don't have to do as much as they do, just as long as you do your best and push yourself a little further each time. It does give you results. I remember my first time in Month2 --the workouts seemed interminable! Now the month 1 workouts seem to short, if you can believe it.

Go to the edge of a cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.

-Ray Bradbury
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7/5/11 5:04 P

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To Wendra: I have just completed month 2 and am embarking on month three (starting all over again), it's funny because repeating month 1 seems harder than it did before. Month 2 is really tough it's not also a challenge physically but mentally. You are not alone. Dig Deeper!
To CMBX2MOM sounds like you may need specialist shoes, unfortunately I am not qualified to advise but maybe if you speak to one of the beachbody coaches they may be able to assist, they are very helpful and that is what they are there for.

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7/1/11 9:30 A

Month 2 is really hard! But I think I felt like this day one of month one too. I am on week one of month two, and I haven't done any work outs two days in a row because I am so sore and just feel like I need the break. Now that I've given myself a few days to adjust, I have to get back into it. It's hard though because the workouts are so tough! If we keep at it, we'll be able to keep up with the video and that will really feel amazing!

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5/3/11 6:52 A

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So I just completed day 1 of week 2 of month 2. I am not even close to keeping up. I felt good with month 1 but had to take a few days off between recovery week and month 2 due to a bathroom remodel. I then started back up and haven't been able to do more then 2 days in a row as I'm hurting too much. I am a supinator (my ankles roll out). My feet were uncomfortable with month 1, but during warm-up of month 2 my feet feel like I have a metal rod under the outsides. I have to sometimes stop in the warm-up because of it. I have tried every type of shoe ( cross trainer, running etc etc) and nothing helps. When I squat/plie/jump all my weight is on the outside of my foot...the inside of my sneaker isn't even touching the ground. I'm trying to suck it up and finish up as I've gotten this far, but I'm losing the ability to "dig deeper". My shoulders are quite sore when I wake up (I exercise at 5:45am) and it's tough to get going. ANy insight?

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