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10/18/10 2:23 P

We work on one lesson/week and it is up to each individual completely how much time daily you spend on it. You can work on it one day only or off and on throughout the week. When I did it, we did it one lesson per week, but it was always up to us how much we did and how far we were able to go.
Even if you cannot keep up with the one week at a time, you can always print the lesson and put it in your binder for when you ARE ready to work on it. But I encourage you to not prolong it, like for months and months because this is made for you to look at when you are stressed and to do what it is you have found out works for you and when to seek help outside of your own self.
I hope this answers your questions. :)

You can all let me know when you are ready to start the first lesson :)

I've been crazy busy over the summer collecting material to share with you all. I see since the new Stress Team started our numbers are down and I don't know how long that will be. I've got to check it out and find out what happened or what is happening.

So let me know when you are all pretty much ready and I'll post one lesson per week, all parts of that lesson included.


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10/17/10 12:20 A

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sounds interesting and something that would help me, will definitely take a look at what you present and give it a try

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10/16/10 2:09 P

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sounds good, thanks, Sherri.

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How much time would this take per day or per week? My schedule's crazy (mostly because it's pretty much non-existent), so I'd have to see if I can find/make the time to do it. It does sound interesting, and a bit intimidating.

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10/16/10 9:50 A

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Sounds good, Sheri!

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10/16/10 2:57 A

We have had many new members join since I last posted the information about the WRAP program. WRAP stands for WELLNESS RECOVERY ACTION PLAN. I am not a trained facilitator, but have been through the course more than once and many people enjoyed the lessons the first time around.

I thought to start off with some courses, we'd begin where we need the beginning. Here's a little bit of information right from the pages of my binder. REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL WORK BUT A PROGRAM I TOOK THAT CAN BE PASSED ALONG.

WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan


This is an ongoing course I am part of at my local Canadian Mental Health Association that I thought would be extremely beneficial here. I'm further along than you so I will be doing this is segments as well.

Here's an overview:

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan was developed by a group of people who had been dealing with difficult feelings and behaviors for many yyears, people working to feel better and get on with their lives.

WRAP will:
1. Help you stay as well as possible
2. Help you keep track of difficult feelings and behaviors, and develop action plans to help you feel better.
3. Tell others what to do for you when you are feeling so badly that you can't make decisions, take care of yourself and keep yourself safe.

You can also use WRAP to address other life issues LIKE:
-Chronic or acute illness
-Breaking bad habits
-Caring for an ill or elderly family member
-Trying out new interests

3-Ring Binder with lined paper
Any typical lined paper notebook

You may want to use your computer as a back up copy.
I use a mini one to take with me wherever I go so if I'm away from home, I have it with me at all times. My mini is in a book 4X6 inches. The main part of my WRAP is in a 3ring Binder with pages to come easy.

As you learn about and go through WRAP, you may want to have a friend and other supports in place for days when you struggle. Every city/town etc., has distress lines, family, friends or family of friends. There is always somebody going to be there for you when you are down.

Key Recovery Concepts:

You are the expert on yourself. You know what you need and want. It is up to you to take personal responsibility for your own wellness and your own life. Sometimes this means taking back control that you have lost in the past.

Those of us who take back this control and accept this responsibility achieve the highest levels of wellness, happiness, and life satisfaction.

YOU can educate yourself by:
-Attending workships, lectures and support groups (for this group, that means copying all the material and doing the homework)
-Reviewing educational resources (articles, books, newsletters, audio and video tapes) that may relate to these topics
-Checking mental health sites on the Internet
-Contacting mental health organizations
-Talking to others who have similar experience and those who have expertise in this field

You can become and effective advocate for yourself by:
-Believing in yourself
-Knowing your rights and insisting that they are respected (see the following Bill of Rights)
-setting persoanl goals and working toward meeting them by:
- Getting the Facts
- Planning your strategy
- Gathering support
- Targeting your efforts

Self-advocacy means...
"Going for it" with courage, persistence, and determination; expressing y ourself clearly and calmly until you get what you need for yourself.

So for the next week, I'd like anybody...hopefully most of get your supplies which are listed above. Starting October 25 (if that is a Monday), we will begin the WRAP course. I have spent much time typing out the entire program so I hope you appreciate and use this information and most of all, DO THIS COURSE!!!

You can let me know when you have your supplies ready right here, but if you are not ready, we are going forward anyway. And if you think lurking for this course will help, you are dead wrong. This is a MUST PARTICIPATE COURSE because it is YOU making YOUR PERSONAL self-help resource book.

So go out and get those supplies and be ready to work on each of the lessons for one week at a time.


Sheri Adams
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