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1/7/11 11:52 A

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I am a single mom with two children. My son had the same problems. I don't know if there is any right or wrong advice to give you but when I was at the point you are at any advice was better than none. I think that you are doing the right thing doing the same things every night when you put him to sleep but I'm not sure that two months is long enough for him to be adjusted to the new environment. When my fiancÚ and I broke things off after my daughter was born my son was 3 and he started having problems sleeping through the night and that was almost 6 months ago and he is finally getting back on track. It might not take your little one that long but just give it some time. I know it is hard but you'll get through it. If he isn't eating when he wakes up I would say it is a comfort thing and he just needs to know that Mommy is still there. I hope this helped you.

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1/1/11 10:28 P

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Hi Brandy,

My son did not sleep through the night until he was 15 months old. For the first 6 months + of his life, he never slept more than an hour at a time. Being a single mom and working full time, I remember so well how awful those days were. I tried EVERYTHING. I even went back to swaddling him when he was around 8 or 9 months old (his pediatrician yelled at me for it but it got him to sleep). He slept in bed with me for a long time and we often slept in his rocking chair together. I honestly don't even know what happened but one day around 15 months, a switch flipped and he went from being a non sleeper to being a child who slept all the time. I mean, 6 pm bed time sleeping until 7 am then taking 4 hour naps. Now he sleeps about 12 hours at night and 2-3 for nap. Just hang in there. I know it's tough. There are tons of books... I tried the No Cry Sleep Solution and the Baby Whisperer. There are others too. None worked for me but I don't think I was disciplined enough to stick with them or I didn't really agree with the methods. Good luck, mama! I hope you get some sleep soon.

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12/30/10 11:35 A

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I don't have any specific advice for you..other than "this too shall pass".

My daughter did not sleep though the night for quite a while, but now, she is almost 3 and I hardly remember those nights! I brought her to bed with me, and we both slept better. I know that doesn't work for everyone, but it did for us.

Don't beat yourself up over moving...babies don't sleep through the are not doing anything wrong!! It will get better! And I agree with Prasanthi1, singing to babies is a great comfort, regardless of what kind of voice you have. I still sometimes sing to my daughter when she is having a hard time settling in to sleep (she is the only person who hears me sing!) emoticon

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12/30/10 12:58 A

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Do get a Rocking Chair, it should be comfortable for you and your son. If he starts crying you can always sit in it and comfort him, it will be much less tiring for you. Please check out all the chair before you decide on one.

you can even sing a lullaby for him even if you have a bad voice. Babies love their mom's voice and it should be comforting for him.

May be he wants more attention and he got the message that if he cries you will be around. Give him more time and he should be okay.....

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12/29/10 7:06 P

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I breastfed my first child. She never slept through the night. When my next child came along, I put thinned cereal in his bottle right from the time we got out of the hospital. After filling his tummy w/that warm cereal I would wrap him up snug, and he'd sleep atleast 4 hours. Then we'd do it again.
Good luck.

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12/29/10 2:30 P

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My cousin told me what i thought was the dumbest thing i had ever heard when i had my son. she said,"get to know him...he'll show u" well, she was right. My son would NOT take a binky or lie in any kind of crib so I would wrap him up tight in his blanket and he'd sleep with me. i also used to stroke his cheek to get him to nurse. when he was 3 months old we ran away from his crackhead dad and we never looked back! May not help but if nuttin else, you are in my prayers!

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12/29/10 12:59 P

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Hello, my name is Brandy. I've been with Sparkpeople for a couple of years but this is the first time I have posted anything. I have an adorable son named Daniel who just turned 8 months old today. He is the easiest baby I have ever seen and everyone is in awe at how well behaved he is. That is until bed time comes. He is still not sleeping through the night and it is really taking a toll on me. Due to complications with his father and the deteriation of our relationship Daniel and I had to move three times in his short little life so I thought that maybe that was the issue. Well, I have been in my own apartment now for two months and it's not getting any better. I have tried doing the same thing each night like bathing, reading a book, giving him a bottle and getting him to sleep isn't really the problem. It's that he wakes up three or four times in the night and wants a bottle. He won't actually drink anything but when I take it out of his mouth he starts to cry. I have tried giving him a binky but that doesn't work. I'm at my wits end!!! Please, any advise or even a comforting word would help. Thanks

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