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8/13/12 12:52 A

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I have been making fish curry, I use white fish, takes about 10 min. when you use a pre mixed curry. We eat it on top of steamed kale or cauliflower fried rice, so yummy and a nice, easy change.

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8/8/12 10:43 P

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My favorites are cajun pan seared fish, and steamed crab or lobster with ghee. I just make the cajun spice myself from Emeril's Essence recipe on food network site.

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8/8/12 9:14 P

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White fish, poached in coconut milk, butter and a bit of lemon juice, with whatever other seasoning inspires me at the time,maybe taragon and paprika, in the microwave. About six minutes to delicious.

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8/8/12 8:42 P

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I use a memphis style rub and grill....change up your grilling spices can change it dramatically.

Ever poach it in say olive oil? It can be incredible that way.

Coconut crust like shrimp? Get creative and think outside the box.

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8/8/12 1:37 P

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I grill, poach or papaillote (shrimp or scallops, I'll sometimes boil because it takes like 2 minutes!).

You can search those but for variety, I change oils, salts, spices and sometimes use lime or lemon juice (although I'm not supposed to do citrus due to other health issues, it's VERY little).

When I say "oils" that can be your healthy oils or even food processed nuts as a sort of coating.

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8/8/12 1:23 P

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Here are a couple of ways I cook fish. Unlike you I grew up on it and love it and so do my kids. But I live on the coast.
With a white flesh, use mayonnaise. Just coat the top of the fish in mayonnaise (nice fresh Paleo mayonnaise of course) and seal it into foil. You can add other spices if you want, dill or lemon or even curry. Then you can bake or throw it onto the grill.
Have you tried ghee or coconut oil for your oil when cooking it too? Either of those adds flavors that can shake it up.
Another thing about fish it to use a pinch of salt to bring out the flavor.
Good luck and keep trying. FIsh is wonderful. You just have to try new things with it. Fish and seafood make up the majority of my proteins. My only concern is that I don't eat it too often!
best of luck,

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8/8/12 12:56 P

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Hey Jendem,

We eat fish twice a week plus the occasional "other" seafood meal, and yes, it can get boring. Some options are pan-frying, making "burgers" or cakes, and poaching.

For tilapia burgers - chop the fish up in the food processor, add eggs and spices and fry in coconut oil (they can be coated in shredded coconut as well). Cilantro goes well with the white-fleshed fish, as do green onions and/or leeks. Tilapia seared in butter with green onions and garlic with a little lemon juice at the end is a staple for us.

Dill and asparagus go well with pink-fleshed fish. Sesame oil is a nice flavour with salmon and rainbow, as is Tamari. Steelhead or rainbow trout poached in tamari, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil with a little bit of orange juice adds some nice flavour.

The key for me to maintaining the Paleo diet is in using seasonings and herbs with all the dishes.

My suggestion is to just use your imagination and try some things - look up some recipes on line and use the Paleo-friendly ingredients and leave out the non-Paleo ingredients.

Have fun.

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8/8/12 12:10 P

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I have been trying to eat fish twice a week but am getting really bored with just putting some Mrs. Dash on it and throwing it in the oven (or on the grill).

Other than the occasional piece of salmon on the grill, I never cooked fish before. (Husband hates it -- doesn't even like it cooked or eaten in the house, kids won't go near the stuff)

Anyone have any tasty and easy ways to prepare? I mostly eat salmon, shrimp, or tilapia, but I'm open to pretty much anything besides mussels and oysters (yuck!).


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