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9/30/13 9:23 A

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Very good longer run. I'd say - a smart choice for intervals.

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9/30/13 8:47 A

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9/30/13 1:02 A

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Interesting choice of intervals.
Way to go on your run !!

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9/29/13 8:56 P

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Good run! Temps in the high 70s low 80s here this morning, and 100% humidity.

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9/29/13 7:43 P

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Lows in the 50s and highs of 70's is what we are getting in Philly. Glad your recovery is continuing. Sounds like a good run.

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9/29/13 7:29 P

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Long Run
Time: 3 hours
Distance: 13.27 miles
Location: West Rim, Ledge Mtn
:20/:60; :20/:40; :20/:60

Mile Splits: 15:03 / 13:37 / 12:43 / 13:20 / 13:49 / 13:07 / 12:42 / 13:03 / 13:45 / 13:14 / 13:58 / 13:38 / 13:57

Notes: I got lucky with the weather today. A front came through last night bringing rain and lower temps. The forecast was for it to stay below 75 all day and that proved to be true. It is a one day respite. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 90. However, another front is coming in a week or so and when we get back from Maine, it is supposed to be much cooler -- nights even into the 50's. Maybe fall will finally get to central Texas.

It was right around 69/70 when I started, very humid, of course, with a heavy overcast. The air was heavy, heavy and it actually rained lightly off and on during the first half of the run. The cloud cover started to thin out later in the run and it warmed up a little, but not much. The sun broke free just as I was finishing (dodged that bullet!)

I am still taking antibiotics for a respiratory infection, but most of the symptoms have abated. I didn't have any problems with coughing, but I did have a little chest congestion which interfered just slightly with my breathing, which I noticed was more shallow than usual. Very occasionally at the beginning of a walk break, I had to make a small effort to get a complete breath. Fortunately, I had decided coming into the run to keep it very slow and was using :20/:60 intervals for the first 6 miles. So the shallow breathing wasn't an issue and I didn't really notice it except when I was climbing hills.

I stuck with my slow intervals, but I also took advantage of the terrain to do a little more running on down hills. That explains the inconsistency in pace from mile to mile. After mile 6, I switched to :20/:40 and stayed with that through mile 10.

My chest congestion increased gradually over the course of the run. Although it never got really bad, it was enough that by mile 10 I was noticing the shallow breathing again. The heavy, damp air didn't help much either. Since this run was all about time on my feet and not pace, I switched back to :20/:60 and that was enough to resolve the breathing issues. However, I could tell, overall, that not getting my full breath over the course of the run did have an effect on my energy level. I'm pretty sure that if I had started the run at a pace closer to what I usually run for long runs, I wouldn't have lasted the full 3 hours.

But I did last for 3 hours and today's average pace, slow as it was, is good enough for a 5:55 marathon, so that takes the psychological pressure off. I'll be able to breathe fully by the time I get to Wineglass.

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