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2/28/13 12:39 A

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My career path has placed me living alone in Japan, giving me time to actually think. I have been on this weight loss/health gain journey and it has been rough. I find myself very apathetic towards myself compared with friends and family in the same struggle. It occurs to me that l self worth and self love is important. Loving who I am is slowly but surely becoming a part of my life.

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2/16/13 10:55 A

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Part of my journey is learning to listen more to my inside voice rather than voices around me. There comes a time in any journey when the path you take is going to be different than the path others take, whether it is your spiritual journey or your food journey or any other path you are on. It's best not to be so wrapped up in what other people are doing that you lose sight of where you are going. For me, this means that sometimes I have to say to people around me, "no, you can't decide for me." Whether it is the food you put on your own plate, or the manner in which you develop spiritually, there will always be someone who feels threatened that you aren't doing things the way they do them. Maybe they use ridicule or sarcasm to try to get you to change back to the way you used to do things, or the way they want them done. Learning how to handle those people is part of the challenge.

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2/9/13 3:00 P

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I am going through a lot of changes right now, not just spiritually but biologically and emotionally as well. The biggest challenge I have is keeping up with my health path as life changes. That has always been my problem so I am paying special attention to that now.
In the past a life change or situation could completely, and I mean completely, change my focus. New goals would replace old goals even though the old goal would be extremely important to me at the time I made it. For instance, I was working on my health a couple years ago when I started dating someone. My happiness of that situation and my focus shift went over to him, and away from me.
I attribute some of this to my age at the time. Also my lack of making ME important. In the past year I have grown and changed with some massive life things happening and I have made myself a priority. Some of it has been in a "screw you" kind of way, but mostly because I want and need to do more with my life than my current health will allow.
Reading Uniqdrgnfly's post I am not at a point where I'm picking out foods to "test" and see how my body reacts. What I do with my body though is see where my emotional pain and anxiety lie and work on replacing those with my strength and peace, wherever those are residing in my body. It is a process. I am working on it. With much success I might add.
This is a great topic. It has given me a lot to think about. I would love to hear other's challenges as well.

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1/15/13 9:20 A

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It was easy for me to follow the path of finding myself spiritually. During those times I felt as if I was also taking care of healing as a whole. What I come to learn was that there was a slight off balance because of all I was pouring into my mind/soul.

My body was trying to tell me it needed some serious attention, desiring a balance with the mind/soul. So, that is when I realized that metaphysical was not complete without taking all I had learned and applying it to the body. Of course this led to much more research on a biological sense. My somewhat medical background has assisted me with this and a re-learning is taking place, which was what my body was asking me to do....I jumped in...

We eventually learn that in order to be successful in becoming healthier, this is rooted in a lifestyle change. No diet or fad will accomplish this goal.

I guess my greatest challenge in changing my lifestyle has been releasing all I have been taught about nutrition. I embrace change, but teaching my body takes time. I also learned that listening to my body can at times be a challenge also. In the past, I was listening to a body that was driven by improper foods. Now as I eliminate them, it gives my body the tools to speak to me in a more concise manner. This also gives the body an opportunity to tell me what is "really" going on and I know if a pain is coming from something that needs dire attention, opposed to perhaps an inflammatory results of eating something that is bad for me. I listen to that too because if it is an allergy of some sort, it is time to give it up.

I try to keep it simple but sometimes get caught up in the overwhelming too is a challenge of its own.

Feel free to share your challenges, findings, and solutions.

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