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4/20/09 2:30 P

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Welcome to the SparkPeople Sweatsuit to Swimsuit Bootcamp, which begins Sunday, May 3.

To read an informational article about how the Bootcamp works, please follow this link:

To read about the official rules for the Bootcamp contest, please read this article:

Here are the answers to some FAQs about the Bootcamp Challenge and Contest.

How to stop the emails: We should all do our part to keep new posts in the Team to a minimum. Instead of creating a new topic or thread, please post in a thread that already exists or use the "Search" function (just above the our message boards) to find the answers to your questions. This should help reduce the amount of emails that everyone receives. Thanks for your cooperation! If you prefer, you can turn off your new topic notifications (emails) on your SparkTeam Preferences Page . This means you won't receive any more emails from the Team. If you choose this option, simply check back in to the Team page each day to find the upcoming workout and challenge.

Where to find the workouts and challenges: Your co-leader DENISE_SP will make a new post in our SparkTeam each day that outlines your daily workout and challenge. You have to subscribe to the new topic notifications to receive an email when this happens (use the same link for unsubscribing from notifications above), OR come to the Team each day to check for the new challenge. You'll find it in the Daily Workouts and Challenges forum . Again, all of the workouts and challenges are on our SparkTeam page--you just have to go there to find them. Another tip: All workout videos, including these ones, appear in's Video section (located under the Healthy Lifestyle tab).

How to track the Bootcamp workout videos: You can track your workout videos in whatever way you prefer by using the QuickTrack function or your Fitness Tracker . (If you are new to SparkPeople and don't know how to use these tools, please click on the HELP button at the top any page to find detailed instructions.

If you want to track the workout videos with more detail (optional), the Day 1 Bootcamp workout (Cardio Kickboxing video) is in the list of cardio exercises on your Fitness Tracker. You can track all of the other videos (Days 2-7, which are strength training), but in a different way. When you are viewing one of those videos on, you can simply scroll down to the bottom of that video's page (you must be logged in for this to work) and click the button that says, "Add to Fitness Tracker". That will automatically track your workout video and fitness minutes. However, you do not have to track these details in order to participate in the contest. QuickTrack is easier, faster, and works for the purposes of the challenge and contest, which only looks at total fitness minutes.

How to Get Started if You Joined Late: If you joined Bootcamp later than May 4, that's OK. You can still take part in the challenge and contest. Simply start on the day that you do join, and don't worry about backtracking or even starting with Day 1. You can start right in with everyone else!

Can you join even if you're not in the U.S.? Yes! To win prizes as part of the contest, you have to be a U.S. citizen. We understand that this can be frustrating for our international members, and we are not trying to exclude you. For contest purposes (related to taxes and more), it is far too complicated for us to award prizes to international members. However, you can still join the Team and take part in the workouts and challenges--you just won't be eligible for prizes. We hope that you will continue to join in the fun anyway!

Coach Nicole

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