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7/18/12 9:25 P

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For starters, 1 horrible day, will not ruin you. You need to look at how you did weekly. If you were 300-500 calories under maintenance for 6 days, and 1 day you blow up, in reality your daily average still isnt that bad.
If you let every bad day get to you, you will never get anywhere... EVER. That is one of the primary excuses, yes, EXCUSE people use. "I was so bad today, i may as well do it again tomorrow". Well you know what? Tomorrow you go right back to the proper amount of macros and get back on track! Know what that one bad day is gonna do? It will teach you a lesson of self control in the long run.
Second, cardio is not always the whole answer. It will burn immediate calories, and ramp your metabolism up slightly, (more with HIIT training) for about 8-12 hours. Strength training on the other hand, will permanently increase your metabolism.
Example using myself: I cut at 1800-2000 calories a day. Every sunday I hang out with my buddy who always orders 2 large stuffed crust meat lovers pizzas. I eat around 6 - 8 pieces at 500 calories each. Wanna know what happens? I lose weight over the next few days. Why? A) shocked my metabolism into overdrive for a day after cutting all week B) I bust myself in the gym 4 days a week lifting and doing cardio.
In short all i'm saying, is if you lift hard, do your cardio DAILY and not just when you are guilty, those once a week pleasures more than likely wont throw you off your path.

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5/2/11 5:06 P

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Beautiful post, I really enjoyed reading that !!!


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8/21/10 2:59 A

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Can't Do/have...
Don't Do...
Super Strict...
You "didn't order what you wanted"
You controlled yourself (?)
You were a fabulous "prisoner" of the calorie prison.
The calorie plan controlled you.
How did any of that food taste? Does that matter?
Was your body energized by the "super small" breakfast?

What happened with the candy bowl?
YOU revolted against the calorie plan. All of that negative, deprivation "motivation" backfired. Your body said, "I've been active today and I need energy!"

Was it really as bad as you think? Honestly, really? Do you have an objective perspective of how "bad" it was?

Then you sucked it up and went back to jail on the eliptical machine. Compulsive exercise is a way to purge and cope with emotions and ANXIETY, which you certainly felt.

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2/25/10 9:18 P

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Today i went over my boyfrien's house to help w/his house renovations, he ordered in from an Itallian pizza place. I didn't order what i wanted (cheesesteak sub), i want 2 be healthier so i got a grilled chicken & cheese PIta sandwich with a mini-salad. I was realy proud of myself & i even controlled myself for the 1st time EVER to only eat 1/2 the sandwich & made sure my breakfast was super small to fit the excess calories. Then his friend brought out the candy bowl in the cuboard. I don't know what happened 2 me. I ate sooo much chocolate! I'm sooo embarassed & ashamed. I feel like i let all my hard work go to waste but then i sucked it up & worked out on my Eliptical machine for 2 hours & burned 1,000 some calories & i'm happy about it but i'm also realy confused! Am i making progress with my health & choices or is it just guilt? Please help me understand, i want to keep making progress, i'm 1/2 way to my goal & don't want to sabatoge myself. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Amora emoticon

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