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3/15/10 10:57 A

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Thanks for posting this MOMNINJA!

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3/14/10 8:46 P

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Thanks so much for the info. I'll let you know how it goes with our westies!



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3/14/10 8:41 P

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If you own a treadmill, you can exercise your dog on the treadmill. It works well and just requires some patience. Introduce standing or sitting on the treadmill first. Coax the dogs on the lead to the treadmill with liver bits. Once they are comfortable standing on the treadmill, try to start it slowly. Continue feeding pieces of liver bits to keep them on the treadmill.

Most of the time they are so preoccupied with the liver bits, they just start walking to get more treats. Eventually, you can slow down and eliminate the treats completely.

There are varying levels of acceptance - for instance our Westie puts on the westie brakes and can't jumpoff fast enough. He will require more time to get used to the treadmill. the Golden required a little patience to get him on the treadmill walking. Again, the retriever's heart begins with his tummy so this was easy to coax him on. Today he did 10 minutes on the level at about 2 miles per hour.

Our Min Pin is very high energy. High energy dogs typically can't be exercised enough. He and I can walk on the treadmill together. We are up to 20-25 minutes at a 5 percent incline at 3 miles per hour. To keep him interested, I will increase the speed to 4 miles per hour for a few minutes. This works well. He is tired after the workout and doesn't get into mischief.

At all times, the dog is on the lead - although according to Cesar Milan, dogs will do this without the lead they start to enjoy it so much. NEVER leave your dogs unattended on the treadmill. this is not a lazy way to workout your dog. It is meant as a supplement to their normal walks or when it is dangerous to take them outside due to severe weather warnings. We live in an area with extreme weather - often its too cold for the dogs to go out safely - esp the small ones. In the summer, it is frequently too hot and humid for humans to be out - so I don't let my dogs run around on those days either. Or when there is a smog warning.

I have to say I'm impressed with my brood adapting to this exercise. They are happier and easier to deal with and train. I highly recommend it. And with the Min Pin, I get a workout too! A win-win. The bonus is the Min Pin is very bonded with me now cuz we're workout buddies.

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