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1/30/14 11:11 P

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Well, I expect it will be a process, just like gaining weight was a process, only there are no chocolate and chips with this one. I am getting started tonight at midnight (officially tomorrow?) because 1 years ago I thoughts I was too heavy, but could still run 5k. This year just walking is making me run out of breath. Time to make a change.
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12/20/12 1:48 P

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Geehz, this wasn't an OVERNIGHT thing......I've been trying to MOTIVATE myself, but seems like everybody ELSE would come first. I couldn't breath, I was blooming in a way I'm NOT proud of, and I'm DONE. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE! My body SCREAMS for Oxygen, my body WANTS to move, and my ♥ wants (and deserves) both.........

I don't want to LIVE - LOVE - LAUGH - AND LIVE MORE..................

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12/13/12 5:58 A

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My story in a nutshell ...

I had been thinking about it for too long. Tried to change things here and there but it was never very consistent or satisfying. This year I was tired, tired of my inabilities, of the excess weight that stopped me from breathing and enjoying my life.

I woke up one monday and accepted that I could not do it by myself but I had to do for myself. I surfed the internet for a dietitian, a professional who could may be stir me in the right direction. I found one luckily, called for an appointment which was on a wednesday.

We clicked, I cried, he asked me who I was doing this for? I said ME, ME first this year. He asked why? I answered : I want to be able to run ! I want to connect with my body and not hate it.

On a friday I came back for my first weigh in. It was the most difficult thing I had ever done. BUT I kept telling myself that I was on the road to a new journey to a new life and health.

Since then, I lost 22 kg (48.4 lbs). I workout 5/6 days a week, I am a size 10, sometimes even 8 and I feel amazing. You can do it too! We can do it!

I believe the trigger is different for everyone. The reasons are different. Most importantly : put yourself first and think of it as a gift to those who love and care about you. Those who want to see you flourish and be confident and happy.

Good luck to "those just starting out..."


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1/22/12 1:08 P

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I totally agree with you, get started! That's the hardest part is just committing to a start!

I always felt so intimidated with trying to lose weight. I have always not liked fruits and veggies. I know, picky eater, that's what I was always told, but even as an adult, I don't like them unless they are prepared juuuuuuussssttttt right! And of course, every diet I've tried over the years, all tout that you ~have~ to eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies, a recipe for disaster for me!

I had a wake up call last summer, literally I woke up one day and had a revelation. If I can't make myself eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies, at least I ~CAN~ eat less of everything I DO eat! So from that point on, I started measuring portions and only eating in single serving doses. Instead of fixing a whole package of pasta, I measure out 1 serving and cook only that, or instead of a bowl of cereal, I measure out whatever is a single serving. I went down to Ikea and bought a bunch of little storage bowls, so if I do cook a whole recipe of something, I measure the whole thing out into individual servings and freeze the rest. I found the Spark People web site shortly after and my resolve to eat less combined with SP's eating plan log has been very good for me!

It is hard to start because every start represents a change out of our comfort zone. Just b/c it's good for us, it's still hard to move to the unknown from what is comfortable and secure. It's taken me a very long time to come to terms with that concept, but once I did, starting the process became so much easier!

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1/17/12 10:11 A

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Thank you for posting. You have a truly inspirational story. emoticon emoticon

"I like giants. Especially girl giants. 'Cause all girls feel too big sometimes regardless of their size." - from I like Giants, by Kimya Dawson.

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12/31/11 4:42 A

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I can remember clearly how daunting it was just to get started.It wasn't the first time I needed to lose a large amount of weight but at 258 pounds and only 5 ft 2" it was the highest I'd ever been. I just want to urge you to dedicate yourself to this for ONE month and I promise you you'll see changes so quickly that you'll want to carry on. After only one month I was able to do things that I'd thought would never be possible for me again. I couldn't do up the seat belt on the plane or in the car or on a fairground ride. After a month I could. I couldn't reach to clean myself properly when I went to the toilet....this was embarressing and a nightmare....but after a month this was NO PROBLEM AT ALL.I could only go up or down the stairs one step at a time for the risk of my knees failing and for the pain.Now I hardly notice that I am running up and down them like I would 6 years ago.

My weight had made me move like someone at least 20 yrs older.It was disabling me,and a s somone who works as a ballet teacher this was very bad news.

If you feel daunted to start,like I did,please JUST START. Start with baby steps and the changes will start to happen.

I am only 4 months into my journey but it has turned my life around completely. Even at only one month into the journey it had made so much difference.My cholesterol returned to normal and my blood pressure dropped from 180/110 to 120/70.I now am 66 pounds lighter.

Please JUST START.I promise you won't regret it.

If you want be a butterfly then you you have to want to fly so badly that you are prepared to give up being a caterpillar.

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