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1/20/12 4:07 P

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Honestly, the best way I have found to cope with emotional eating, I learned while I was attending therapy for an eating disorder I have since overcome for almost two years now. I'm a very visual & tactile person, so in a perfect world, when I'm upset, I make art. Paint, sketch, doodle, sculpt, knit. Whatever I feel or write. Writing worked for me today.

I work with my boyfriend & we argue sometimes at work. Today was a particularly explosive one & though we usually keep it professional, we had a pretty loud confrontation in front of my coworkers & without going into detail, afterward, all I wanted to do was go home & crawl under a rock somewhere....of course we take the same car, so that was out of the cards. Someone brought donuts in & even though I'm not a huge sweet fan, all I wanted to do was dive right into them. So I told myself that if I do something to vent for 5 minutes & I still feel like having a donut, I would. So I got myself a cup of herbal tea, which I sweetened with Stevia, sat at my desk & just started writing everything I felt. Spewing out on paper everything that was making my hands shake & my eyes water. After about 5 minutes of this exercise, you'd be shocked how just putting it down on paper (or typing it in Microsoft word) can calm you. A few minutes later, my beaux & I talked things out calmly, made up, & I was able to continue with my work day.

Another technique I really like is something called cognitive behavioral therapy, but that's a long story, so google should be able to help with that one.

Eve if you do slip up, which obviously everyone myself included does, just try to go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself & get back to treating your body & your mind like the beautiful temples they are :-)

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1/9/12 2:45 P

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Me also always.

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1/2/12 9:23 A

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My entire life I have been an emotional eater, coming from an italian family I learned to celebrate every emotion through food. And when going through an extremely rough period in my life, food became my only crutch, and I gained 65+ lbs. I would get stressed from a day at work, sad from what I was going through in my personal life and go to wendys and eat till I was sick and not care what I was doing. I would eat fast food 3 times a day, sometimes without even realizing I had already had it for breakfast and lunch. I finally looked at a picture of myself and realized I needed help.

I don't think people realize that sometimes emotional eating can be as much of an addiction as alcoholism or gambling. (Now I am not suggesting that everyone in this thread needs to do this, not at all, just sharing my story and what helped me.) But maybe therapy could be an option to help manage your emotional well being. I know that with me, I would have never been able to join spark people, and start a health lifestyle, if I didn't address the root cause of it. Again this is just a suggestion.

If you ever need a advice, have questions, or want to vent about struggles with emotional eating, I have been to the far extreme of it (and I'm still coping with it) so feel free to message me!

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9/15/11 10:54 A

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HI everyone...I completely relate to this as well...but, my problem is more in my head and with guilt. I wake up everyday thinking and saying out loud, "this is the day" and then I get hungry, and choose the wrong food. I know that there are several areas that I am not happy with in my life, like my job, I just turned 40 and my daughter is a senior now and all of that complied with me being my own worst enemy, well there you have it...I hate it..i mean, is it a lack of willpower, me missing something that I feel l need to punish myself or is it really just me being lazy and no willpower. As I eat the wrong foods, of course I get instant guilt and that makes me feel worse and I wind up eating more...its so simple on paper...i need to get out of my head...i need a trigger to just stop. Is this familiar to anyone?


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8/20/11 7:18 P

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for me the trick to overcoming emotional eating was finding a go to food that didnt do alot of damage . I could munch a little to satisfy the craving - and then learn some coping skills so that I would turn to something else besides eating.

For me = plain old dry cheerios was my emotional to to eating food. A cup of cheerios is about 80 calories................. no fat and a little carbs. I ate one at a time until the craving passed.

try it.

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7/27/11 2:42 P

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I am convinced emotional eating is what has made me balloon to 319lbs. I am determined to change this as you are. My latest trick is to jump on SP on my laptop/smartphone/desktop anywhere and read something, post something, or watch something. 10 out of 10 times I can make it past the craving. Also asking myself if I am hungry or not is a good one. Or finally you might want to try this one in private,before you emotionally eat something say OUT LOUD... I am going to eat ______ even though I am not hungry. Hope this helps. Stay strong.

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7/25/11 7:23 P

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There are times when i consider myself an emotional eater. i at times get to a certain point where i say that i am supposed to be over weight and i accept it and just gorge myself with food. whwn im emotional i ean towards sweet, i know i shouldnt i know its bad, i know that itll keep me from where i want to be but at the moment i just want to not feel anything. and so i just waste money and eat all the junk i can get my hand on.

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7/12/11 3:33 P

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I have this problem as well. I let myself go with it for a couple of days, and then I start to realize that it's not solving anything, so why hurt myself in the process?
The best thing I think, besides facing your problems and doing something about them, is to not allow yourself to be around the foods that you run to for comfort. Just refuse to buy it. If it's not in the house or near you, you can't run to it.

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7/12/11 2:51 P

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I don't know if anyone else has this issue or not, but I have been finding myself emotionally eating more over the last 2 days more than before. I feel trapped at a job that is not the healthiest of environments and find myself reaching for foods that are not healthy... I also drank Diet Coke today, even thought I wanted to give it up (VERY unhealthy- I'm working towards drinking water). I guess I feel like I am reverting back to trying to "control" my eating, instead of being in charge, and labeling foods as "good" and "bad." This viscous cycle is so hard to break and today I feel like it's controlling me today...

Anyone else ever feel like this? What do you do to work though this, instead of giving into the emotional cravings?

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