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7/10/12 4:05 P

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Shelly, This is a good reminder and something we should periodically look at to see if we are doing what we can to strengthen our relationship with the Almighty who also calls us friend : ) Thanks so much for posting this!!!

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7/9/12 3:08 P

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I posted this (below) on 5/27/09 . I posted it again because it is a good reminder to all of us.

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5/27/09 4:09 P

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Right now I get communion everyday since I fracture the knee, I would be at church everday for Mass and receiving or giving out the holy euchrist.. I miss it and my connection with GOd. Even thou I pray every day noon and night. I miss Mass each day.. Hugs

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5/27/09 12:52 P

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God longs to know us and love us deeply. Yet we treat Him so badly. Not only we, but MANY preachers you see on TV. They just USE God like he was their giant puppet on a string.

Ken Copeland is one of the worst, expecting God to cow tow to him, treating God like a cosmic piggy bank, who is at his whim to give him ALL he wants.

One day we will see how truly awesome and mighty God really is....

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5/27/09 9:10 A

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That's a hard one! How would you do this? I find myself in this position a lot.

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5/27/09 8:07 A

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Thanks for sharing is so good to bring to the remembrance that God is or should be our closest friend. He should come before anything else.

With God, Nothing is impossible!

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5/27/09 3:48 A

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Time well spent is time well placed. Time with God is time well meant. Time well meant is time spent with God. Is your time well spent or is it just time?

Avoid A Stagnant Relationship With God By Avoiding:

1. Pray only when you are depressed or in a crisis.

2. Spend time with God ONLY once a week in church.

3. Ask God to prove he loves you by..........

4. Pray for something, and waiting to pray until you need something else.

5. Pray only for friends and family.

6. By thinking,the church doesn't need my money, why should I support my church anyway? This attitude is never good.

7. Only pray to God for the big things, the little things you can handle, right? God wants us to pray about EVERYTHING & for EVERY reason.

8. Not studying the bible.

9. Not seeking to find out your spiritual gifts, and if you know what they are, not using them.

10, Losing faith because you feel your prayers were not answered the right way. God always answers our prayers. The answers are yes, no, and wait.

11. Getting angry at God or rebelling against God.

We all need to concentrate on strengthening our relationship with God. No matter how well you think you know the bible, God wants you to know it better. No matter how close you feel you are to God, God wants to get closer to you. No matter how many times you read the bible, God wants you to know more about it, in a DIFFERENT way.

Think back to when you met your spouse. Do you remember how excited you were, how much you looked forward to going on your next date? What kinds of things did you do to get to know each other better? How much time did you dedicate to your relationship to make it work? For those of you who are not married, how much time do you put towards being with your friends, and developing those friendships? And wasn't it exciting when you found such a wonderful friendship with someone? Believe it or not, that is what God wants, and even craves from and with us. He wants to become more intimate with us. When we die God will be the first one to talk to us. He will know all the years, months, hours, minutes, and seconds, devoted to your friends, family,.............and HIM. Let's hope you have more years, months, hours, minutes, and seconds with God, than with ANYONE else, for ANY reason. But, God will understand you say............yes, God WILL understand..........all TOO WELL.

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