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I used to wake up with somewhat of the same feelings -- but not quite to the point of having a panic attack. I had suffered them years ago before going on an anti-depressant to help ward them off. And, I only had these feelings during my work week -- hesitant to get dressed and go, upset stomach, worried what was waiting for me when I got there, etc. But, with the help of meds, and alot of positive self-talk, I somehow was able to focus on the reason of why I needed to get up and go -- and that was for my family and supporting it financially as well. So, I focused in on my family and the fact that I'd do anything for them, and it all got better in time. So, focusing on the positives worked for me.


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5/11/11 12:29 A

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How exciting re: job and school! What are you studying? Thanks for updating - I hope you keep doing so; I'm learning from your posts and others. You have a lot of great ideas.

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5/10/11 10:31 P

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Hi, everyone

Thank you so much for all your feedback. It is nice to not be alone, although, on the other hand, I wish everyone felt better of course! I am definitely going to try some of the tips you guys mentioned and keep you posted on how it goes.

I do have anxiety aside from the morning issues, but for some reason (I have no idea why) I can sort of navigate through it. For instance, if I'm already at work, I can go sit outside and get out of the room for a bit or take a walk around the block. (I wasn't always like this - used to get so worked up and try to just sit there and act "normal" that I'd end up having to go to the bathroom and cry or go home "sick."). For some reason, the morning is just the worst and I haven't made as much progress with it. I will have a good morning every couple of months and I don't know what sort of magical thing makes those mornings happen!

I just started keeping a sleep journal to see if I can identify patterns there. I do have pretty fitful sleep (I try to record how many times I wake up and for how long). My dad has sleep apnea so it has crossed my mind that I should ask my doctor.

One really bad habit I started that gets me out of bed (even if super late), is bribing myself with chocolate candy bar. If I have one, I am pretty much hooked for the day and find myself using it as a stress relief at work. I'll end up 4-5 throughout the day. I am trying to stop that - joining Sparkpeople and counting calories is definitely helping there. I wasn't even really aware of all that I was eating. Then I think, I probably just pumped more caffeine into my system all day and made the whole thing a lot worse. I'm hoping getting back down to healthier weight and better diet will help. I wish it would happen instantly!

I am actually going back to school soon and leaving my job in the next couple of months. Although my boss has been understanding, it is a really stressful environment with high turnover. I've been there for 5 years, which I can't believe. I hope that somehow doing what I really want to do might make facing the day slightly easier. But I don't want to get my hopes up!! I am so worried that my issues will end up ruining school if I don't figure something out.

Thanks again everyone. I will let you know what happens. Good luck to everyone!

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5/10/11 8:17 A

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you are so not alone.
i was just having my morning coffee trying to think of a way to deal with my constant morning anxiety. it happens every morning. i wake up around 6am when my fiance and daughter are getting around to go to school and work and i try to get back to sleep but i end up just laying in bed just paralyzed with anxiety and afraid to get up.
i've been unable to work since June of 2009 due to my mental health issues but it was my panic attacks that had my last employer terminate me after my doctor putting me on leave for too long. i tried unsuccessfully to go back to work and my employer said go back on leave and when i tried again they claimed to not have hours for me and i've been on unemployment and trying to get disability ever since. (i finally have a court date coming, i've had no luck finding work, i just freak out)
because i've been on every anti-anxiety med there is to no avail, i'm hoping my psychiatrist will have another alternative for me when i see him this week. maybe something to help me get better sleep or something. i only get about 6-7 hours of not great sleep a night.
i'm thinking of trying to take my latest anxiety med right away in the morning and then see if working out right away will help with my morning anxiety. i thought this might be better than lying in bed just freaking out, like maybe forcing myself to get up and do something to get my body moving and distract myself physically might do the trick.
it also will help with my weight loss, so if it works its a win/win.
since i'm having the same problem and am still trying to fix it i can't actually offer any real advice but at least you aren't alone and maybe you can try what i'm going to try and see if it helps you.

i know what you are going through and i know how awful it is so i'm sorry and i hope you find some relief one way or another. if i find some other magical method to fix it, i'll come looking for this post and let you know what it is. :)

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5/10/11 3:15 A

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Hi there. I have two questions:

1) if you wake up with the panic attacks, is there something happening *as* you wake up or is it you're aware of the panic as you wake up?

2) how is your quality of sleep? Are there days you wake up rested and not panicked at all, or is it always panic?

Awhile back, I would wake up with panic attacks in the middle of the night. No reason that I knew of, just full blown panic. I got in the habit, since I didn't know what else to do, of trying to focus my attention on a need I knew own or someone else's, and praying for that until I was more calm. Even if it was just praying for someone else's cat that wasn't feeling well, it got me distracted enough and focused enough to calm my system down, and then I was able to get back to sleep.

More recently, I was waking up unable to move some mornings and waking up because of my kids and starting the day with panic attacks that way. It's taken some testing, but they learned I have sleep apnea. As I started getting my nighttime breathing under control (my breathing would stop up to 17 times an hour), I started waking up completely differently. I realized I was waking up as i stopped breathing, some night, and that frightened me awake. That's my experience, though.

I'm glad you have a boss that understands. I was fired because of my anxiety from two jobs. Did not feel good.

I hope that helps a little. I'm willing to share more if that might help.


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5/10/11 12:37 A

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Hey there - I have the same diagnoses and suffered a lot of anxiety as a special ed. teacher. Not just mornings, so you may have something different going on, but I also missed a lot of days and eventually, abruptly quit. I loved my students and certain aspects of my job so much that quitting never even occurred to me as I suffered through the anxiety. But after I quit and didn't work at all for a while, I realized there were things contributing to my anxiety that I wasn't even aware of, including sensory stuff like bright lights and noise. I didn't even realize I was anxious (kept calling it "just" stress, being too busy, etc.) until people started commenting on my shaking hands, changing demeanor, etc. Are there aspects of your job that could be contributing to your anxiety? Not just workload, coworkers, etc., but also things in the environment. I never would have quit because I believed that job was my calling and I would suffer through hell before I'd quit. I couldn't see how it was slowly killing me until I left and was gone for a while. Now I tutor privately, which has all the parts of teaching I love without the extra crap. :) You may not need a total job change, but there seems to be something about the job or field you're in or...something that is having a big effect on you regardless of your meds and other ways to deal with anxiety. Great job identifying your problem and posting about it - that's a big deal! I wish you well and hope you keep us updated!

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5/9/11 9:03 P

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Sunrising has some very good ideas. I don't have any great ideas for you because my anxiety only triggers now in situations where I feel fearful or when I feel someone is putting me down. When I have an attack I think about my safe place and can usually come out of my attack fairly well. I also have a key chain fob that I rub to remind me that I am safe. I have a friend who uses a necklace that she wears and rubs on the stone. My therapist suggested something last week that may help. When you are feeling well talk to yourself about what causes your anxiety and consciously change the situation in your mind to a safe situation. If you do this enough your subconscious will begin to take over the conscious thoughts and change the outcome. She suggested it as a way to deal with recurrent nightmares but maybe it would work with panic attacks also. Please feel free to share with us at any time.


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It is amazing what one can to learn to live with. Mediation works, but who wants to take that every day, While on medication I learn to talk to myself and exam myself. What caused me to do something or say something to cause my stress. Practice and learn to to us these lessone for yout own well-being.

Depression is the impression left by fear. Be willing to fight the fear. Conquer it with love.

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Hi. I have anxiety disorder too, but it comes in spells [usually in conjuction with bult up stress...] I don't know you but I am going to tell you the honest truth of what i had to do when I would get the morning attacks. I would PRAY [#1- sometimes out loud] from the heart and pour out everything that was on my mind. Then I would try to read something out of the book of Psalms [which has many comforting songs in it.] After wards I would MAKE myself drink an Ensure Shake [b/c I can't eat when I have anxiety, but I must get my nutrition or like you said it will exhaust you completely till there is nothing left, and the Ensures have plenty of vitamins and protien.]

After that I know you have to go to work but on days that you can try to get out there and do something postive for others [like volunteer work] b/c it seems to sooth the soul to help others. And please remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is a medical condition. Just make sure to remind yourself "This too shall pass." Remember that it will go away and try to fill your mind with POSITIVE things b/c anxiety plays off negetivity. Please add me as a friend if you want. Its always good to have someone to talk to when feeling that way. I have mild drepression as well so we have alot in common [although yours may be more severe.]

There are other things I've learned about that I think helps as well [like diet and supplements so if you have any more questions I would love to help any way I can.]

emoticon Hang in there.

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Hello, everyone

I was diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder about 6 years ago. Over time things have gotten a lot better but I really feel like my biggest hurdle is anxiety attacks in the morning. When things first started and really up until about 5 or 6 months ago, my morning panic attacks would often start the day off completely wrong and off track and I would miss work. Absenteeism was a huge problem and at one point I even quit a job over it at my lowest depression/anxiety point. Now even if I am super late to work I can usually get in or only miss a half a day (luckily my boss has been very understanding and hasn't fired me). I am really frustrated because I can't seem to get anywhere with this problem and am wondering what others do (I am guessing this is not too unusual).

To sum up, it's like I have an anxiety attack and it leaves me so exhausted and disoriented I can't seem to get out of bed. I am just completely fatigued from it. I'm on Lexapro daily and have been prescribed xanax for when things get really bad, but not only should I not take this daily but it makes me even more exhausted! I would love to hear what others do... Thanks, everyone!

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