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12/21/15 6:19 P

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For me I find it's the little extra steps in the trips I already have to do that help. When I go to the bathroom I take the long way to get there and the long way to get back. Yeah it's only a few extra steps but they add up. Also for lunch if I find out people can't go out I offer to walk someplace and pick up their food. Sometimes that will give me two or three extra blocks of walking in.


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4/13/14 5:46 P

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Hi Jenny
I am a receptionist and I had a Fitbit and used it for a while. I got about 3,000 steps in a good day. I think I walk a bit more than my other coworkers. Maybe not by much.
I often have to make alot of copies for my boss. So sometimes I have to go back to his office to retrieve whatever I have to copy, go to copy machine to copy and then take it back to him. Sometimes he then asks for another copy.
I also get people who come in and I have to get up and move around.
I was actually trying to focus on my posture more during the day. Whenever the phone rang, I'd try to sit up straighter and avoid slouching. The phone ringing was like my reminder.
I guess when the phone rings I could stand and march in place. I've read about doing that.
I've read to walk to the coworker to talk instead of calling or email.
I have read walking on lunch breaks...but I don't get those-I eat at my desk.
I just don't want to have myself walking and then not get my work done during the day.
What about when you go to the bathroom, do a certain number of steps, lunges, jumping jacks ect. depending on what you are wearing (jumping jacks not good with heels for example)
I feel like I have to pee every hour, so I sometimes get steps on that.

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4/13/14 12:58 P

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I'm Jenny and I work at a desk all day. I recently bought a Fitbit Flex and I am shocked. I thought that I was taking a lot more steps than I actually am. So far I've started parking farther away from buildings and marching in place while waiting for things (coffee to brew, printer to calibrate, etc.). Does anyone else have any ideas? It's so hard when you are glued to your desk for most of the day!

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