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7/29/15 3:58 A

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My primary concern in becoming vegan is to not cause any undue harm or suffering. Until such time that I find out farmed oyster mushrooms are being force-fed worms (as opposed to the more economical growth medium of straw), I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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7/24/15 4:27 P

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I saw it on a documentary about Fungi - it was really interesting and I certainly discovered lots of new things I did not know. There are lots of great vegetarian recipes with mushrooms so it would be a same to have to exclude them. They are funny little "things".

7/24/15 12:38 P

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Hm, I didn't know that! I also don't eat oyster mushrooms though. It's an interesting thought.

I agree with the previous commentor, I wouldn't count that as eating meat, that's like saying if an animal dies in the wild, decomposes and is used as fertilizer for plants, eating those plants is consuming meat. I just don't agree with that.

It's ultimately up to you to decide what you're comfortable with though. :)

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7/23/15 6:32 P

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Hi Alan,

Thank you for your reply. I follow your logic. Upwards and onwards.

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7/23/15 4:04 A

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Look, there are quite a few ethical issues on the fringes of veg*nism. I guess it's up to people to decide where they stand. If people are veg*n purely for health reasons I suppose they wouldn't care.
What happens when mushrooms die? They decompose and become food for slaters, bugs, bacteria and worms. Thus they are part of a cycle. Other organisms both live and die as part of this cycle, including the wormicide you mention. I don't think it's all that unusual in the plant kingdom either. Think for example about plants that have edible fruit but poisonous leaves. They use the poison to actively kill enemy organisms that do them harm and threaten the life of the plant.
I personally am confident that in eating oyster mushrooms I am not causing undue suffering. I am also aware that our understanding of the symbiosis between mushrooms and worms may be quite incomplete. Therefore on the benefit of the doubt I am eating mushrooms.
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7/22/15 4:50 P

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I am a fan of mushrooms/fungi but I have always had my suspicions about Oyster mushrooms. Now I know why. I recently discovered that this little critter, which is neither plant nor animal, has a canny little trick to get nitrogen into its diet - it traps worms in the soil and digests them. So if I eat the mushroom am I also eating the worn, thus eating meat? Well is it a thought.

On the other hand there is much excitement in the culinary world, about the fifth basic taste, sensed by the taste buds. It is called Umami, which is a hearty depth of flavor or a pleasing savory flavor. As it happens mushrooms are high in Umami. Of course lots of us add mushrooms in recipes as a meat substitute.

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