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Lentils work very well in recipes that use ground beef or turkey (tacos/sloppy joe's/spaghetti sauce/meatloaf). For a fabulous meatless meatball recipe check out Chef Joh's meatless meatballs. Made with mushrooms, they are incredible!

Tempeh is also good substitute, especially if you aren't a fan of has a much firmer texture.

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If you love mushrooms you will love a stroganoff made with a combination of dried Shiitake and cremini mushrooms... The dried mushrooms keep a meaty texture after soaking and simmering for a while and the cremini mushrooms add a softer texture and wonderful flavor. I make a soaked and blended cashew sour cream gravy for the mushrooms to dwell in and add broccoli for a touch of additional flavor and crunch.. (there are also onions and spices and garlic in there too). I serve it over wide eggless vegan noodles.. We were so sad when my last batch of this dinner was gone...

You can purchase dried Shiitake mushrooms in big bags very inexpensively at Asian Markets. You can also buy all kinds of fresh mushrooms at a large Asian market if you have one near you.
Here is my whole recipe... this makes it much easier...

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff - 6 large servings

I found a bag of vegan wide noodles called "Light and Fluffy" Macaroni Dumplings

I bag of eggless noodles *
1 1/2 pounds of sliced mushrooms (all cremini or mix of cremini and button)
1 cup of dried shiitake or other dried mushroom preferred
1 medium/large onion diced
3 cloves garlic minced
3 cups of water
1 no-beef bouillon cube
3 tablespoons of soy sauce (or soy free tamari)
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon Thyme
1 teaspoon Rosemary
1 teaspoon sage
3/4 cup cashew pieces (OR cashew meal see alternate method note below)
1 1/2 cups of water
2 Tablespoons of lemon juice
2-3 cups of broccoli or other vegetable of your choice - optional (asparagus works really well with this) (I always have to add something green ) You can cook them separately and add at the end or if the broccoli is fresh you can add it with the noodles and it will cook as the noodles re-warm with the sauce at the end.

Prepare ahead:
Soak the cashews in the 1 1/2 cup of water for at least 4 hours or overnight. Rinse the dried shiitake mushrooms and then bring them to a boil in a pan with the 3 cups of water. Cover and simmer on very low for 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let sit to absorb the liquid for an hour.
Alternate Method Cashews: Trader Joe's sells cashew meal next to the flour and other baking supplies... (I guess some stores stock it next to the nuts). If you purchase cashew meal, you do not have to soak the meal at all, you can just mix the cashew meal and water together in your blender. Cashew meal is also MUCH less expensive than cashew pieces.
Prepare the noodles according to package directions, rinse and set aside. *Undercook the noodles just a touch because you will add them to the sauce later and you don't want them to overcook in the sauce.
Remove the shiitake mushrooms from the liquid and slice them into tiny pieces and put them with the other sliced mushrooms.
Add the soy sauce to the mushroom soaking water.
Blend the soaked cashews and water together in a blender until they form a cream-like consistency, (this will take a few minutes) add the cornstarch to this mixture and blend it until it is mixed well.
In a Large flat bottomed pan saute the diced onions for 3 minutes, (I don't use oil.. I dry saute until they begin to stick and then just add tiny splashes of water to unstick them from time to time until they are finished..)
Add the diced garlic and saute for just a short time then add a quick small splash of water so it won't burn.
Add the spices and stir for a moment and then add the sliced mushrooms (adding water as needed) and water saute until the mushrooms cook and give up their liquid. Add the mushroom liquid and the cashew cream liquid and the lemon juice and cook until it thickens. Taste for salt and add pepper to taste. Stir in the noodles and fresh broccoli cover and warm through. Serve.

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I recently moved back to my home state to help my parents, who both are not vegan. Anyways my father and I went foraging for mushrooms and we found bags upon bags of oyster mushsrooms and we put some flour, salt, and pepper in a bowl and shook the mushrooms up in it then we fried it ( They fry everything over here.. :[ ) and it was the best thing I have ever tasted!! IT TASTED LIKE MEAT!! I could not believe. I have tried a lot of mushrooms, even buying expensive kinds.. but this was so meaty, and the seasoning was SO GOOD. And only salt and pepper?! I was so sad when we ran out of mushrooms ( We froze, then thawed them. ) I can not wait till they are in season again to find them. They are wonderful.

Anyways I been wanted to experiment with the mushrooms you can buy at the store all season and see what I can come up with. Back in Oregon I lived in a small studio cabin and all I had was a small toaster oven and I made Portabella mushroom pizza by using the Portabella as the crust/bread part. I brushed it all over with olive oil then put on my toppings and it was amazing ^^

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I make my own seitan.. which is a "meat" made from wheat. I make veggie hot dogs, Italian sausages etc.

I make lentil loaf.. Using the Adventist Magic loaf Studio.. or there are many recipes around.

I am making my own Turk'y Seitan roast for thanksgiving. It is a recipe from The Gentle Chef. You can also buy Turk'y loafs from many manufacturers this Thanksgiving
Tofurky, Gardien, etc. You can find them in Whole Foods, and Trader Joes and many Grocery stores..

I find marinating and baking tofu to be a good way to eat it.. You may also want to try Happy Herbivore's Tofu Scramble recipe It is a wonderful replacement for scrambled eggs. We have it for supper with potatoes and toast with jelly.. yummy.. I add veggies to my scramble to make it super healthy.. peppers, onions, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes... so so good!

The recipe is online at

You can also YouTube tofu scramble and watch people scramble tofu if you want to learn how to do it before you try on your own..

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Some ideas: For chicken, I make tofu cubes, or strips. (Google recipes), meatless meatballs in spagetti, lentil loaf (see Angela Lidden's recipe is really good and replaces meatloaf, millet grains replace hamburger in spagetti sauce, Angela also has a good veggie burger recipe - make lots and freeze them - "salisbury steak" with mushroom sauce.

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I was wondering how I can make chicken/meat dishes vegetarian.
For example, let's say there's this chicken recipe that looks great, should I just replace the chicken with veggies or with faux meat products?
I've tried tofu and I just don't like it because I don't think I cook it right and the texture is too spongy for me.
But I'd love to hear your thoughts on what are some good meat substitutes for chicken, beef, etc. recipes.
Thanks so much!!!

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