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4/21/12 2:37 P

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Marge, you do not need to eat dairy to increase your protein. How about some beans or sprouted lentils, peanut butter or oatmeal?

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4/21/12 9:00 A

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Hi Chanty,
You might want to use the nutrition trackers on this site to check out whether you're getting enough protein, with your switch to vegetarian plus fasting. I was having a problem with low energy, forgetfulness, and running out of strength in the middle of exercising. When I ran the numbers here on my daily food intake, it turned out I was getting a really low amount of daily protein. I doubled it by adding more nonfat yogurt and nonfat/lowfat cottage cheese to my diet, and immediately memory improved, I was able to sustain my workouts and go a lot longer during the day between meals without feeling hungry. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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4/19/12 11:07 P

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Hi Chanty.

Last October I went to see a naturopathic doctor after months of mood swings, sadness, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, etc. We did a urine test to check my liver function and my adrenal function. She prescribed Adreset, a homeopathic remedy that I took twice a day for three months. My adrenal function went from 25% to 75% in just three months, even though she estimated it would take at least six months to a year. For the past three months I've only been taking 1 capsule per day and I'll find out soon what my adrenals are functioning at. The capsules contain Cordyceps 400 mg, Ginseng 200 mg and Rhodiola 50 mg. At the start of my treatment she told me that it takes a long time, in most cases, years to deplete the adrenals, so I would say that your lifestyle of working 55 hrs a week is certainly not helping your health.

Oh! I wanted to add that my doctor also required me to change my diet to a lot more greens, no coffee, no alcohol, no sugar and no wheat.

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4/19/12 8:34 P

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Unless you are an expert in this area I would caution against self-diagnosis.
"However, there is no scientific evidence supporting the concept of adrenal fatigue and it is not recognized as an actual diagnosis by the medical community," - The Hormone Foundation.

Overwhelming numbers of people report a lift in energy and feeling better balanced overall when switching to a vegan diet. It might seem like a radical step for you but it's worth considering.

wishing you all the best,

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4/19/12 5:27 P

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Dear Chanty, I would first recommend a blood panel from your doctor, testing for vitamin, mineral, and thyroid levels et al. It would be great if you had a vegetarian doctor in your town. We do in ours. He would understand vegetarian nutrition first hand. If I may ask, why are you choosing to fast one day per week? That COULD be a reason for fatigue if you are not getting enough calories and nutrients for your body's needs. Also, are you getting 8 to 9 hrs. of sleep per night?

You have a heavy schedule! Fifty-five hrs. of work per week PLUS a house and family, wow! Does the handsome man in your photo, and your son, help you out around the house a lot?

I hope you get to feeling better, and back to your kick boxing, soon.


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4/19/12 5:16 P

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Hi Chanty! Wow, it sounds like things with you are really out-of-sorts. Seeing a doctor or naturopathic doctor which you trust could be the most helpful. I suppose a good healthcare professional would talk with you, ask you lots of questions and ultimately do some tests. There is a test for the response of your adrenal function, a saliva test, which my doctor had me do some time ago. I am a plant-based eater and the liquorice root extract and other temporary help worked with that. I would once again recommend working with someone knowledgeable who could help you to sort this all out while respecting your chosen diet. Change is possible!

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4/19/12 4:55 P

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This is a common malady. Dr douglas graham addresses it in his book 80/10/10/ available at paperback only.

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4/19/12 4:33 P

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Hello Everyone My name is Chanty (pronounced Shawn-tay). I have been on Sparkpeople for awhile now and successfully was able to get to within one pound of my goal weight and now I am in a cycle of gaining 5 and losing 3 and gaining 5 and losing 3. At any rate I sought this particular group out because I am a vegetarian and I about 100% sure I have Severe Adrenal Fatigue, no matter how much sleep I get I am never rested, I have no energy, numbness in my legs, sensitivity to the sun, mood swings, low blood pressure, no sex drive, irritability, memory loss, difficulty focusing etc. Up until January I was able to maintain some level of functionality dealing with this although I have a hectic schedule . . .I work 55 hrs a week, while maintaining the house and general family life (married with a son) etc. But then I decided to become a vegetarian and later on in my journey to fast 1 day a week . . . and ohh my my body has not reacted to kindly to this, I mean initially did, but I donít have enough energy to workout, like I literally have to break and eat some sunflower seeds or something before I attempt again, I canít even going to my beloved kickboxing class which I used to could do no problem because it is just too intense!!! I have learned that a vegetarian lifestyle and fasting are not good if u have ďadrenal fatigueĒ until you have replenished your adrenal glands
At any rate I am seeking support I because I donít want to have to eat meat again (although I have allowed myself to eat seafood) I want to naturally through herbs and vitamins get my life back!!! I have dreams and goals I want to accomplish . . . that makes this hard, part of recovery is to rest, but my nature is go-go-go!!! Are there any others out there with this or something similar and are vegetarian?? How do you cope??

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