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1/19/09 3:03 P

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I'm an experimental physicist, and my most frustrating experience stems from an equipment malfunction. I have about 2 weeks left of data collection and the system I use broke down about 2 months ago and we are just getting it back from repairs this week! Yay for that!! But it's so frustrating being stuck with such a small amount left to go!

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1/9/09 2:08 P

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There are so many things to choose from...Oh!!! I got it! An instructor, also the adviser for a club you are president of, telling you he will take care of busywork then not doing so. In the club, in the class, and inviting you into his office to explain to you that because you didn't do those things ( that he said he would take care of) you're going to have dire consequences without even telling you what they are! And at the same time he was my friend...I took care of it but NO ONE wanted to help in fact they tried at every point to stop me from doing anything.
Next one would be being told that you are not a graduate student because the instructor would know if you were. Then he blocked every attempt I made to drop the class when I could without a signature.

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1/7/09 11:39 A

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Gee, it's hard to choose just one. All-in-all, though, it's the complete lack of direction or mentoring as well as total lack of understanding for any human occurrence (e.g., family deaths, being a racially motivated hate crime victim). Much of what y'all speak about will be overcome with time and experience (trust me!) but I still haven't figured out what questions to ask when I don't know what questions to ask. A little guidance/assistance, like the kind given to the trust-fund kids, would be nice emoticon


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1/6/09 10:52 P

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I just finished my first semester so I don't have much experience. However, I would have to say my most frustrating experience has to be teaching. I am a TA and am required to teach a 1 hour German 101 class 5 times a week. Although I only teach 5 hours a week my coordinator requires us to give daily homework so I am constantly grading homework. It isn't as simple as marking things wrong or right. I have to correct and leave long explanations about why things are wrong and how to fix them.

Add to that the frustration of my students. The class is taught in only German (statistics show it tends to be the best method) and people don't realize if they pay attention and listen they will eventually get the jist of what I am saying. Half of them think they can sleep through class and then ask me to explain everything in English.


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1/6/09 7:18 A

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I'd say the job hunt is the worst! I am in my last semester (finally), and despite having grades, and crazy amounts of experience I can't find a job! I've looked everywhere, and stayed connected, but most everyone here has frozen hiring. Ugh.

I can't really complain too much though---my husband is also a student, so we can count on his stipend for next year at least, and I have a night job, but it would be nice, after all this education, to be hirable.

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1/5/09 10:14 P

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I would have to say that the most frustrating thing would be giving my advisor work and him not having time to look at it for weeks and then changing things back to the way he had you change it from the last time! I am NEVER going to defend my dissertation!

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12/19/08 9:43 A

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Hey Teacie!

My most frustrating experience was this semester as well. I started the semester with 2 internship sites to complete my practicum requirement. And one site lost the ability to provide counseling and I wasted a month of time there. And at the other site, we had to develop the consent format from SCRATCH, which also wasted a month. And so, for no fault of my own, I finished the semester SIGNIFICANTLY behind on my hours.

That and trying to teach a class full of hyper-nervous students the basic counseling skills.

I'm happy it's over.

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11/30/08 6:12 P

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This entire semester has been the most frustrating experience of my life, let alone grad school.

I am on internship, which is a full-time, 40 hour a week experience. Well... I had to go to FL for a bit cause my mom was sick. I got back, and am around 4 cases behind and have no idea how to make up those hours before the university's semester ends. Also, where I live forms sort of a triangle with the other places I have to be. So internship is 40 minutes from home and 40 minutes from school. School is 45 minutes from home. I spend a lot of time driving.

Add to that a 15 hr a week assistantship in which I collect, clean, and analyze data. I would have been quite happy to leave off the assistantship this year, but I just couldn't afford the $9000 or so in tuition for the semester.

Also, I have to take comps next semester and have yet to start studying. My advisor is on my back to finish up pre-diss and start dissertation... And I am left wondering... when do I have time for that? I spend my "off" hours writing reports to try and catch up at internship.

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11/27/08 2:10 P

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My biggest frustration so far was not being able to do a thesis, even though I enrolled on a thesis option. The faculty was changing over (lost a few, hired a few) and all the professors were busy supervising PhD students. The result was that I've been working on a professor's research instead, which was actually very interesting even though it wasn't my original area of inquiry. So, I guess in the end my biggest frustration wasn't that bad, just kind of a hiccup.

The 2nd most frustrating thing was getting a 50 page paper back and finding that the professor had read only about the first half. He discounted my idea from that point on (which he made clear in the margins) and made no other comments on the rest of the paper. I was kind of intimidated by him so I didn't go back to him to challenge him on it, especially since he didn't give it a bad mark :) ... but it rankled.

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11/24/08 9:33 A

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I haven't been in grad school long enough to determine my most frustrating experience...

But I am sorry to hear about your problem with losing the data you entered - that stinks! I know I get annoyed when I just enter a blog on SP or something and for whatever reason it doesn't save, so I know you'd be super frustrated by having a similar issue with schoolwork!

I hope you got that worked out and that things went more smoothly the second time around.

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11/18/08 7:52 A

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OK - I think it is time to share my pain and hopefully others will join in.

As you have seen from a previous post, I am so close to being able to defend my dissertation proposal and move on with my life. So yesterday I spent a fair amount of time checking to make sure my data lines up, that I filled in the data that was originally missing. I have 4 data sets (for years 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000) with 20 variables for 50 states. I had everything in my SPSS program and saved it. I went to fix something later and the stuff that I added was gone. It did not save. Something corrupted my data set and now I have to re-enter the information and save it again (I did one of the 4 sets last night).

My husband reminded me of the hard time he had when he did his comps. He spent all day and night working on it. He saved it at around midnight the night before it was due. When he went back to make sure it saved, it was gone. He had a virus that apparently ate the last thing you worked on/saved.

So was has been your most frustrating experience in grad school so far?

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