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5/28/13 9:23 P

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I've PM'd you, Kit. I have an ICD and a bivent pacemaker. If any of you have questions and/or need support, I highly recommend the message boards at Though based in Britain, there are members from all over. I don't know what I would have done without them. It's a good place to post questions and share experiences. There are forums for several types and any degree of heart failure, including those who've had or are awaiting transplant.

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5/23/13 5:54 P

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I too have heart failure, I do not at this time have issues with it, although A-fib is a problem every now and again. Since my bypass surgery I have gotten radical with this. 2000 to 2200 diet daily, see nutrition log on my spark page, 6 miles daily on treadmill, 64oz of water daily, and I am 66 years old, now with all that said you keep on keeping on, your only hinder will be U emoticon emoticon NO RED MEAT, LIMIT SWEETS emoticon emoticon emoticon

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5/23/13 12:03 P

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I have CHF, and an ICD, as well as diabetes. For years I ate a low sodium, diabetic diet, and stayed at 350+ lbs. Of course I Four years ago, I read Atkins, and started it. Within 1 year i was off diabetes meds. I am down 120 lbs, and my BP is 100/65. My cholesterol is 104, and my last echo was good enough that my cardiologist said if I walked in today, I wouldn't qualify for an ICD . My ejection fraction was 16%, and is now 45%.

I too, limit red meat, and eat about a lb of b/s chicken thighs a day. Sometimes I have fish, and sometimes a chili with ground beef, but both rarely. I love chicken. I don't go crazy on fat, I just limit my carbs to vegetables ( 11 servings daily ), 1 fruit daily, and have slightly more protein than normal. I get fat from butter, and oil, and eat 4 XL eggs daily. Not sure if red meat would be a problem, I just prefer chicken.

By restricting carbs, I dropped a lot of water off my heart and lungs, which helped me start to exercise more. My greatest challenges were being 350+ lbs, and not being able to exercise due to breathing difficulties. I couldn't lose because the carbs I ate made me crave more. Low carb has made it so that my CHF isn't something I even think about on a day to day basis. I still see the doctors every 3 months, but I feel great, and am continuing to lose 1-2 lbs a week.

Medication issues? The biggest one is lasix. I had dehydration problems. I used to drink a lot of pop, and they had me on 120 mg of lasix a day. Of course when that stopped, the water weight I was dropping was my regular water, not the 2 liter of pop. I got heart palpitations, and gout( other reasons for gout too ), but by dropping to 80 mg a day, and sticking to low carb, both problems are not an issue for over a year.

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4/5/13 12:37 P

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Thanks for the encouragement. I have started to limit red meat, but I don't know if I can get rid of chicken and fish. I'm married and my husband is not a cook. It's hard to cook two different meals. Not to mention, I like what I'm cooking him and it's tempting. I have added a lot of fruit to my diet. I am already a pretty good vegetable eater unless I get lazy and fast food creeps in. Work has a cafeteria which is convenient and the main problem is that sodium content in what they prepare. It's a struggle, but I am determined to get some weight off and I know that will help much of the swelling too. I do believe my condition was aggravated by Zpac.

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4/5/13 7:08 A

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Have you tried a plant based diet of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds? I took care of my dad when he was diagnosed with heart failure and COPD. Exercise as much as you can tolerate but do take it easy. My thoughts and prayers are with you my spark friend. May God's love light your way.
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4/3/13 3:38 P

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I would like to share information with those of you who have suffered heart failure. I now have an ICD as well. What have been your greatest challenges in changing your diet and weight management? Have you had issues with medications as well?

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