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11/24/11 10:31 P

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My dispatch center used to call wrist exercise time 3 or 4 times each shift which consisted of a series of excercise designed to keep carpal tunnel at bay. I only remember that you prayed and waved goodbye. I seemed to remember that our software provider gave them to us.

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10/27/11 7:27 A

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LOL, love your comment about messing with the injured dispatcher!! Although they can come right back by driving through motel and apartment parking lots and run every plate they see!!! I fell and severely fractured my left wrist several winters ago. While they were repairing that, the doctor worked on my carpel tunnel issue.... I am now having lower back and hip issues from sitting so much....... Gee surprise there!!! I guess though after 30 years I haven't fared too bad! Take care of yourself


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10/26/11 8:59 P

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Little did I know when I began my career as a Police Dispatcher/911 Operator that I would be automatically enrolled in this wonderful club. We pay heavy dues and, though we don't get jackets, we get these nifty splints. I am talking about wrist injuries. Sigh. I've only been working as a dispatcher for little over 3 years now and I told my doctor I was only 24, I couldn't have twacked it that bad. Apparently I did. One wrist required being in a wrist splint for two weeks full time and both needed to be splinted at night for 4 weeks. There were even 2 days that I had to have both splinted all day. Man did I look stupid trying to type my robbery call with splinted hands. Not easy. Also had a daily dosage of advil and 'rest' when not working. I told my doc, 'you do realize I type for about 10 hours combined time out of my 12 at work, plus I'm a writer so add another 4 hours at least a day, 8 on those I don't work'. My doc who has known for a while simply taps my sore wrist and says 'Yes, I can tell'.

It's been very hard not to type but I've been going those 4 weeks with the bare minimum of writing to keep my sanity, bare minimum at work but that's it. Nothing else. I now do not have to wear the splints but I must take it easy on the wrists. I didn't have carpal tunnel, at least not yet, just chronic overuse. It was so bad I couldn't bend some of my fingers closed and when I moved my arm a certain way it went numb.

Apparently wrist injuries is wide spread in my centre, one girl just had to get surgery for it. Some have homemade remedies and some put our desks in the most awkward positions I heard the desk is thinking of suing. Anyone else here find they struggle with their wrists or fingers. One of my officers just looked at me and shook his head, 'injured in the line of duty eh?'. No sympathy from these guys, wait till he sees the calls I give him. Mock your wounded dispatcher, not a good idea.

All I know is that I have to take better care of my hands and wrists or they won't make it to retirement.

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