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1/23/13 12:44 P

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Pray for him and keep your tomatoes! You got this girl!!! He doesn't need that kind of power.

Trust The Universe!

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1/18/13 2:47 P

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that's just what I would have said - I can't tell that you are a preacher by how rude you are!

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1/18/13 12:23 P

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Remember, you have the victory, even over such ignorance! You showed him that you can rise above such ignorant remarks! Way to stay positive even with a little breakdown at home! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, despite his stupid you know what! You keep pushing and you will continue to rise above all of the haters! You go girlfriend!

Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

No one can do what you are called to do, but you!

Great works are performed not by strength but by perserverance. - Samuel Johnson

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1/17/13 12:30 P

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What I want to know is WHAT DID YOU SAY BACK TO HIM????

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You’ll never see me crumble
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1/14/13 9:10 A

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That was a very rude thing for your Pastor to say. Since you know the truth, that you DO eat a lot of tomatoes, that is truly all that matters. I'm sorry he hurt your feelings though.

I think that when we are overweight, we are also super sensitive, you know? Please don't let his one remark throw you off your game. Your weight loss, like everything else, is between you and God, ultimately. Give yourself the Temple your soul deserves.

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1/13/13 11:20 P

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Forgive and move on sweety! I know all too well about the things people say regarding weight. I've delt with it from within my family and also church. It does hurt but the last thing we need to do is let their words pull us down. Rather he meant it in a demeaning way or rather it came out different than how he meant it to you just have to move on. I use to be someone that let EVERYTHING that EVERYONE said effect me and the last few years I take pretty much everything with a grain of salt. If I know that something someone is saying is out of true loving concern then that is a little different...other than that....grain of salt!


God is my strength!

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1/4/13 3:21 P

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What a nasty thing to say! I'm so sorry that happened. Just remember that he's the one with the problem, not you. Maybe he should re-evaluate his career choice if he's going to go around saying things like that to people. What a jerk!

Some people just like to put others down because they think it puts them in a higher place.

"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners."
-- William Shakespeare
"I never change, I simply become more myself."
-- Joyce Carol Oates
"Every woman is a rebel."
-- Oscar Wilde

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1/2/13 1:03 P

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Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes:

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." -- Wayne Dyer

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1/2/13 11:40 A

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Ok, so this might be not a very popular opinion...but what's the big deal?
I mean, would you be just as disappointed if you would be a thin person claiming that you like to eat cake all the time and somebody would have suggested that you don't look like that?

I see lots of different reactions here. First, some people assume that a preacher must be some kind of saint. Then, there are conclusions that he is a very petty person etcetc.

In general, all sorts of comments about other people should be treated with care so yes, he probably got it wrong. But in the end, he just made a remark that there was something a bit surprising about your comment.
You're the one who's reading god-knows-what out of this comment and bringing yourself down,. Is it really forbidden to say now that a tall person is tall or a fat person fat?

I've heard lots of different comments about myself, including my looks and abilities. It's just people expressing their subjective opinions and not all of the negative feedback is meant to hurt you. Use them as tools for improvement rather than self-pity.
If you feel that someone wants to "bring you down", have fun with it. Openly admit your problems or make a joke out of it or tell them seriously how much that comment hurts etcetc. Just get these negatie things out of your system on the same spot.

No matter how beautiful, fit, rich, talented or nice you are, somebody is always going to have negative comments about you. Don't waste your life on them

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.
E. B. White

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1/2/13 9:01 A

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People like to feel good about themselves. And is there a better way to go there than by belittling others? Don't take this personally. I mean no harm to religious people, and i don't wish to insult anyone's beliefs, but more often than not, the clergy proves to be the most stupid, wicked and narrow-minded members of our society. I grew up in an islandic town and i can tell for sure that in my part of the world, priests are nothing but ill-educated, sadistic,vain rednecks. You are a good person. You are doing the best you can to help yourself. You deserve to have a good life, to be surrounded by good people like you, that care for you and try to understand you. You don't need sh*t like that. You have what it takes to go wherever it is you wanna go. So what can a preacher tell you? What can anyone tell you? The only thing of all things that others tell you that you should believe in, is that you are a worthy person. A beautiful person in a beautiful, though distorted, in a way, body.
Unless someone tells you something that is worthy of listening to, don't listen to them. Words like that deprive their speakers of their dignity, not yours. You are doing the best you can. That's all that matters. That's all you need to think of. Even if you hadn't decided that you want to become thinner, it is your choice whether you wanna be a fat person because you eat junk or because you eat tomatoes. Noone can tell you what to do and if they try, you must shut your ears.
I believe in you.
We all believe in you.
Keep going, in peace, love and trust and health will join you on its own.
We love you.

I'm doing a 21 days no binge streak. FOR ME, it's been TREMENDOUSLY helpful to be accountable to other people and to compete against myself. Please join us if you think it'll work for you too:


'If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.'

Happiness is a form of courage.

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1/2/13 8:53 A

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Wow, what an idiot! I'll never know why people think it's OK to be cruel to others.

It sucks that he said that to you, and clearly he has his own issues. When things like this happen to me I dwell on them: how could I have reacted differently? what did he really mean by that? what should I do next time? It makes me crazy. I hope you can save yourself the headache & let it go easier than I would.

Move past it, he's a jerk and you are fabulous! Never give him any of your tomatoes!

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1/2/13 8:42 A

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Because they have a low self-esteem you can't contol,what others do or say only how you react .Let it dry up and blow away.

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1/2/13 7:45 A

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People often look at others and find there faults, bec they don't want to fix there own. This can also be learned behaviour .

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1/2/13 6:22 A

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I was just talking about this with another sparker a few days ago. She said it never bothers her whatever people say because what they're really doing is revealing part of who they are.

He didn't bring you down, he just revealed that he's narrow-minded enough to believe that bigger people never touch salads. That's his issue, not yours.

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1/1/13 6:41 P

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I'm so sorry about what happened to you, but try not to let it discourage you. emoticon I can't tell that he is a preacher because of what came out of his mouth.

Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing being wrong. ~Peter T. Mcintyre

Try and fail, but never fail to try. ~unknown

Nothing reduces the odds against you like ignoring them. ~Robert Brault
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1/1/13 6:32 P

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Dearest angel,

Forget him.... Kick him to the CURB.... dont give him the time of day and like someone said earlier.... kick him OUT of your mind... he is an a - -. sorry but its true.

YOU are a beautiful woman, BEAUTIFUL and I am and I am sure we ALL are sooooooooooooooo PROUD of you and your journey and heart sweet angel.

holla! emoticon

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1/1/13 5:59 P

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People can sometimes be cruel, no matter their occupation, and unfortunately, there are always assumptions when it comes to the food choices of a fat person. Granted, these days, I'm scrutinized if I DON'T eat a salad or something else healthy, as I've reached my goal, so I'm finding that a person's food choices is fodder for those who don't have anything better to talk about.

It's a frustrating thing, no matter what your size, but it doesn't make it easier...nor appropriate conversation.

Hang in does get better!


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1/1/13 4:23 P

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It sounds like his tongue was working faster than his brain.

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1/1/13 3:02 P

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What he said to you has everything to do with who he is (and it's not a pretty picture) and nothing about who you are.

You can do this and you are worth the effort it takes!


"Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use."

~ Earl Nightingale

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1/1/13 1:50 P

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Thanks so much ladies for the comments. It did make me stronger, because i have learned to fight harder. I will keep pushing and not even address him. Staying motivated is what I'm doing this year. Love you guys:) Let's do this emoticon emoticon

Be proud of who you are and love it:)

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1/1/13 12:59 P

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You are so right, Mr. Preacher, you can't always tell about people. After all, I would never guess from the way you talk to people that you are a man of God. emoticon

Middle of Nowhere, OH
Eastern Standard Time

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1/1/13 12:18 P

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Oh my, we always seem to expect more from a preacher! Shame on him! What is he an example of? Hate to think of it! You can become all the stronger because of this. You are beautiful through and through! Keep your chin up and keep pushing and I know you can do it and so can I! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Karen from Minnesota

"Little by little whittling my middle!"

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1/1/13 12:11 P

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YOU are beautiful! I know it's hurtful when others make comments. I have just learned to walk away, and then I try to use that as motivation for later. I use that to help me walk an extra dew minutes instead of quitting early, because I dont want someone else to make a comment like that again. Hang in there, keep your head up, and just know that you are a good person that will succeed. Good luck!! emoticon

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1/1/13 11:24 A

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Because misery likes company. I would have checked him and told him he knows better than to speak to anyone like that. But I've come to realize that no one can bring me down if I'm already there. So when someone tries, I realize that it's because I'm actually in a good place taking positive steps in my life, it just makes me laugh and appreciate the things I'm doing for myself. It wasn't that long ago, I was on the bottom. Just because someone else is mean spirited doesn't reflect on you, that's their issue to deal with at some point. When someone tries to make you feel bad about yourself, remember misery tries to bring people down.....which means you must be somewhere good that they want to bring you down. Hugs I do know how you feel, we all have had someone who makes us feel like nothing. Woosah and keep doing what's right for you.


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1/1/13 11:24 A

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You do not deserve to give him free rent in your mind, kick him out. This is YOUR year. He is a sad, sad, little man. The best revenge is success. Succeed! You are already beautiful, that man is ugly on the inside and his mouth is connected to his butt instead of his heart (cause it spouts crap). Stay beautiful, stay strong, because you are worth it, and you are so much more beautiful in our eyes then that so called preacher.

Edited by: AMBERBREEZE at: 1/1/2013 (11:24)

"Eating crappy food is not a reward it's a punishment."
-Drew Carey

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1/1/13 11:13 A

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Seriously?!? That's horrible! So many times, I find that people bring others down to feel better about themselves, no matter how it may make the other person feel.


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1/1/13 11:08 A

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I'm so sorry that happened to you! And from a preacher? Of all people he should know better!


Weight loss is accomplished with the mind.

A person who wants something WILL find a way....a person who doesn't will find an excuse.

Which do you prefer?
The pain of self discipline?....or...the pain of self regret?

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1/1/13 11:03 A

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I was at my son's basketball practice and was talking to another parent(he's a preacher). We started talking about tomatoes and I offered him some of mine. Then I told him I keep plenty of that at my house because I eat alot of salad. He liked right at me and said"well, I can't tell that one by looking at you". My first reaction was to cry, but then I held it together and went home. But for that night it broke me down. I'm trying to stay motivated, but its really hard with people like that.

Be proud of who you are and love it:)

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