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5/26/12 8:13 A

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Well when I first saw the title, my first thought was the elliptical, but I'm not sure that'll work with a foot injury. Can you do standing exercises that dont' involve moving your feet? I've had some good results with kettlebell workouts that mostly work my upper body (saving my feet when I've had ankle injuries). They double as ST and cardio because they really get your heartrate up.


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5/26/12 7:24 A

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I dealt with it the first 10 months of my weight loss journey. I typically still walked or rode a bike everyday. I used good shoes and orthotics. I would suggest that you try a straussburg sock which is a contraption that you sleep in that holds your foot in the flexed position. Also rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle. Good luck, I feel your pain.

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5/25/12 10:53 A

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I went to an ortho due to heel pain a few years ago. One of his suggestions which really worked was to always wear "running" shoes vs. walking or all-purpose because the heel was more elevated. It did help. Might want to check out Body Electric/Margaret Richards. She has a chair exercicse video. I am considering buying it, but havene't yet.

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5/25/12 9:56 A

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I suggest Coach Nicole's vids too!

Also I had problems with my feet too years ago. I got to the point where It would pain me so much during the day I would limp terribly. I finally had a doctor tell me to get some New Balance shoes. Good ones. The higher the number on the shoe the better support they give. so I did. I think it was like a 736. Anyway, he told me to wear them every waking moment, from the time I got out of bed til the time I laid down at night for three weeks. Before two weeks were up, my foot was totally healed. Now I wear whatever shoes I want and have no problem and take no medications. I laughed at his suggestion, but I had been seeing a foot specialist for two years and still in great pain. Now I am pain free. My son & mother-in-law had the same thing happen with their feet. I got them both New Balance tennis shoes and they are pain free too. I am a believer!

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5/24/12 9:40 P

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My husband also has plantar fascitis, and inserts/ orthotics have helped him. Also, his doctor told him to alternate days with his shoes (yes, expensive when he has to get two new pairs at once, but it seems to help). If you allow your shoes to completely dry out and "rest" a day between wearing them, they will stay in better, more supportive condition longer, or something like that.

Also, the elliptical is supposed to be a low impact workout, but I can see that type of exercise absolutely killing your feet...


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5/24/12 12:40 P

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There are at least two spark videos that are no/low impact workouts. Coach Nicole does them in a chair. Also, she has a 12 min. pilates ab routine that keeps you off your feet. I would definitely go through them to see which ones would not hurt your foot.

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5/24/12 11:19 A

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The problem with plantar fasciitis, it's really hard to get ride of it. I have the same issue on my left foot and it won't go away and I won't do the surgery for it. (No money)

I would suggest looking into getting hard inserts for your workout shoes and soft heal ones for everyday shoes. That will help lessen the impact on the area and will gradually lessen the pain. You need to take care of your feet even when you are not working out. :)

As for the workouts....pretty much anything that keeps you on your feet is going to hurt it. I know it's bad but I just workout through that pain. In the beginning when its so painful it's hard to walk I don't do cardio, and I let my foot rest a little. I work on strengthening my calf muscles (helps with plantar fasciitis), yoga, Pilates or core workouts. I would suggest you try chair workouts, elliptical if it doesn't give you pain (for some it does, it didn't with me), or water aerobics.

Good Luck and I hope you find something that works!

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5/24/12 11:01 A

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I've been dealing with a pesky case of plantars faciitis (however you spell that). last night i walked on the cinder track while my son was at baseball practice and holy cow - my foot and heal were hurting last night and this morning! it hurts to walk just plain normally today.

Anyone dealt with this issue before? I've done some internet research and found some orthotics that I may try but in the meantime - what were some alternate workouts you found that didn't hurt. I know swimming and biking are good. suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!



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