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4/11/11 2:23 A

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Time to change banks!~ I use Sovereign/Santander it has free checking

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4/10/11 11:11 P

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It would appear that banking woes are the norm. My biggest gripe, our taxes go to prop up these institutions. Poor decisions by lenders and investors with bundled mortgages led to our government giving them pile after pile of our hard-earned money. In what bizzarro world does it make sense for me to repay a bank for a loan and have them get my tax money as well?! O.K. I must end rant now. Take care of yourselves, eat a coupe dark M&M's and put your money in a Mason jar. :)

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4/10/11 5:01 P

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Banks are so annoying, I couldn't agree more. I am currently going through some problems with my HSBC account. I originally got the account because I was traveling through South East Asia for a couple months and HSBC has banks everywhere there. Then I used it as my main account. They helped me set up an automatic transfer to my credit union, for the exact amount of my loan payment, In Dec I paid off my loan and wanted to stop the automatic transfer, at which time I was told that I had to order special papers from them, fill them out and mail them back into the bank, WITH a $30 payment just to have them stop this transfer of MY $. The worst part is if I had set it up myself, all I would have to do is log into my account and click a simple little button that says END TRANSFER, but since they set it up for me(which at the time I thought was a really nice and helpful gesture), now I have to pay them, Absolutely NOT. Because there is NO HSBC bank here in Georgia where I am staying, I now have to sit and wait till I go home to NY, where I will go into my HSBC bank and cancel my checking account. Last time I checked it is free to close an account! I just have to wait till June to do it!

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4/10/11 4:00 P

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BofA was going to do that to me, I work for a really small company that does not do direct deposit. So I spoke with an agent on the chat and said either fix it or I am taking my business elsewhere (and my business amounts to like nothing). They fixed it. I have no fees and only have to keep a low minimum in my account. Almost makes you want to go back to paying with only cash... Hang in there and maybe try asking, you never know!

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4/10/11 3:48 P

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i'm with krillfury--if you have not yet found a new bank--check out the local credit unions in your area. they are not-for-profit and you will get MORE checking and savings options. you are ALSO a "member" as opposed to a "customer". semantics i know, but i think it translates into how you are treated. can i just tell you that i have a personal loan with my credit union who i have been with since i was little girl. they have financed (2) of my (3) cars. my third car was also financed through a different credit unit but i always got kick a$$ rates. i also have a personal loan through my primary credit union and they just, get this, they just LOWERED the APR on that loan cuz i have been awesome at making my payments. you can't go wrong with a credit union. if i didn't work for higher ed, i would wanna work for a credit union. they are ALLL about the service. good luck with your search.


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4/10/11 11:32 A

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Big chain banks are run by shisty fat cats who charge ridiculous fees for everything all the while making you think they are giving you a great deal. I agree with everyone else. Go with a small town bank or credit union. Keep your head up girl. It's going to be alright.


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4/10/11 10:39 A

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I have to agree with the others who recommended this - Join a Credit Union! I have always always ALWAYS been a member of a CU except ONE year (probably not even a whole year) I was with compass... big mistake. I have so many friends that I've seen be screwed over by banks due to STUPID rules, or fees or timing of payments taken out. Particularly Bank of America.

Compass held about 15 different payments of ours, then when they finally decided to let them go through, they went through in the wrong order so It made us go overdraft. (If they'd gone through in the right order, we wouldn't have, because some of them would have gone through AFTER a deposit was made). My husband and I were so angry that we went up there, and after having a hefty discussion got most of the fees removed, then shut down our account anyway. We are now back with a CU and much much happier.

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4/10/11 10:26 A

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If you can find a credit union you can join they are usually so much better with customer service. We belong to one now and love it. Or, I hear that trying smaller more localized banks is a good way to go. Good Luck!


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4/10/11 8:17 A

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I feel your pain. Financial institutions as a whole, suck. Right now, I'm having an "I hate my insurance" kind of time. I had some unexpected, major dental work. Turns out, my insurance will only pay $1500 per dental office. So, they would cover it, if I had done my work at TWO different offices, but since I saw the same dentist for both parts of the procedure, nope! So, now, instead of costing me around $600 out of pocket... it's costing me $1700!!!! You betcha I'm fighting that one! But, good god, is it enough to make you scream... eat chocolate... The lady on the phone that told me why my claim is being denied is really lucky that my son was in the room, because instead of foul language she got my "foul words, foul words" instead. (Instead of the other word, I say Foul Words! Emphasize the F and the W and it is still quite satisfying and socially acceptable!)

It's hard, but we can't let the outside influence what we do with our bodies. It's our body, and we shouldn't let the bank or an insurance company have any control over what we do with it. That's just giving them more power than they already have and they don't deserve to have it!

And, HUGS!

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4/10/11 7:05 A

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It does seem as if you never know any more what direction the next big "service charge" is coming from.
I agree that you need to find a new bank, or a credit union. Probably you have already done that.
If you get into the chocolate, the problem will still be there after you have eaten the chocolate. Except the new problem of feeling mad at yourself for eating the chocolate!
I like a good crisp apple when I'm stressed. The vigorous chewing required is more helpful than the sweets, for me.
It is hard to stay ahead of "big business" schemes. With the big salaries the executives get, $12 doesn't seem like much to them!

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4/10/11 2:47 A

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Hang in there hun!! I agree with everyone that u shd change ur bank, do some sort of a workout and stress bust!!

And yes.. if you really want to, go for the dark chocolate (without guilt)!! :) :) :) Just let it be an informed decision, decide on how much of a portion u want, put the rest away and sit and enjoy it, without any other distractions of TV or work... take time out and savour it and dont grab more later on... I mean that dont let it be a compulsive outta control kinda eating..

Hope ur better by now - I think u posted this some hours ago...!!



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4/10/11 1:22 A

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Best suggestion for the moment - channel that anger into some exercise or some spring cleaning.

Best suggestion moving forward - look around for a better bank especially look to support a nice local bank and avoid the nasty big banks. If you have to work with a bigger bank, avoid Citibank at all costs as the make Chase look good. Citibank should never have been bailed out; it should have been broken up and sold for scrap as they are pure evil.

Finally, if you still need a small chocolate fix....go for the good for you dark chocolate !

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4/10/11 12:03 A

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Go to a Credit Union in your area. I don't support those big banks other than a credit card that I pay off at the end of every month. Move to a credit union -- they don't charge big bank fees and their services are just as good!

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4/9/11 9:30 P

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That is one of the reasons my hubby hung up a heavy bag in the basement for me. That way when I have a REALLY bad day and get really mad, I can just come home and beat the crud out of something and feel better. I get a great workout and work out a lot of stress that way. It has been great for both us.


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4/9/11 9:28 P

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Just a heads up...a lot of the bigger banks are going to this since they're trying to make up lost revenue from the overdraft legislation.

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4/9/11 9:15 P

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Oh girl, you gotta harness that anger!!!! Load up the iPod with some loud music, and get moving! Run - walk - workout - jump rope! Anything really when you are this charged is going to be awesome!!! Sounds crazy I know - but it can really be motivating when you use that energy the right way, and you will feel SO much better afterwards.

Good luck with finding a new, good bank! I've never heard of such nonsense... I get it's a lot of work making the change over, but at least you have the option/ability to do so. Everything will fall into place, and "this too shall pass".


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4/9/11 8:30 P

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Don't worry, we all know what you're thinking. I deal with insurance companies for a living, so I more than feel your pain because they're just as bad as banks.

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4/9/11 7:44 P

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grr like kitty...i know.. i know emoticon i am trying to calm down...and you are right that is the silver lining no more chase stress! freaks!! since i cant say the other word!!!!!!


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4/9/11 7:17 P

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Dont be sorry for ranting, babe. Geez!! I hate those fees. There's a bank here, if you dont keep $1000 in your account, it's like a $24 per month fee. My bank is totally free.

My sister in law is brave with her account and will chance writing a check at her job a few days before pay day, but if I dont have the cash, I wont do that at all. I check my account ever single day, even if I dont do something and a few months ago, I checked it and was overdrawn by like $546 or something! I was charged all of these fees because someone stole my card and used it at the gas station 10 times! Really!? One gas station accepted my card 10 times in a row for filling up a bunch of tanks? But they block me from using it when I was in the Caymans....? I even notified my bank that I was going out of town and to allow me to use it.

I guess the guy stole my card and called all of his friends to get a free tank of gas.... it was WAY lame. I had to wait 3 weeks to get my money back and it sucked SO bad :(

STEP AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE!! It will only make you feel better right this second and angry and resentful later. Go for a walk and burn off that anger!!! :) You did all you can do and yeah, it's a little more effort to pay the bills next time, but it will be a fresh start, new bank and no stress about future bs happening with your bank! YAY! :)


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4/9/11 7:06 P

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all i want is freaking cake and chocolate...all because i checked my bank account and saw an outrageous service fee amount of $12!!! for what you may ask...get this..because chase has now changed all old washington mutual accounts to chase gold members...and that fee is because since i DON'T HAVE...i will repeat...DON'T HAVE $1,000 in the checking account and or make a direct deposit of $500 or more...i will now be charged $12 for being broke! i was so pist off there was 2 other "requirements" which when i was told over the phone i couldn't hear because my anger over powered this person's voice...i am a single mom..and i barely get by lets charge a person because they are poor..and make it worse for them...i was with "wamu" since 2005 and then it changed to chase what a lil' over a year ago...that makes me so frustrated that now i have to change my bank..get a new card...and pay bills with a different bank re-enter my automatic payments for certain bills..etc etc...ughhhhhh i so want chocolate...sorry for ranting!!!


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