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8/31/10 1:34 A

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when we're already overweight, we're at enough risk for cardiac problems. But diet pills...they have stimulants in them that can easily push you over the edge to a serious heart condition, or even death. It's simply not worth it.

I agree with the others GOOD food...get your proper nutrition...drink water...MOVE your body more and more every day. The weight *will* come off! If I can do this, anyone can!

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8/30/10 3:53 P

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agreed. Eat clean and move your body. period.

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8/30/10 3:39 P

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I have to agree with everyone and say don't do it. I tried in the past and just felt awful, thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Too dangerous with no results. You can do this the old fashioned way. And we are here to support every step of the way.

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8/30/10 3:27 P

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Don't take weight loss pills. I used to take Hydroxycut, and don't get me wrong, I saw results when I took it. I had more energy to go to the gym, and would work out harder than without the pills. However, I had been taking them (recently) and noticing that I would feel really down through out the day. Don't take them. I lost a ton of weight while taking them and gained it back the moment I stopped. I then started again, this is when I noticed the feeling of being down all day, sad I guess... I've stopped taking them, and although I am so tired and can barely keep myself awake for 10 hours before taking a nap (they give you more energy from the caffeine) I know that will go away quickly when I continue the diet and exercise without them.

Promise yourself you won't use them, okay!?!

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8/30/10 3:01 P

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To add to what WORKPEACEFULLY said about Poo- there was one that I looked into that suggested you wear dark pants and no skirts for the first few weeks of taking the pill due to anal leakage. I read that and decided “Yep, I’m done, not doing that… When I get that real motivation for weight loss I’ll do it naturally…”

But yeah, the only way to keep it off is to change your eating habits and start working out. Once you get to your goal weight, then you just modify how much your eating and working out. If you think your goal weight is really big, break it down into smaller numbers. First Goal- 10 Lbs Second goal- 20 lbs and so on. Sell those pills on Ebay, take the profit to the farmers market and buy yourself fruits and veggies.

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8/30/10 2:25 P

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I also want to express my regrets that you have spent so much money on products that not only are a scam, but dangerous. Do not use any of them, please. You have found a great place, SP and DONE girls! We are here to support you and encourage you on this journey. But, there really is no magic pill you can take that will fix your weight. The only things you can do are control your intake and make extra effort in your output (DIET AND EXERCISE). Sorry. I really wish there was a way to make the weight disappear overnight, but there isn't.

Try and remember this: we didn't gain weight overnight. We cannot lose the weight overnight either.

Hang in there, post often, track your nutrition and fitness, and make honest effort!


Imperfection is important. If we were all perfect, then there would be no such thing as growth, and everyone would be extremely boring, which is, paradoxically, not that perfect.-- Dr. Matt

8/30/10 9:54 A

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I don't believe in taking any kind of pills ever. There is a guy I work with who lost 125 pounds in 6 months by not eating at all. He now is pushing these supplements like crazy. None of them are FDA approved. He thinks I need to buy them from him since I'm still 30 pounds from my goal and he blew by me in losing weight. I like to eat. I've found for me exercising and watching my calorie intake works, not pills or shakes.

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8/30/10 9:11 A

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Sorry that you spent so much money on all those scam products.
Losing weight is really very simple (and free). Stay with in your calorie range, eat healthy, get a litttle exercise.


Weight loss is accomplished with the mind.

A person who wants something WILL find a way....a person who doesn't will find an excuse.

Which do you prefer?
The pain of self discipline?....or...the pain of self regret?

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8/30/10 9:02 A

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Never tried any of them, the only "proven" way to loose weight safely is proper nutrition and fitness.

That said, I did look into Alli. It works by blocking fat absorption. I see 2 major things wrong with this. The first, not proven, but makes sense to me is if someone thinks they can still eat fatty foods, since the pill will stop the fat from being absorbed. They won't actually change their diet, and when they stop taking the pill, they'll gain every single ounce back.

The second is a side-effect of the pill, and this happens to everyone that takes it. The fat gets blocked from being digested, but you still ate it, so it's in your digestive system. It has to come out, and (I don't know how to type this without being gross, sorry!) it will change the consistency of your poo. And the smelliness of your gas. Both will increase in frequency too. I have read about a couple of women who will stop taking the pills for a day or 2 before a meeting/wedding/date... So there's that to think about, would you be able to go to the bathroom several times a day?

Peace, Rachel

Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results."- James Allen (the quote I get my screen name from!)

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8/30/10 12:30 A

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Almost all (if not all) of those weight loss pills have stuff in them that can kill you. Don't go there! Watch your calories, increase your exercise, and you'll get there.

I actually find that a multi-vitamin and a mineral supplement are a great help. Since I'm actually getting adequate nutrition, a lot of the cravings are gone!

My personal worth has nothing to do with my abdominal girth!

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8/30/10 12:29 A

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Personally, I have never tried weight loss pills. I have always thought of them as money making gimmicks. I will say that I have tried fruit and vegetable supplement pills in the past. They worked fine for me because they gave me all of the servings of fruits and vegetables that I lacked in my diet. The problem is that the price of them went up! I know that this does not help you in deciding on which supplement to use, but I truly suggest the fruit and vegetable pills because they are a more natural supplement.

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8/30/10 12:18 A

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So I would say I've tried all the weightloss pills, but the truth is...i pretty much just HAVE all the weightloss pills, not actually taken them. So out of Envy, Hydroxycut, SlimQuick Hoodia, Acai Detox, Acai Supplement, ColonCleanse (to take with Acai), and Alli...which one works??? I dont want to try them all out and end up finding out the answer is none of them; after pumping myself full of stupid pills over the next few months! I'm thinking Alli...any opinions? Also, I read a glass of green tea daily works wonders for fat burning, anybody know if it's true? Thanks guys!


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