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11/3/12 11:56 A

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Welcome ALL!

I use a stability ball as well and find the 5 minutes exercises challenging enough to make me sweat somewhat. I usually do 2 5-minute programs and then sometimes add some of my favorite exercises at the end. Then I just lay on it and stretch my spine out. Feels great.

The recumbent bike is a huge help since you have less stress on your legs and tailbone. Plus, it burns a ton of calories - more than walking every will!

And when the weather is really bad, I put on my pedometer and walk through my house as fast as I can. I will pick up one piece of laundry and walk it all the way to the laundry room and then back again to do more.

I can turn anything into exercise if I have to!

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11/3/12 10:38 A

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I have a recumbent bike also that I find helps me quite a bit. The trick really is to be consistent about whatever it is that you decide to do for exercise....and to change up your exercise once in a while to keep yourself interested and motivated and also to challenge different muscles. Good luck in your endeavor to begin a company. I hope you will feel well enough to do that and maybe will find here ways to become healthier to make it all possible.

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11/1/12 5:36 P

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emoticon to the team! You've got some good ideas here but I just wanted to let you know that I have the same problem as you for getting up and down to the floor. I have some things that have helped me with this and they are:

☛ I have a stability ball that I use on a round plastic laundry tub to raise it higher so that it doesn't hurt my knees as much to use.
☛ I have a Yoga DVD I have called Smart Start Yoga with Rodney Yee that has poses you can do standing and poses you can do sitting on a chair.
☛ I have a DVD called Tai Chi for Arthritis with Dr. Paul Lam
☛ I went to physiotherapy for my knees and they gave me a bunch of exercises to strengthen my knees.

All of these things have helped me increase my mobility. These days I'm doing kickboxing a few times a week and strength training and walking or hiking. I can even do hills sometimes. I've lost around 30 pounds since I was diagnosed in 2004, most of that in the last 3 years.

Good luck. I know emoticon

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10/30/12 8:45 P

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Hi Cindi,
Thanks for the information. I believe I will begin with the chair exercises. Congratulations on your progress. It is truly wonderful!

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10/30/12 7:44 P

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Thanks for the info and encouragement! That is a wonderful story - and congratulations on your new life! I will certainly try to live up to the challenge and to the wonderful people here who are so encouraging. I have seen where people just dance in their livingrooms for 3 songs to get started. Sounds like much more fun than walking! I have never heard of a recumbent bike, but will be looking it up :). Thanks again!

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10/30/12 7:24 P

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Hi Meagan and Welcome! I have to tell you that I can't walk fast any more than about 10 minutes, because my feet, ankles and knees start killing me. That was so depressing when I first started SP and this team. And then I found out that there was a challenge here, to try to do any form of exercise for 10 min., so that's how I started! I did 10 min. of exercise for day after day and then weeks after weeks before I decided that I could get on my recumbent bike that had sat on the porch for about a year. I could get on that bike and virtually feel no pain! I started out only doing 5 min. and then I'd be so winded and now I can do around 30-40 min./day in segments of 10 min. each. Some days more. My Rheumotologist was so pleased that I had a recumbent bike because he said that they're so good for those with pain with arthritis. So that's maybe a shot. Ours just came from WalMart. Nothing fancy. I don't even use all the digital buttons. I just watch the clock and I can adjust the tension like I like too. I've lost 63# now and it's mainly because of the exercise! I sometimes do my 10 min. walking in the house too for something different. Good luck to you! I know you'll find something that will click with you!

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10/30/12 5:47 P

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Hi Meagan! and welcome.

Chair exercise is a great idea. When I needed to have an ankle tendon replaced I sat and danced to music a lot to get my heart rate up and to try not to lose all the progress I had made. It made a huge difference.

It depends on how you feel and what your activity/stability level is. I started out walking for 10 minutes a day around my living room. I built up and can now walk a 5K with no problems. So that might be a place to start. Also you might try some strength training to help build the muscles.

One of my friends used light weights with rapid repetitions to lose a significant amount of weight (like several hundred pounds with bad knees).
You might also ask to see a physical therapist to set up a routine you can handle and do on your own.

Good luck with whatever you decide will work for you.

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10/30/12 5:11 P

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emoticon Meagan

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10/30/12 12:18 P

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Margarette - Thanks for the info! Congratulations on your accomplishments! That is amazing! I will certainly look up the team you have recommended and have already 'friended' you and will be checking out your blogs.. thanks also for the encouragement!

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10/30/12 12:05 P

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Oh Meagan. the Chair Exercise Team has made ALL the difference for me. When I first started SP I tried to push my wheelchair outside and kept hurting myself. I could only do 10 minutes of what I call wiggling in my lift chair. (I've had RA over 20 years but I got very sick in 2000 that about did me in and I lost so much ground). I'm now up to 60 minutes and have regained or "recaptured my normals". It has been close to a miracle how much progress I've made. When I started Chair exercise I had to ask even what does it look like? One lady said just start moving. She had so much pain sometimes and would just swing her legs others march. Our team leaders have videos and links to show you different things you can do. It works! I left the house in a wheelchair before or my scooter now I walk out, I have driven for firfirst time in over 8 years, I've gone alone to stores...I could go on and on. If you would like to friend me to read my blogs I'd like that. You can do it!


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10/30/12 11:23 A

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Good Morning Group!

I am new to Sparkpeople and new to the group. I am 46 y/o mother of 2 adult sons. I have one granddaughter and a husband to keep up with. I am taking my last course that is required to complete my degree in travel and tourism, and I am opening my own travel company.

I was diagnosed with RA about 4 years ago and have had some really good success with treatment.

After sitting through class after class, or sitting driving to/from class, or sitting doing homework for two years, and now sitting to work on the computer trying to get everything ready for my business to open, I haven't done much (any) exercise. I am now about 100 pounds overweight and feel horrible!

I joined sparkpeople in hopes of gaining some ideas of 'how' to exercise with RA. My dr says only swimming, ti-chi, yoga, or pilates. I've tried yoga and pilaties and I can't get up and down from the floor. I've tried ti-chi and it was great for concentration, getting a bit more centered and toning, but not ideal for weight loss. I don't have a swimming pool and the fitness clubs that do charge way beyond my reach. So, I have done nothing of consequence.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get on track? Maybe some exercises I can do at home that won't kill me? I'm open to suggestions!


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