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6/9/10 11:06 P

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What a fun thread!! The foods I love are homeade bread, when its hot from the oven with some honey butter one it... YUM! I love mexican (especially chimi's!) and chinese (sweet and sour chicken, crab rangoons, lo mein, fried rice, *drool), I make this one chowder my Mom used to make - ham and cheese chowder with potato and it is SO darn good! Makes me tear up thinking about it, and with homeade rolls its the best. YUM. So worth being fat over. :D

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3/24/10 4:09 P

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Mine is Fish & Chips from my favourite F&C restaurant, smothered with malt vinegar, and ketchup on the fries, and tartar sauce on the fish that of course, has got too much grease. I allowed myself this meal with my family once since January 1/10. My next big indulgence meal is scheduled for May 1/10- I can't wait!

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8/4/09 1:13 P

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Dove dark chocolate promises, Homemade Cocoa Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips and ANY Homemade Bread. Yes, I indulge in all three but the limiting factors being 2 pieces of promises and that I usually do make the cookies and breads myself. Hard to find the time to do so, I treasure, enjoy, and mete them carefully out when I make a stash.
Avoiding store bought stuff is easier now that I have discovered I have significant allergies to any corn products, some soy products, 99% of beef and cow products(most eat corn in dairies and feedlots and it passes through apparently). I get tired of being bitchy and itchy! I had to rewrite all the recipes I used to use.

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6/19/09 12:58 A

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Trying to think of my food.

I have a BIG Maple Bar addiction... otherwise I just love fabulous food... coconut prawn curry, lasagna, cheese cake...

Again - I try to fight with some portion control - or though I know it's not the best method - save up my calories for the day when I know I'm going to have a really lavish dinner.

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5/21/09 2:49 P

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Indian food.... and chocolate. I'm having a snack of tandoori spiced naan right now. Way better than chips.


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5/21/09 1:22 P

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I am posting this in all my groups. You know how people always describe certain foods as worth being heavy for? I thought it would be fun to list what foods YOU think are worth being heavy for.

This isn't meant to offend, just harmless fun. I indulge every now and then but with moderation and portion control. Some foods are too good to not bend a little every now and then! I would have to say mine are sharing in the joy of someone's birthday with a piece of cake, a krispy cream donut!, or homemade chewy brownies with peanut butter cups in them.

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