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4/23/08 8:03 P

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i would talk to your doc about what is going on

4/23/08 2:28 P

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Um..."dysphoria" isn't severe anxiety. It's literally "bad mood", the opposite of euphoria. All system depressants, which include Vicodin, can potentially make you a bit depressed.

With that in mind, you're not hallucinating. I used to live with someone who had magic cats. They managed to seal themselves into drawers, escape through non-existent holes in the house, and basically vanish and reappear with great aplomb. I don't doubt that you shut out your cat; he just got in there when you were distracted.

You are, though, having either medication interactions or side effects. I would say this is a good time to call up your psychiatrist or GP or whomever and say "HEY! I feel YUCKY!" and see what s/he can do.

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4/22/08 6:12 P

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One of the side effects of Vicodin is disphoria, which is severe anxiety. Mental cloudiness is another. Could be you are experiencing the side effect of the pain medication that you are on. And depending on how long you were on the Klonopin, these things hallucinations, and severe anxiety are signs of withdrawl from the drug. I wouldn't be the first to tell you what to do, but sounds like maybe you should call your doc?

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4/21/08 1:12 A

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You said you were taking vicadin for your lungs. Are you still taking it? I was on that after my surgery, and I could never get any restful sleep on it. The sleep deprivation made me extremely loopy, not to mention I think the med itself did, too. That could be one explanation. I also agree with Jodi, especially about the cat. Cats are stealthy little things. I really don't think you're hallucinating, but if weird things keep happening and you're still unsure talk to your doctor about it. Good luck! Hugs~Mary


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4/20/08 2:15 P

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DENISE I think that these two incidents are very easily explained.
Post-it notes can go flying very easily, and it could have ended up in some obscure place where you couldn't find it.
I've had this one happen many times. The cat scoots in really fast while your head is turned, and you don't know it is in the room or closet.
I think these are more likely explanations than hallucination.
Either that, or let me know if you see any UFOs, because that would be cool!

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4/20/08 11:26 A

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hallucinating??? wow that must feel really weird.... you might be hallucinating but I bet you are losing track of time... I hope you are not hallucinating... wow.. sorry about your flu and the lack of meds... seems funky... sending you a zillion thoughts and prayers for healing in all areas.... blessings emoticon

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4/20/08 11:02 A

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The cat just appeared! I don't remember opening the door and when I lifted up my ruffle, the door was shut. The hospital had taken me off my meds because they were making me vomit on top of the antibiotics and vicadin for my lungs. Now I'm walking around the house on eggshells and jumping at every little bang but I think that's the lack of klonopin.

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4/20/08 10:33 A

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It might take a little longer for the meds to start working. See you knew enough to get on the computer and talk about it. So that is a plus. When you feel frustrated just log on and drop us a note and maybe we can help get you to realize that things will get better. Hope to hear from you soon., Carol,

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4/20/08 10:21 A

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wait im confused was your cat really there or not? or did you think you closed the door and not...what did you hallucinate? im just curious i have had horrible episodes where i would see some terrifying things... i used to hear voices when i was too little to know that i shouldnt have been lol i know its not funny but loling takaes out the bite .... uhh im on meds now for that though but you know if you are eextremely tired and lacking sleep that can make all kinds of weird things happen!!



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4/20/08 10:05 A

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emoticon BLUEBRIT,

I get like that anyways!! No, seriously, There was a time when I was off my meds. due to a change and I got real forgetful and disoriented. It lasted several days, but I did let my doctor know right away!! He told me if it lasted more than 3 days to call him. Luckily it went away.

Was wondering where you were. Hope you are feeling better now.


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4/20/08 9:45 A

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I've been off my meds for 2 weeks due to the flu. Before I left the hospital yesterday, they started me back up but I swear, I'm either flipping out or going crazy. I write everything on Postit's because my memory is so bad. I KNOW I wrote one and put it on my computer. Went out to the kitchen and it was gone when I came back. I searched everywhere incase it came off. Then later, my cat was crying for his dinner. I then go into my room and shut the door and he scratches until I let him in. I crawled under my bed where I sleep mostly and dozed. When I woke up, he was sitting next to me. I KNOW I shut that door. I'm just freaking out a bit and I think it's the lack of meds/illness causing this. Has anyone else had simular experiences?

Had a surgery in July. The weight has been creeping up on me since then. Think I was nervous about exercising. Not an excuse. Seriously was worried about damaging myself. Lost 100lbs back in 2009....20lbs back in past 3 1/2 months. Gotta get active....
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