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9/22/09 5:23 P

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I also came off NuvaRing before TTCing and it didn't happen for us til I was hitting the one year mark. I was told in conjunction with other life events, (stress, losing weight) the ring was a VERY good bc and could take a while to fully be out of my system and have things straighten out nad be normal. Of course I didn't listen and made an appointment with a specialist, and by the time I got htere, found out I was pregnant lol At least I know this for next time that it takes a while but it's a birth control I LOVE and am using now.


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9/22/09 1:17 P

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I think intuition is one of the best tools we have with our bodies. Honestly listen to your body, most of us know if we are jumping the gun and need to wait longer. You also know that doctors will not want to deal with you until you have reached 12 months of TTC. Why not try acupuncture or alternative consultations during your process if it feels right to you?

I went to an acupuncture fertility consultation the day before my girly annual earlier this month. The difference between the two was outstanding. I even joined one of the more respected womens care groups in my area. After the end of those two days I wish the acupuncturist could be my gyno, but that is not possible. For me knowing that alternative is there is a great thing (and I know a few women that have used that acupuncturist for infertility treatment).

Just a dork trying to get healthier. I can also be found at or my prenatal blog


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9/22/09 12:21 P

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Hi Sunny -

Long story short...I lied to my doctor and told her we had been trying for a year when it had acutally only been 6 months. Lucky thing I did b/c we ended up needing to do IVF and if I hadn't had done that, we'd just now be starting the process instead of being 22 weeks PG!

I followed my gut and just knew something was wrong. After 6 months of OPKs, recording my temp, and BD during ovulation, I just felt I should've been PG. The first tests are so minimally invasive anyways - semen test for hubby and some bloodwork for me.

I just wanted to share my story. I was on BC pills though, not sure if it makes a difference.

Good luck to you and DH!

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9/22/09 11:46 A

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We haven't had too much of an issue timing Bding (assuming hubby isn't ill.) I chart in addition to using OPKs. And I have been allowing gravity to help afterwards...for usually about 15 minutes.

Thanks for the suggestion about the monitor.

My hubby has another appointment with his specialist in next week, so maybe he will shed some more light on his side of the fertility issues.

I guess I am just not sure what the balance is with being patient with my body and seeking medical attention. Dh thinks I should just wait a few more months and if by the new year I am not pregnant then maybe we can get the doctor to look further into it.

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9/22/09 11:38 A

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I know how frustrating this whole process can be. I've never had a problem getting pregnant it's just keeping it that is an issue. And after each miscarriage I would get so frustrated and they wouldn't do any type ot testing until I had 3. Now we've had 4 and I finally got an appointment with a specialist.

I have a friend that it took a year and a half for them to get pregnant and they just had a healthy baby girl on Sunday.

I've said it before but i can't say enough about the CBE fertility monitor. As long as your cycle is between 21-42 days it will help pinpoint ovulation and give you your 2 peak fertility days when ovulation is occuring. I've read several reviews and comments and there are several women that have tried for months and use it and get pregnant a month or two after using it.

I know it's a lot of money to spend if you get pregnant the first month but in my opinion it has been worth every penny I spent. The cheapest place i found it was at the fertility and it came w/ test strips, pregnancy tests and the monitor.

here is the link to the website if you want to read up on it.

P.S....this may be TMI but are you allowing gravity to help out at least 10 minutes after Bding???


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I have had something similar to you in the ways of wacky cycles, not not short luteal phases. After 19 months off BC, my cycles still are ranging from 28 days one month to 44 days the next (these were actually my last two cycles). We started seeing a specialist after 12 months and after the gobs and gobs of tests they've found nothing to explain why my cycles vary so much. I still ovulate every month, just for some reason never at the same time each month.

As for us not being PG yet, we have identified male issues so that's why we're doing our first IUI this month. I think it can take a while to regulate after BC.

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9/22/09 11:13 A

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a new doctor? I have been off the Nuvaring for over 7 months now (ttc for 6 months). Each month my luteal phase is only about 8-9 days long. I have spoken to my gyn about it. She is a nurse practioner not a doctor, but has always listened to me and been knowledgable up to now. When I mentioned the short luteal phase, she said not to worry about it until it's been 9 months of TTC and I am not pregnant...then come back and see one of the doctors. She did get an ultrasound done as I have been spotting for 1 week before AF. That showed nothing abnormal.

I know that 9 months of TTC isn't too much longer for us, but at the same time, I feel like I am wasting every month because my cycle is wacky. I am not so much concerned that I am not pregnant as I am concerned that my cycle is weird...even this long after being off BC. Am I making too much of my short luteal phase? Does it really not matter that much as I am being told by a medical professional, or am I just being ignored? I am currently taking 100 mg of B6 and I have added some extra vitamin C and vitex AFTER ovulation(when I took vitex before ovulation it severely delayed it)...I've been reading a book that suggested this. I don't know if I should be seeking another doctor, sticking it out, or maybe looking into some alternative medication like accupuncture. We do know that my DH has a sperm count on the lower end of normal due. So we realize that some things make take longer for us and we're okay with that...but the fact that my cycle is so weird is just making me feel like it is never going to happen. At the same time, I am kind of scared of things like clomid if that may one day be necessary. I guess I know a lot of people who have had multiples due to fertility medication and I am not sure that I could handle them.

Just looking for others thoughts and opinions while I try to sort out what I want to do.

Everyday is a winding road/ I get a little bit closer/ Everyday is a faded sign/I get a little closer to feeling fine. -Sheryl Crow

Fall down seven times. Get up eight. -Japanese proverb.

"I can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

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