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5/14/07 3:15 P

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I really like all of the Pamela's products that I've tried.

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5/11/07 12:34 P

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kimo - OF COURSE your kids should be tested! Everyone related to you should be tested in fact. They have a higher chance of having it. And what IDNurse said is true - if negative now it doesn't mean it won't change later.

Kate says it well too. I can tell you my DD was negative blood and biopsy, but positive to gluten, casein and soy by She responds to gfcf soy free diet - but she doesn't comply. It's hard! esp if you haven't gotten a "conventional" diagnosis. She doesn't want to believe ... but she's gf at home, so that eases my mind ... a little.

Please read: Celiac Disease: The Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Peter Green, and Eating Gluten Free for Dummies by Danna Korn. It should about sum things up. Also go to msg boards where you'll meet more people who have all sorts of experiences...

Be curious!
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5/9/07 8:24 P

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kimo123: I really love Pamela's products. I have not had a bad one yet. Don't plan on losing any weight on them, however. None of this gf food is low cal or especially nutricious.
PLEASE, DO NOT put your children on this diet before you have them tested. This is serious business and I'll tell you why. Having them tested while they are eating gluten is the only time you can expect an accurate diagnosis. If you have them eat gluten free, their labs will come up negative, and you will think that they don't have celiac. This could change their whole long term outcome. Get them tested now, and if Prometheus or entero lab finds them negative, let them eat normally for 2-3 years, and then have them tested again. My son has been gf for less than a month, and I am using enterolabs for his testing. It measures antibodies in the stool which is more sensitive than blood samples. You can be gf for a year and still have enough antibodies for a positive result (If you have a lot of antibodies or a lot of damage). I wouldn't encourage waiting a year, but it gives you an idea of how sensitive it is. If I were to do it again, and if I didn't have a needle phobic son, I'd have Prometheus send the test kit, and get him tested before he went gluten free. I strongly encourage you to get your kids tested-symptoms or not, right away. Your doctor is very misinformed about this, apparently. Good luck!

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5/9/07 1:59 P

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As far as kids being tested...I would find a doctor who knows about celiac in children and uses a reputable lab like Promethesis and have them tested. If they are negative there is also they do stool do not need a doctor to order the test online. I have 5 kids all with celiacs. Some of my kids tested negative on blood work but have responded to the diet.


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5/9/07 1:52 P

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Hi Kimo,

I've tried Pamela's and really liked it. I'm not sure how early Celiac would be detected by blood panel in your kids. It might just be easier to have them eat your diet and watch for positive change.


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5/9/07 12:47 P

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I have been told that Pamela's gluten free mix is some good stuff? Anyone have a comment? I am in the search for a real good recipe for Dumplings. Cake? Brownies? Pizza? They say her mix takes care of all of that.Oh one more thing. When I was diagnosed in March 07. The doctor shook his head no when I ask him if I should have my kids tested. One is 6 and the other is 12. The oldest one has a bad stomach now sort of,Like certain foods she eats she burps it up alot and she has bad spells of eczema flairing up from time to time on her arms. I don't really know what to do since he said no,not really? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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