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4/21/07 6:19 P

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Casein is the protein in dairy 1Happy1. People often have reactions to it even though dairy is most notibly known for lactose issues. (And even then it's probably really a casein issue!) People with AS (Autism Spectrum) sometimes respond well to a GFCF (gluten-free, casein free) diet. As would a lot of other people with health/mental (schizo for one) problems?

Re: fish. I always try to buy wild fish, regardless of type, and tilapia, though unfishy tasting, is a farm raised fish, fed who knows what? I'll eat it if I have to though. I'm not *that* picky, esp if I'm hungry!

Another fish to try would be orange roughy and/or halibut (yum). I line a cookie baking sheet with foil, rinse and pat dry with a paper towel the fish, and then drizzle butter and fresh lemon. Since you want casein free*, try getting some ghee instead of butter butter, at the health food store (pricey, but you don't use much, and it lasts). For herbs I use Herbs de Provence which has a bit of extra lemon flavor. Then I broil for 10 mins or more (I like my fish overcooked according to my DH, but I don't care.) You do not have to turn the fish.

Once I also coated the fish in cornmeal for a change. It was average - but I broiled it - maybe I should have pan fried it for more of a crusty crust.

P.S. 1Happy1 - LaChoy has a tamari sauce without wheat (read labels always). You could also try to find a product called Bragg's Liquid Aminos (has soy, not gluten), at the health food store. google it for more info.

*heck, you could just use extra virgin olive oil, too!

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Be curious!
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4/15/07 11:49 P

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PSS..what's 'casein free? Like I said I'm very new to this.

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4/15/07 11:47 P

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Also.....when I feel like trying something new, I will search, for example, "salmon recipes".....
You can find about anything you think you'ld like just by searching recipes on the internet.....even the small but growing Spark recipe catalog has alot of great fish recipes.....

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4/15/07 11:43 P

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I'm very new to a wheat free diet and there's much for me to learn.....but I grew up on a lake, fished my whole life and like to cook fish. I also am really picky about fishy tasting fish. My preferences are for lake perch (very different from ocean perch), haddock, cod, whitefish, walleye and salmon. Mostly I bake it.....and fish cooks fast. Things like cod are actually quite good if you put a bit of butter and lemon on them..cover with plastic wrap and microwave. Tomatos and onions are also good.
When I make salmon..which I do about once a week....I marinate it with dark sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, seasame seeds, and I was using soy sauce....but honey works.
Fish is probably one of the easiest things to cook....but getting the kind you like is the trick.
The last Tailipa I tried seemed really fishy to me....but maybe it was just a bad one.

I'm curious about soy? I know soy burgers and whatnot are often made with wheat as is soy sauces....but is there something wrong with soy itself related to glueten free, or do you have other allergies/sensitivities?

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4/15/07 5:18 P

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I had the same problem you did. I did find that Tilapia isn't near fishy as the rest of the fish family. I buy mine from Tom Thumb (fresh) and they give me a lemon pepper seasoning (gluten/casein/soyfree). I have also used real lemon juice and dill seed (or maybe dill weed - it's the smaller of the two). The way I cook it is on the stove top in my frying pan. I use low heat and put some butter (real) or olive oil to keep the fish from sticking. I put the fish in the pan and cover with a lid. If the fish isn't frozen, it only takes 4 to 5 minutes. You know it's done when you cut it and it's white and flaky (sorta) all the way through!

I have enjoyed this new meal for me. I never liked fish growing up (my mom never cooked it) and I have never been much of a cook. I'm told I make it look so easy and it is! Really easy and GOOD.

As I have always said, if I can cook it ANYONE can :)

Hope that helps.

P.S. If you can't find it in a fresh seafood department try looking in the frozen sections. My mom found a bag of prewrapped frozen Tilapia at Sam's and my sister found the same at her walmart.

4/15/07 2:52 P

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I'm in need of some new protein for the ol'gluten free diet.

Need a little advice on
1) how to cook the least "fishy" fish
2) what spices/toppings to use that are gluten/casein/soy free

1) My mom never cooked fish for our family when I was growing up - so, the idea of actually cooking fish is rather frightening. Does anyone have any detailed instructions on how to cook fish?
I mean step by step; example, how does one "broil" something? :)
What is the least fishy, fish to cook? And the easiest, healthiest way to prepare it?

2) What seasonings are available to spice up the fish that are gluten free/casein and soy free?

Any ideas?

Gluten ... soy ... and milk. OH MY!

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