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6/30/12 10:49 A

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My dark circles under my eyes are so much better after going GF. The allergy doctor called them allergy shiners, since they almost looked like black eyes.

Also no more sinus issues since changing my diet. I haven't had a sinus infection in over 2 years!!! That is the longest I have gone in my entire life. I used to average 3/year.

I tested negative on the blood test, but I thought what the heck, let's try going gluten free and see if it helps. It has. I will never go back.

I see myself in my parents, both overweight. Dad - diabetes, gastritis, kidney stones, food allergies, colon cancer 5 years ago. Mom - morbidly obese, breast cancer 5 years ago, mysterious skin rashes which won't go away, sinus issues, respiratory allergies. My dad has changed his diet because of the diabetes, but he won't try going GF.

I just realized that even though he had colon cancer and had 1 foot of his colon removed, they didn't test him for Celiac. Why don't doctors think of Celiac?

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5/20/12 10:28 P

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My sister, but she refuses to be tested - as she will not even consider changing her diet.

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3/19/12 11:20 A

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Absolutely! I've been GF for almost two years, and I owe it to a friend with Celiacs who saw the symptoms in me when none of my doctors could figure out why I had chronic fatigue. Since then, my best friend has gone GF after seeing how much my health improved... she's nearly eliminated all the symptoms her doctors attributed to IBS and Lupus.

But I have a guy friend... he won't eat carbs because he doesn't feel good when he eats carbs (and doesn't believe me it's not carbs that are the problem, but what carbs he's eating). And then he drinks a Guinness, and I can see the dark circles under his eyes getting darker with every sip. The dark circles under my eyes are the first symptoms my friends and family use to tell if I've been glutenend before I start to feel any effects.

3/18/12 1:50 A

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Yes! I see it and some know, some are suspecting and some are oblivious. What I have found is that as I share my own story and share the food that is gf (and my other allergens free) I find not only are they receptive to the idea but they want to learn more. Most of what I find for resistance is thinking that removing gluten from your diet means that you can't eat "normal" foods. I can eat really delicious foods without feeling cruddy if I just avoid the ones that are poisonous to my body and that is a great feeling :-) I also find that those that know but aren't eating gf, that as I am more open with my own story that they are encouraged to try. And I am non celiac gluten intolerant, but being gluten free has made a world of difference for me and has helped me find the other foods that are toxic to my body. At this point people can see the difference in me because of the change in my diet so it isn't just what I feel it is visible to others too :D
Another good book is "Dangerous Grains"

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3/17/12 10:49 P

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I have to be careful about not eating corn products or I might have a allergic reaction. I say that because the last time I ate corn my tongue swelled and I know that I did not have anything else that would cause it. As for wheat I can't eat that and I have now accepted that. I have also found that I can't eat the sorghum wheat since my body reacts the same way that it does if it is wheat.


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3/17/12 4:53 P

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I have had a couple people follow my lead when I told them that I had been told I have IBS for the last 40 years. Funny thing, all symptoms have gone away since starting GF 3 weeks ago,. I am hoping the joint pain and hair loss will improve but if not, at least one very big problem has been solved.


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3/17/12 4:41 P

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Yes, I see a lt of people that probably have an issue with gluten, and have already talked a coworker off dairy. SHe may be open to my advice, she followed my lead and ate lettuce wraps with me the other night! emoticon

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3/17/12 12:44 P

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I don't have Celiac, but I am very sensitive to gluten. I often will be talking about my symptoms with people and they will share similar ones but tell me "oh I could NEVER cut out gluten, I love it too much." Well, I thought the same thing, but I'd much rather not suffer from such painful episodes!



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3/17/12 9:45 A

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I see it all the time! I was at a restaurant the other day and 4 very obese women were at the table behind me. They ordered mozzarella sticks and something else breaded for their appetizers, and then they each got either a breaded meat dish or pasta for their entree. As I overheard their conversation, they began talking about many symptoms all the while stuffing more poison into their bodies! I wanted to say something so badly!

Have you read the book "Wheat Belly"? It's a great read, and talks about the consequences of eating wheat products.

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3/17/12 5:40 A

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Am I just crazy?

Don't answer that!

Seriously, now that I know and I'm learning (diagnosed in mid Jan 2012), I see so many people eating certain things (coworkers, family) then having symptoms.

I never had IBS (had been diagnosed with a spastic colon in my teens and have congenital lupus, which means I still HAVE those things but now I understand I blamed a lot of flares on them where it was poisoning myself).

It seems so clear now: Person A eats B. Person A has these symptoms.

It's scary how clear it appears.

My symptoms are more joint swelling and pain, headaches, hair loss, skin issues and insomnia but if I eat corn (which I've always known) I *do* get diarrhea... As it turns out, I'm just reactive to loads of things. I even think amaranth but I'll have to test that again later since my other issues can fire off on their own.

Anyway, anybody else see this all around them or is it because I'm hyper-vigilant about myself?

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