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5/16/11 1:48 P

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I found it easiest to switch to GF first - and then worry about calories. Tyring to do both at once was very overwhelming.

Start by eating what you'd order at a restaurant...
...burger - make it without a bun.
...pasta try different rice pastas until you find one that you like
...nachos with corn tortillas
...Steak and potatoes - already gluten free!

Check out click on Gluten Free at the bottom, and it will only show recipe links that are GF.

Keeping trying new things. We've found recipes that are BETTER the "regular."

One day at a time...make that one craving at a time!

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5/11/11 10:57 A

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Hi- When I first became gluten free I had the same problem. I checked out cookbooks from our library and ordered the ones I liked. My favorite cookbook is "1000 gluten free recipes" and it is by Carol Fenster. It is available at Borders or online at I love to cook and have changed all of my recipes over to gluten and mostly dairy and soy free. Carol' book shows how to cook almost everything and also shows how to convert recipes. I have also found recipes by googling gluten free and the recipe name and always get a lot of ideas that way. Example of dinner meals my family likes are: Aujus sandwiches, Salmon with mashed potatoes and watermelon, Spaghetti and meatballs with salad, Scrambled Eggs, sausage and toast or pancakes, Beef stew, Build your own soft taco or taco salad, Beef Enchilada's with sour cream sauce, Quiche Loraine, Chicken pot pie,Baked chicken and veggies, shrimp salads, baked turkey legs and rice, chicken or pork stir fry rice, chicken cacciatore, Macaroni and Cheese, Chicken and Rice Casserole and Barbecued steak chicken, hamburgers or turkey burgers Hope this helps give you some ideas. Any specific ingredients you need help changing to gluten free just ask and someone on this sight to share their favorites for you to try. What does your family like to eat? What do you want to cook? You can do this one meal at a time. Smiles Barb

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Smiles from Barb!!

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5/10/11 7:45 P

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Hi. I sympathize, and would suggest that you keep a few pans and things for things with gluten in them. I sometimes treat my guys to their fave breaded fish and junk like that, but for the most part, they eat GF.
Everyone loves stir-fry, and I was given new pots and pans for Christmas, which haven't had any gluten in them. Bionature is a wonderful pasta, if you can have a bit of soy. If you have a Trader Joe's, they have very good rice pasta. Tinkyada is also pretty good stuff. Mine all love quinoa, Look for the prerinsed stuff, and it's soooo easy. Everyone here likes it better than rice.
I make meatloaf, and just use the butt ends of my GF bread, or cooked quinoa or GF oats for my bread crumbs. I use GF barbeque sauce, ketchup and other things, which my guys all admit taste better, as they don't tend to have other fillers. If you have a Trader Joe's, they're great. Once you find foods you like, many pastas, etc. are available from Amazon. Maybe you have a local co-op, which has been a boon to me.
Don't forget things like lean pork, and fish. If you cook your fish wrapped in parchment paper, it's yummy and moist. If you are trying to eat healthy, chicken is not the only food. And, don't forget eggs as a dinner option once in a while. My guys love that.
It seems daunting at first, but with time, you will feel less stressed. It's not only doable, but can be fun. I've found lots of GF recipes on spark, and from www.glutenfreegirl and www.other sites. Spend a bit of time Googling and have some fun.
You are welcome to email me as well.

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5/10/11 4:44 P

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I was having the same problem as you, getting tired of chicken and salad. Last night I switched it up a bit. Heinz sloppy joe sauce is gluten free, so I made turkey sloppy joes on EnerG gluten free hamburger buns with asparagus and home made sweet potato fries (that were actually baked). It was soooo good and a meal I felt like I was missing out on. Next I'm making meatloaf with it.

I don't worry about what I'm going to cook, as much as I do what to buy when I'm shopping. If you know everything you're starting with are GF ingredients, you can follow about any recipe and sub with your items. This book has helped me a TON for shopping. The last trip to the store only required getting 2 items from the Gluten free/health section and the rest was from the regular store. Much cheaper! Love this book!

They have 2 other versions as well- Gluten and Casein freen, and the one I use which is Gluten, Casein and Soy free. Now the only ingredient I have to check for is eggs, which is much easier than finding food withouth all 4 of the items.

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5/10/11 4:35 P

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I keep dinner simple usually. Last night I had stew beef with little onions and mushrooms. I was going to make it into shish-ka-bobs and put them on the grill but I didn't want to take the time so I just had the beef mixture with a salad on the side. It could also be put over rice or quinoa. Other nights I have made spaghetti with meat sauce and put it over rice pasta and had green beans with it. One of my favorite dinners is salmon and asparagus. Another new favorite is clams and scallops in a garlic sauce (or shrimp scampi) over rice angel hair pasta.
Make a list of the favorite things your family likes and then make menus. List protein foods and vegetables and a starch such as sweet potato or rice pasta. It all depends on what your family likes. You can make tacos gluten free or other things that your family usually likes to eat, just adjust them to be gf. My whole extended family will now eat rice pasta and also the almond meal pancakes that I make for breakfast. GF food is good! Have fun! It is a new adventure.

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5/10/11 4:04 P

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Check out the Recipes forum...there is a lot there and the What's on your Menu thread might help. I tend to keep it simple...a meat, a vegetable, and maybe a potato or rice. Summer grilling is coming, as are fresh veggies, summer salads, all those great things! One of my favorite things to make that is easy is any kind of meat in a baking dish, top with thin sliced peppers, onions, and mushrooms, season with whatever you like, and then drizzle it lightly with barbeque sauce or salsa, or even spaghettti sauce. Cover and bake for about 30 minutes, then uncover and bake another 30 minutes or until the meat is up to the right temp. Easy and can be prepped ahead for busy nights. I serve it with a potato or a salad.

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5/10/11 3:58 P

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Do you cook if you do I would recommend getting some gluten free cookbooks. There are even recipes in gluten free for dummies. A lot of being gluten free is what you eat I think the other half is keeping gluteny products out of your life. For one thing you could try making ribs and sweet potatoes Summer is coming up and that means grilling and lots of fresh fruits and veggies to be bought and or grown in a garden. I hope this helps a little. You can spark mail me I've got a few recipe books I can look through to help you with ideas if you like. :)

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5/10/11 3:34 P

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I am new to this team and new to GF living.

I need suggestions for dinners. I am not a good cook . . . we go out to eat a lot, but I want to change that. I want to learn how to cook gluten free meals that my family will love.
I have ideas for breakfast, lunch and snacks, but dinner is harder (because that is when we eat together as a family). Chicken and salad every night is getting old.

What do you guys like to eat for dinner? What is one of your favorite recipes? Please pass on the wealth of information. I really appreciate it.

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