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5/3/11 11:33 A

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So glad that you are finding out early and already making changes for your husband. That will make home life easier. My daughters bestfriend has been gluten free for as long as I can remember and our daughter is very allergic to soy. Her mom and I have worked together to make sure that our daughters always have foods they can eat at each others houses and when they go places. They have been on church retreats and to camp and taken there own containers of food and snacks with them for a long time. I have found that communication was the most important thing that I could do in each situation. Calling a Mom or youth leader or camp cook before my daughter goes anywhere and figuring out what to send so that my daughter doesn't feel different or left out has become standard practice in our lives. Most of her friends families now know about both hers and her girlfriends allergies and are very supportive of our special dietary needs. Most recently my daughter who turned 17 this year went gluten free "birthday" shopping for her friend and delivered gluten free ice cream cones to her girlfriend and went shopping for her favorite gluten free ice cream with her and they made ice cream cones to celebrate her birthday. Her friend was amazed at receiving a bag of gluten free treats and a special birthday "date" from a friend. My daughter is very sensitive to others special needs and having an allergy her whole life has developed character qualities that make her a special young lady. Migraine headaches, soy allergies and a friend with gluten allergy has not always been easy but it has been doable and has developed this sensitive side of her. You can do this and be a great Mom to an allergic little girl. If you are positive about this change and help your daughter to understand that she is special just like her dad the transition and acceptance that she feels about this lifestyle change will be just fine. Hugs and Smiles Barb

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Our 3yr old has CD has been gluten free almost 1.5 years. I am gluten free as well. I haven't been tested for CD, but I did an elimination diet and will not go back to eating gluten. I feel so much better! anyways....

I feel your pain about getting the biopsy done. it is very difficult, but really I think the wait and thinking about it is worst then the procedure itself. She was in and out in about 15 minutes! She did throw up after wards.... so bring a change of clothes for yourself just in case. I had to wear hospital scrubs since I was the one she threw up all over. :) She drank too quickly and it came up, but was fine after that.

I think it might be easier for younger kids to adjust to the changes than you would think. She has never voiced feeling left out. and since her dad is GF, it makes it feel more normal that someone else is GF. We make her foods all "special Serena" foods and she just thinks that is great. But then don't forget to have special treats for the other non-celiac child. I think sometimes our other daughter feels left out. so now we have started to make foods special for her too.

Do you have an Uno's Pizzeria close by? If so, that is somewhere the whole family can go and enjoy.

We recently were invited to a kids birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and got to experiment. I made her an individual pizza to take with her. And I made cupcakes in fun cupcake paper and icing.

please feel free to contact me and I can share lots of ideas for a young CD kid! ask me whatever you want and I will give you our experience. I have good recipes that she enjoys or other alternatives that work out great for all.

OH, moon dough is wheat-free. NO playdoh!!!!


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5/2/11 5:11 P

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I hope your little girl feels better soon I know it is a process. I can recommend Kids with Celiac Disease a book by Danna Korn she started R.O.C.K. (raising our celiac kids). I hope this is helpful it is an easy read and even helped me and I'm almost 30 now. Look for a support group if you want I may be able to give you some advice. I have been gluten free for 3 years now. Take care and spark mail me please. I don't have a Spark Page as of yet.

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5/2/11 4:52 P

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Hi all! I have had such good responses before that I thought I would try again. My husband was diagnosed with CD a couple of months ago so we spoke to our daughters pediatrician about it and decided to have them both tested. Our 16mos old is fine, but our 3.5yr old's blood test came back positive. She is going for her biopsy at the end of June. I feel HORRIBLE for her! She has no symptoms. Well maybe 1. She has trouble with her bowel movements and being constipated. We (parents and dr.) contributed it to her being 3 yrs old and potty training. Now I'm wondering if it has to do with the Celiac Disease. But there anybody out there with young kids that have CD and if so how do you handle it? My big questions are for the eating at home, but eating out and parties and such. Any feedback will be appreciated. I feel like I let my baby down (even though she doesn't have a clue yet!) :o(

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