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6/3/10 10:21 P

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It takes time to heal the intestines, you also might want to eliminate corn too to see if that is part of the problem.


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6/3/10 5:03 A

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I am currently having the same problem - cut out gluten but still bloated. I really think a lot to do with it may be with food combining. If you are unfamiliar just google it. I also found out with me, I can't digest broccoli or raw cauliflower (these are hard to digest in the first place, and if your body is already compromised.. well..) and some fruits. Haven't decided if it's the fruit itself, the sugar content, or pairing it with some protein. I have the same problem with dairy now, I think it has to do something with the villi being damaged, and the villi are needed to digest milk protein. Pay attention to what you eat, and what you combine, then mix it up and see if it still happens. Good luck.


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6/3/10 12:39 A

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Like Cindy. I had a reaction to dairy at first. It did not really cause the pain I had but it diffently added to the blotting. My doctor even told me when I was diagnosed to avoid dairy because the intestines where weekened and need time to heal. Some people start feeling better almost right away. Other can take up to a year to completely feel better. Especially if you do not remove the hidden glutens from your diet.

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6/1/10 11:34 P

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I had the bad pain and bloating, and it took a while for it all to go away, plus there can be other factors. Dairy, sodium, etc. If you are not actually diagnosed gluten intolerant I would go to the doc immediately because they will want you to go on it to be tested...I never had dairy issues until the gluten is related somehow. Gluten free/casein free may help. Casein is even in rice and soy cheese so it is difficult...

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6/1/10 5:46 P

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Have you tried taking a probiotic? If that doesn't work you may have to eliminate dairy for a while and see if there is any difference. Being gf and df/cf made a difference for my gut in just a few days. It took my skin several weeks to start clearing up but it happened gradually.

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6/1/10 2:42 P

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SFISHOME, I think actual recovery time depends on the severity of the damage and your sensitivity.

I went GF 6 months ago, and I'm still fighting some symptoms - not sure if I've missed a gluten source or if it's just taking that long for my problems to clear up (I have gluten-caused eczema, it's about 75% better than it was!)

My daughter went GF at the same time - right after Christmas. She had nasty gut issues due to her sensitivity. She was probably totally normal within a month. She didn't have the bloat that you have though, so that may be a factor in your recovery.

I've heard that 6 weeks is the minimum to expect recovery. Good luck, stick with it!

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6/1/10 12:59 P

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Check out the Flat Belly Diet team info - you can get there by my SP page. It has another name I think called 400 diet or something - basically it is a diet that Prevention Magazine dieticians came up with and is somewhat like the Mediterranean diet using healthy fats, nuts, oils, etc and eating 4 - 400 cal meals a day. It is a healthy balance of foods. There is a 4 day jump start that eliminates salt, sugar, caffeine, foods that bloat - some may lose 6 - 12 lbs in a week, mostly water and bloat.

You can read the info posts on the SP team or go to Prevention Site online - all the links are on the team posts. This info may help to eliminate the bloating by eliminating foods that bloat - just a thought...
Hope you find your answer soon. emoticon

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6/1/10 12:35 P

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I'm new to GF and new to the team.

I had horrible pain in my lower left abdomen about a month and a half ago. I was so bloated that I looked about 4 months pregnant. I went to the doctor who said it might be diverticulitis and put me on antibiotics. The antibiotics helped a little but they made the bloating worse.

Almost two weeks ago, I discovered through trial and error that an english muffin made me feel worse. I immediately stopped eating all gluten. The pain is almost all gone, but the bloating is still there. I have gained about 7 lbs through this ordeal! I'm hoping most of the weight gain is bloat, but I've gotten really strict on my calorie intake as well as my gluten intake.

Has anyone had a similar experience? How long before the bloat will start to go down?

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