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If you look out a window and see that it is pouring raining outside, and someone says it is sunny and clear, do you just walk outside or do you take an umbrella?
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2/13/10 7:22 P

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I would vote for not being in pain, and being as healthy as possible. This takes the ability to be conscious of the effect of everything that you put into your mouth. Many/Most? people eat unconsciously, not being aware of the relationship between what they eat and how they are feeling.

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2/13/10 5:58 P

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I want to be fair mentor to those in pain, as I WAS. I wish to have people see the taste terrorism exploding in our mouths and on our hips before it is too late for them. But the social norms and the propaganda that says ‘your nutritional needs are met in modern foods is best’ is a fiat I know has been wrong for me. I did not eat wholesome food sold to me in grocery stores and I did not eat the common restaurants while believing that every bite of every food was causing me harm.
With a better balance of nutrition and supped-up ‘doctor guided supplement program’ the pain is gone.
Did you know…If you do not make enough testosterone MALE OR FEMALE in your body; weight lose will not happen?! Real studies have shown that men age 25 to 65 produce a missing percentage of this life-sustaining hormone than their fathers and Grandfathers produced.
If you are filled with synthetic debris then the body filters ie, liver/ kidney/lungs cannot keep up. They just never defragmentize like a good human computer. Bits of synthetic STUFF blocks toxin removal and autoimmune syndromes show up to provide your doctor with another chance to sell you a drug to clog up the works some other way with another synthetic THING. We find the daily energy now spend on housekeeping, colds/flus/ and fungus among us. Instead of the planned energy efforts to work on brain clarity, muscle brawn, and weight lose. I have found that every vitamin pill on the standard commercial market is bombarding us ‘the consumers’ with ‘additives/preservatives/filler/buffers/co
The standard calcium citrate has more than calcium in each tablet.
“ “ Vitamin “E Omega 3” (fish/flax/borage/evening prime rose) each has a caramel coloring and/or a cellulose capsule encasement that does cause me pain.
My preference is to go for the individual servings of individual vitamins knowing each day of this week may not require the same amount of volume next week. I know that if I feel a virus coming on I up my vitamin “C” to 3to5 grams of clean magnesium/ascorbate. If I tried to do this with the chewable “C”, I would have a violent headache, other unpleasant mid-body woes, and possible big cavities and big insulin (pancreas) /cortisol (adrenal) problems from all the sugars. This chewable tablet is just one of thousands of foods in which may explain why insulin resistance that leads to diabetes is a growing problem of the next generations that eat these foods. But if this is all you know; if this is all we have access to; the results will not be the same as true healing. This thinking pattern blocks the mental steps that will never again lead to the premise,
‘A Vitamin supplement is good for me’. I must use pharmaceutical grate or never get better always be in pain, always have a headache/arthritis/infection somewhere or an all out syndrome showing malnutrition, tons of holding pattern toxins of bad free-radical tissue menaces, and weight problems up and down.
Am I supposed to ignore pain and eat like everyone else?
Or do I get smart and stop eating the foods I know hurt me?
I know exactly which foods do it. They hurt me!
Is it hard to find the foods my body does not like? NO, they hurt me.
Have I been hurt more than once by the same food? Yes, this is how I know they hurt me.
Will the same common foods hurt again? Only if I eat them will that food hurt me again. I am sounding like Green Eggs and Ham. Point expressed-point taken?

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The greatest love story is your own.
If you miss out of life to the fullest; they win.
You are the happiness master of your own mind.
Thought is an active dynamic energy to harmonize and corrolate good.
Clear all paths to love thru forgiveness.
I may not recognize the significance until some time later.
Is my resistance to change really that strong?
Impatience does not provide the time to learn the lesson;
Awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of a problem;
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