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9/17/09 6:19 A

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Thanks for all the information everyone has been posting. It is very helpful. Both of my children are grown and away at college so I have no control over what they eat or getting them tested. All I can do now is talk to them about it and encourage them to try GF for a couple of weeks and see how they feel. My son is ďafraidĒ of doctors, needles and medical stuff due to all the medical problems and procedures in his past and wonít get tested. Thatís a large part of his current episodeóheís undergoing a lot of tests due to difficulty breathing. I gave my daughter a lot of gluten free foods, cereals, breads, pasta, deserts and asked her to try going GF when she has a chance to spend a couple of weeks with the ability to control what she eats. Iím going to visit my son for a week and will try to get him GF and dairy free for that week and hope itís enough for him to feel a difference. I figured out he had a problem with dairy after his first surgery. He didnít eat anything for several days and his allergy rash got better. Then I gave him a meal replacement shake the hospital had sent home for him and he got very sick (stomach) and the rash came back.
I donít expect it to cure the depression but I think if he is not absorbing vitamins and other nutrients then it will help. Some of his cousins have been able to stop their antidepressants so Iím hopeful. I hope my sister will also get her kids off gluten to see if this helps them.
Being GF is new to me and Iíve only seen my doctor once. He seems to know his stuff. I tested negative on blood work but we expected that since I had already been GF for 3 months. I knew that would cause me to test negative but for me the proof is in how you feel. I did have some nutritional deficiencies discovered on the blood work. I went GF to try to get rid of this rash. It got rid of three rashes, stopped my eye pain, diminished the ringing in my ear, I lost 3 pounds of bloat and dropped a dress size, stopped having ďblood sugar dropsĒ and the constipation stopped. I donít need any other proof. When I did add wheat back to my diet for 5 days before the blood test I kept a diary of my reactions. The doc said normally he would have me eat wheat for 3 months before testing me but based on how I was reacting to eating wheat it was too dangerous to do that.
I appreciate everyoneís responses. Sometimes my family doesnít take me seriously about this. Having all of you say things from your experiences that so closely match what weíre going through helps me to convince them.
Thanks for the support!

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9/16/09 8:34 P

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I have had clinical depression, and yes it runs in my family. I was on prozac for 7yrs, then had to add wellbutrin for better control 3yrs ago. I have had episodes of depression off and on for many years, but know the good news. I was dx last year with Celiac. Stopped wheat and my depression (as well as other issues lifted) I am now off all depression medications and doing great. If I have ANYTHING with wheat, within days, I am tired, depressed, aching all over. takes almost 3 months to go away. For me, my depression appears to be related to wheat.
I would also recommend having your child tested. I have had poor enamel on my perm teeth, blisters on my scalp, migraines, constipation & diarrhea in addition to depression my whole life. I am 51yrs old and sure wish my mom had known to have me tested when this all started.
As a caution though, removing wheat from your diet before testing can cause fall negatives and it is really a major life change to follow a gluten free diet. It is worth it for me because I feel so much better. PS I like the Mrs Leepers corn spagetti. It cooks great, looks like regular spagettie when the sauce is on it and tastes good, but shhhhh, don't tell my hubby. He has been eating for the past year and doesn't know it.

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9/16/09 11:03 A

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I'm with GFNomad.

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9/15/09 8:10 P

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My moods are much more even when I am gluten free. I have never had clinical depression but have definitely had mood swings. I think gluten makes me more prone to get angry about things. Eating dairy makes me depressed - like there is nothing right with the world, and ready to cry over the least little thing. Now that I know the cause I avoid gluten and dairy as much as possible, and I know that I have to have sufficient protein at each meal to keep my blood sugar levels even. It takes some journaling to figure everything out but it is worth the effort. (Wish I had figured these things out years ago!)

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9/15/09 7:50 P

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It sounds as if your children should be tested. Depression and anxiety are both symptoms of Celiac and Gluten Intolerance.
I distincly remember doing the same as your child where I would rather go hungry than have another piece of bread. Fortunately, we did not have pasta but primarily meat and potatoes for dinner.
No amount of additional vitamins will help if she is an undiagnosed celiac and continues to ingest gluten. The lack of absorption can be attributed to Celiac if that is the problem.
The fact that you are not seeing this clearly indicates to me your struggles and the effects of gluten. Barb
Additionally, the following was recently posted on the Phoenix Celiac group by one of their members which I think is very appicable and good advise.

" Although I do test positive in the celiac serology panel and this was confirmed by endoscopy, and I worked as a registed Clinical Laboratory Scientist for 35 years, many years as a lab director, I still believe this:

Treat the person, not just the lab results. If you have a child who does better gluten-free even with negative tests, then consider keep the child gluten-free. As to eating an occasional birthday cake, for example, that's a decision you have to make.

The best person for advice is a qualified, understanding, knowledgeable, certified GI doctor, MD or DO. If your doctor isn't helping you enough, change doctors."
For a list of Celiac Disease Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications

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9/15/09 7:32 P

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Has anyone had problems with clinical depression? I have a child with depression, it seems to run in our family along the same line as the possible gluten sensitivity. One of my children has severe stomach pain after eating pasta and refuses to eat it now. One of my children has had stomach problems, severe ear problems, anemia and depression and anxiety that don't respond to treatment. I'm thinking now as I'm trying to figure out my own gluten problems that the kids may not be absorbing vitamins and fatty acids which may be at least contributing to the depression.
Two of my sister's children also have had major stomach problems throughout their childhoods and suffer from depression and anxiety as well.Does anyone else have this kind of a connection and any insight on how vitamins and fish oil may help?

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