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9/30/08 3:57 P

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Hi Margie -

I've picked up a few books about chelation, but haven't had time to read them cover to cover. The naturopath I saw earlier this year has a room full of people doing it, but I have no personal experience with this.

From reading one anecdote in one of the books just now: know that exercise and eating fresh fruits and veggies help chelate the body naturally on a lesser scale. So, until you get tested (serum or hair?), keep trying to move and eat fresh. :)

The anecdote was about Noel Johnson; you can read about him here:

The book says he says: "If you cook it, overlook it!" (He was trying to be the oldest marathoner, but didn't make it by 2 years, at the time of the book's publishing anyway.) Keep on keepin' on - you're figuring it out and that's GREAT!

MarthaJoy - your thoughts about "ALL the suggestions" made me chuckle, as I've felt that for a long while myself. I keep reading, and just do what I can, and have changed what I can - cause it's all I can do! It has ALL helped, too! (Think how bad it'd be if we did NOTHING?)

I don't know how long you've known you were celiac or had gluten issues, but think that a lifetime of your teeth not getting their nutrients can only set you up for a losing situation. My mouth is full of old fillings, too. I'm not looking forward to what you're going through with implants, but it's probably in my future.

I used to work for an orthodontist. Implants ARE big in the dental world for two reasons: MONEY (of course), and they work. My dad is on a fixed income and just has another tooth pulled. He says if he can chew, that's all he cares about (my "old timer" won't listen to me about anything), but if you can save your bite it's a good thing. Your mouth/jaw line will cave in and chewing will get hard, and it's all downhill from there. My mother had her upper teeth pulled at 17 (she could kick herself now because it was the "norm" for whatever her issue was; kinda like taking out tonsils for me when it was low immunity from eating gluten! anwyay ..) and has lived with dentures since. She finally got them replaced last year for $6000 (he wanted $8k, but she dickered cause they're retired/money issues. He set her upper dentures with one less implant/post and it has been nothing but uncomfortable and a pain!) - if you can afford it, try to get the best.

I don't know what to say about the titanium, but ouch.

Be curious!
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9/30/08 1:46 A

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SO many things to think about. If I follow all the suggestions from all the doctors, etc., won't have time to LIVE. I've recently lost several teeth and my dentist insisted on implants. Now I'm wondering...
am having spinal surgery soon. They'll take out two discs blocked by bone and put in some bone and TITANIUM to hold the bone.
Don't know what to think about that going into my body!!
Any ideas?

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9/29/08 7:37 P

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my father was told he needed a bypass until they found out he couldn't afford it. he got chelation with the slow drip in the arm and lived another 15 - 20 years. worked for him until the botched brain anuerysm surgery.

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9/29/08 12:35 P

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Yes, Marjorie, back in the 80's. I did go through a type of chelation. It's too long ago to remember the details.
I had all my amalgums replaced with high gold crowns etc. But dental work by less knowledgable people I think has undone some of the work. Unfortunately my prosthodonist retired in the mid 90's. The work since has not been as good. And they lie!!! about what they are putting in your mouth.
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9/29/08 11:48 A

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Hi virtually Headache Free Friends, I noticed my headaches have lessened since I found out what to avoid and what -not- to eat eating! I happened to consume a micro-amount of citric acid(wheat derived)in a bottled salsa at a restaurant last Saturday and now the headache is on its 3rd day.
I discovered a serious cause of fatigue and body erosion can be from heavy metals: dental fillings, over-exposure to chlorine bleach from cleaning and pool use and care, electronics, etc... I was involved in serious pool use/care (my job and water aerobics), hotel/apartment remediation, Silicon Valley electronic factory work since 1987, and Katrina clean-up prior to falling ill with unemployable fatigue.
I want a test for the metals: lead, mercury, cadmiun, copper, etc, soon. I checked out Dr Ron Kennedy's articles and confirmed the issues with my specialist, chelating is the proccesss of removing the poisons from the body; so the reality has merit for many illnesses with/out an obvious cause. Has your dentist and/or working and playing environment harmed You?
Have any of you been tested? emoticon emoticon

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