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3/30/08 10:45 P

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What's really frustrating for me is that, although some foods are GF, they still contain other ingredients that I'm allergic to. I am always looking for recipes to make condiments, but I always have to leave something out or exchange it for something I can tolerate. I have to make everything from scratch. AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH.

On the bright side, it is healthier than eating processed or pre-packaged food.


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3/30/08 11:56 A

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I was at Costco yesterday (the only one in VT) and the tamales and taquitos they carry are not from Heintz and the taquitos are def. not GF.
I always read labels but it's nice to have a list of products to check first. I'm waiting for the day when GF is truly maingstream and "gluten free" will stand out on the package the way "low fat" or "whole grain" does.

Tammy (Vermont)

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3/29/08 12:22 P

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Congratulations for gettting a list out of them and the BBQ Sauce recipe!

two notes - Lee & Perrins is not GF in Canada! - one needs the USA product (SparkPeople is an international website)
And consumer FAQ's website says the following:
" Where can I find gluten-free products?
Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Organic Ketchup do not contain any gluten (the distilled vinegar used is from corn sources). Also, Wine Vinegar, Distilled White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar are gluten-free. Heinz Hot & Spicy Ketchup Kick'rs is gluten-free as well.

As for our other Heinz products, we are not able to guarantee that all ingredients would be gluten-free, since the source of an ingredient may change from time to time. We understand how difficult it can be finding foods that meet the requirements of a restricted diet, and we continue to look for ways to meet the dietary needs of our consumers."

On checking the list, I noticed that Trader Joe's and Costco products under Deli-Mex heading and Del-Mix is part of Heinz. Just confirms once again how our foods are ruled by a few large companies. Another reason to support our local farmer's markets and producers. You'll know what you are eating and where it comes from.


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3/29/08 12:19 P

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Wow! That is great information. I will copy the recipe for barbeque sauce. (Now if they would just take the high fructose corn syrup out of their products, I could have more of them.)

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3/29/08 12:08 P

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I e-mailed about Alfredo Sauce and although it took a couple of weeks from them to get back to me, I got more than I asked for - inluding a recipe!

Thank you for your interest in Heinz Products. We certainly understand how difficult it can be to find foods that meet the requirements of a restricted diet.

As you requested, the following is a listing of all of our products that do NOT have gluten containing ingredients. If the product you asked about is not on this list, then it does have gluten containing ingredients.

Heinz BBQ Sauces (Original, Chicken & Rib, Garlic, Honey Garlic Only)
Heinz Chili Sauce
Heinz Cocktail Sauce
Heinz Horseradish Sauce
Heinz Ketchup
Heinz Organic Ketchup
Heinz One-Carb Ketchup
Heinz No-Sodium Added Ketchup
Heinz Hot and Spicy Kick'rs
Heinz Easy Squeeze Ketchup
Heinz Mustard (All Varieties)
Heinz Pickles (All Varieties)
Heinz Peppers (All Varieties)
Heinz Relish (All Varieties)
Heinz Sloppy Joe Sauce
Heinz Traditional Steak Sauce
Heinz Vegetarian Beans
Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
Heinz Red Wine Vinegar
Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar
Heinz Apple Cider Flavored Vinegar
Heinz Red Wine Vinegar
Heinz Garlic Wine Vinegar

Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauces (Original #7, Honey Smokehouse, Hickory Brown Sugar, Spicy BBQ Only)
Jack Daniel's EZ Marinader -- Teriyaki Variety
Jack Daniel's EZ Marinader -- Garlic & Herb Variety
Jack Daniel's Steak Sauce (Both Varieties)
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
Lea & Perrins Traditional Steak Sauce
TGI Fridays Salsa (All Varieties)

Classico Red Sauces (All Varieties)
Classico Alfredo Sauces (All Varieties)
Classico Pesto Sauces (All Varieties)
Classico Bruschetta (All Varieties)

1769600012 Taquitos, 36 ct. Delimex Chicken
1769600018 Tamales, 12 ct. Delimex Beef
1769600019 Tamales, 12 ct. Delimex Chicken & Cheese
1769600020 Taquitos, 24 ct. Smart & Final Beef
1769600024 Tamales, 6 ct. Delimex Beef
1769600028 Taquitos, 25 ct. Delimex Beef
1769600029 Taquitos, 25 ct. Delimex Chicken
1769600048 Taquitos, 36 ct. Delimex Beef
1769600095 Taquitos, 12 ct. Delimex Beef
1769600096 Taquitos, 12 ct. Delimex Chicken
1769600133 Taquitos, 22 ct. Schwan's Beef w/ Salsa
1769600155 Tamales, 15 ct. Costco Beef
1769600159 Tamales, 20 ct. Delimex Beef, Costco
1769600180 Taquitos, 60 ct. Delimex Beef
1769600186 Taquitos, 60 ct. Sam's Club Beef
1769600206 Tamales, 2 ct. Trader Joe's Beef
1769600207 Tamales, 2 ct. Trader Joe's Chicken & Cheese
1769600214 Taquitos, 25 ct. Delimex 3-Cheese
1769600222 Tamales, 6 ct. Schwan's Beef
1769600481 Taquitos, 36 ct. Delimex Beef (Mexico Import)
1769600500 Taquitos, Delimex Beef / Deli-Pak
1769600505 Taquitos, Mini, 40 ct. Beef, Snacker Tray w/ salsa
1769600554 Tamales, Cheese Deli Bulk Pack
1769600555 Tamales, Chicken Deli Bulk Pack
1769600556 Tamales, Beef Deli Bulk Pack
1769600565 Tamales, 20 ct.Beef, Sams Club
1769600684 Taquitos, 66 ct. Costco Beef
1769600685 Taquitos, 66 ct. Costco Chicken

1769601208 Tamales, 2 ct. Trader Joe's Cheese & Green Chiles

13120XXXXX- ALL VARIETIES of Ore-Ida® Tater Tots®
1312000080 Ore-Ida Golden Patties® (9 ct.)
1312000198 Ore-Ida® Snackin' Fries ™ (10.5 oz.)
1312000258 Ore-Ida® Golden Fries® (32 oz.)
1312000278 Ore-Ida® Golden Fries® (5 lb.)
1312000286 Ore-Ida® Golden Crinkles® (32 oz.)
1312000291 Ore-Ida® Golden Crinkles® (5 lb.)
1312000296 Ore-Ida® Pixie Crinkles (26 oz.)
1312000377 Ore-Ida® Cottage Fries (32 oz.)
1312000392 Ore-Ida® Southern Style Hash Browns (32 oz.)
1312001417 Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries (26 oz.)
1312000469 Ore-Ida® Potatoes O'Brien (28 oz.)
1312000647 Ore-Ida® French Fries (8 lb.)
1312000654 Ore-Ida® Country Style Hashbrowns (6 lb.)
1312000801 Ore-Ida® Shoestrings® (5 lb)
1312000809 Ore-Ida® Crunch Time Classics Straight Cut (24 oz.)
1312000810 Ore-Ida® Crunch Time Classics Crinkle Cut (24 oz.)
1312000828 Ore-Ida® Shoestrings® (28 oz.)
1312000829 Ore-Ida® Shoestrings® (40 oz.)
1312000833 Ore-Ida® Country Style Hashbrowns (30 oz.)
1312000845 Ore-Ida® Deep Fries Crinkle Cuts (24 oz.)
1312000854 Ore-Ida® Hash Browns (5 lb.)
1312000862 Ore-Ida® Country Style Hashbrowns (6 lb.)
1312001012 Ore-Ida® Potato Wedges with Skins (24 oz.)
1312001190 Ore-Ida® Steak Fries (3.75 lb.)
1312008564 Ore-Ida® Golden Crinkles® (8 lb.)
1312008565 Ore-Ida® Golden Fries® (8 lb.)
1312008572 Ore-Ida® Golden Crinkles® (8 lb.)

Again, we appreciate you taking the time to contact us. If you need further information, feel free to call us at this toll-free number (1-800-255-5750). Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM, Eastern Time.

Heinz Consumer Resource Center

When contacting us, please refer to the following reference number: 002798837A


P.S. - For your convenience, here's a recipe for a barbecue sauce without gluten-containing ingredients:

Heinz Ketchup Basic Barbecue Sauce

½ cup Heinz Tomato Ketchup
¼ cup water
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tablespoons Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
1 teaspoon chili powder
½ teaspoon celery seed
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon hot pepper sauce

In saucepan, combine all ingredients.
Simmer, uncovered, 10 minutes.
Brush ribs or chicken with sauce during last 10 minutes of grilling or broiling.

Makes about ¾ cup of sauce

Tammy (Vermont)

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