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5/6/08 6:41 A

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I have to say - we don't seem to have this problem too much anymore. Our problem is very TWISTED! All of the 3rd and 4th grade teachers eat together and celebrate each other's birthdays. This week is Teacher Appreciate Week so we are surrounded by outside food as well. However, there are so many of us watching what we eat that now we all feel guilty when somebody brings something in and NOBODY will take any. I do think we are turning things around a bit though. Instead of not having any we are helping each other figure out how many calories to count things as, enjoy a bit, and go from there. It boosts morale to do things like this for each other (bringing in the food AND counting the calories together) so we don't want to see it go.


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5/5/08 10:29 P

One of two ways:

Small samples of food that fit into your daily caloric allotment, or, not letting other people control what you choose to eat. Rudeness has nothing to do with it - when you are not happy with how you look or feel, they are not sharing your pain! Don't share their food and don't feel the need to explain or rationalize anything to anybody - a simple, "No, thank you" should suffice...

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5/5/08 11:47 A

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The people at work are a challenge. I am lucky(?) that I can pretty much avoid them though - bring my own lunch, order salad instead of cheese fries and it is ok. It is weird because they are doing Weight Watchers and other programs, but there is not team spirit in it. I work on focusing on my actions and avoid the temptations (muffins in the kitchen, lunches out of the bldg, boredom in the office.)


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5/5/08 11:34 A

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It's really difficult when your friends and co-workers don't take you seriously. I've found that I can have one small bite which usually makes everybody happy. But sometimes they'll try to get me to have more, and then I just tell them that I'm really serious about getting healthy.

It seems like people are trying to see how serious you really are, and they'll push you until they realize that you really MEAN what you're saying. I've been on SP for 3 months and it took quite a few times of me telling my friends that I was making a lifestyle change for them to stop pressuring me to eat bad stuff. Now they're all really proud of me because they can SEE that the changes I've made have made a difference in my body. Apparently, seeing is believing.

If all else fails, say "Thank you, but I really have to do this for me." And don't worry what they think.
You really do have to do this for YOU.

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5/5/08 9:46 A

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how does one not attempt all these delicious foods on occasions like these you know co-workers want to have a pot luck or go out for lunch yummy yum yum!!!! its not easy little things like this get me off track how can I let my friends and coworkers know I'm being serious they just look at you and say you look fine in my head I'm saying ( are you talking to me !! hello I'm 4'11" and huh I'm obese for my height ding dong! LOL ) I just don't know what to say or do and not be rude about it . Any ways hope everybody has a great Monday and happy CINCO DE MAYO

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