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3/22/11 9:51 P

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How much the not-so-clean food affects you depends upon how clean you have been eating, we all have our idea of what 'clean' is. I have been really, really being strict since just before Thanksgiving. At Christmastime, many of my customers give me gifts, some of these gifts are cookie trays, boxes of chocolates etc. I already knew this was coming, and made it two thirds through the season without touching the goodies, brought them home for hubs, sent thank-yous to the customers. Then one particularly long day, I thought, well just one cookie will not kill me, I was near the end of my route and exhausted, so I pop that cookie in my mouht, and as soon as it hit my stomahc, it was like I had been kicked by a mule...LOL Thank God I had some Tums with me, took a handful of those just to survive. My body is not accustomed to shortening or fried anything, so I do not chance those food at all.

Moral of story...your body might not accept the unclean food very well, so do not do what I did...tread lightly. Surely there will be something that is the lesser of two evils, at least.

Have a fun vacation!

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3/22/11 4:26 P

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Traveling and stay with someone else is always a hassel. I wouldn't suggest you throw in the towel but rather eat in moderation. If they fry chicken or order pizza, limit your self (enough to feel satisfied). If you guys go out to eat try to get as close to healthy as you can. Don't ingest all of your calories and things before you go out. I think if you tried this you would be okay until you get back home and get on the grind, like before. Hope this helped.

God grant me the Serentiy to except the things I can not change
Courage to change the things I can and.....
Wisdow to know the difference.

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3/19/11 2:05 P

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I never leave home without my cooler anymore. My must haves are: hardboiled eggs, babybels, spinach, olive oil, cider vinegar, veggie crudités, hummus, flaxmeal, protein powder, then for convenience sake natural selections turkey and chicken meat. then you can fill up on these during the day and when it comes to eating out or meals prepared for you by others you can just stick to the most whole natural foods to put on your plate.

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3/19/11 10:39 A

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Load up on veggies. Eat protein. Avoid sauces, dips and dressings.
I would bring my own oil & vinegar and make sure to tell my host that I am on an eating plan. Since I can't eat gluten and most dairy, I would use that to my advantage. I wouldn't even be beyond fibbing. Tell her your DOC has you on a special diet for______. Can't eat salt or whatever...
There is no reason why anyone should be made to feel guilty or bad for eating what they want or need to. A good host would understand and try to accomodate.


"If it tastes good; Spit it out!" ~ Jack Lalanne


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3/19/11 8:20 A

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MILLERGIRL719 - that's a tough one - my mother-in-law is one that does not cook a single thing clean. What I have done over the years is offer to bring the salad - that way I always know that there will at least be a salad and that it won't be covered with thick creamy dressing. When I go to business meetings - or even to the beach with my mother-in-law, I bring clean snacks and breakfast food. I bring my oatmeal, fruit, nuts, veggies - anything I can so at least I have a clean eating alternative.

How to stick to your healthy eating? Well, I am not perfect, but what I find is that when I do NOT eat healthy, I feel physically terrible the next day. So, what I tell myself, before I go out - it to remember how good I feel both physically and emotionally when I eat healthy and that this is the way I want to feel tonight and tomorrow Then - stick to it!!! Best of luck to you! Let us know how it goes.

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3/19/11 7:38 A

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I need a little help....well, a lot. I've been doing really well on eating clean when I'm by myself. Put people in the mix and I'm sunk. Also, I'm going on vacation in a couple weeks to someone else's home. They will be cooking part of the time and we'll be outing out part of the time. How can I deal with this? Any strategies for me? Or do I just do the best I can until I get back, sorta throw in the towel, and get clean when I get back.

Frustrated and Overwhelmed

P.S. I just got Tosca's book from the library......I'm reading and reading!

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