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1/25/09 8:20 P

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I have found the range that Spark people give very workable. If I stay near the top of the range, I end up not losing anything or gaining a little. If, however, I stay near the bottom of the range, then the weight does come off. Good luck!

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1/25/09 10:18 A

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I think that if you are overweight it is possible to lose weight by eating healthy and eating only enough to satisfy hunger -- not making yourself full or eating for emotional reasons. However, to lose the last ten pounds, you probably will need to count calories. I know I do. You may be at the point where you have to endure being hungry sometimes. I know I do to lose weight at this point.

However, you may need to increase your calories, along with increasing your exercise, to bring up your metabolism. While on Weight Watchers, you were eating around 1000 a day, which most sources say is too low. It seems to me like your metabolism must have slowed to gain weight at 1350, assuming you're count is accurate.

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1/24/09 7:08 P

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I agree with all this advice, and here is my 2 cents worth: I found that if I want to lose weight, I have to track. If I want to maintain weight, it's not so necessary. A lot of people like to track for different reasons, so if you are one of those, track and don't sweat it. If you don't like tracking try the concepts for a couple of weeks (and maybe stay off the scale until you're done, since daily fluctuations may drive you nuts!) and see how it goes. The tracker will always be there when and if you need it, but it is possible to do without.

I know Tosca doesn't "count" calories, but her recipes include calorie counts, and if I recall correctly, the recmommended meals are supposed to be between 200-400 calories each, so there is a sort of "tracking" going on, just less formal than counting every calorie.

Try the cooler 2 from the book and see how it goes. If you don't lose and/or gain weight, try cooler 1. That plan is so strict you should lose fat if you stick to it.

Good luck!

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1/23/09 3:29 P

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I have been eating clean for over a year and still track my intake daily!!! I'm not as concerned about total calories as I am, or should I say my trainer, is more concerned about the ratios of my macronutrients!!! As a runner getting the right about of each nutrient at the right times during training is very important!!!

Try not tracking for a while and see how you can always go back to tracking if you want or need more information about your intake!!! That's all tracking really is, is a way of gathering information about your daily intake!!!

Hope that helps!!!


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1/23/09 11:50 A

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That's what Im trying to do..Eat clean when hungry. I don't like counting calories evry single day either..I want it to be simple and clean.......Good luck!

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1/23/09 10:06 A

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Hello! I think you made a good first move by dusting off your Clean Eating books :-)

I really believe in the idea of keeping your metabolism going by eating complex carbs with lean proteins frequently throughout the day. It seems to satisfy me all day and I am not usually tempted by bad foods.

I started just counting calories on Spark and lost weight. I hit a plateau for a couple of weeks, started eating clean and finally saw the scale start moving again.
It is interesting that Tosca doesn't believe in counting calories. She says that as soon as our country started counting calories, then we developed a weight problem. I was looking at the Oxygen Nutrition issue last night where they profile a number of fitness models. All of them had a calorie range to report except for Tosca. They all look fantastic of course, so I guess you just have to find what works for you.
I still track my nutrition, out of curiosity. Sometimes it is higher (1600), sometimes it is lower (1100)...maybe you could try eating clean and tracking calories to get an idea of what is going to work best for you??
Best wishes and keep us posted. :-)

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1/23/09 8:59 A

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Hi everyone! I would love some advice on the 'eating clean' thing. I had the books for awhile and have tried some of the recipes, but not gotten very serious about it. I was on Weight Watchers for a bit and lost about 15 pounds, but I have been stalling lately and am confused about what to do.

I really want to lose the 'last ten pounds' and am not sure how many calories I should be eating. Weight Watchers points are a little low for me and when I track them, they are like 1000 calories which is very low. Spark People had me at 1200 and I found I would get hungry and binge. I took a quiz in Jillian Michaels book and it had various math about a lot of things (BMR, TEE etc) and said I should be at more like 1350. I did that for a week and gained two pounds.

I was reading the Clean Eating book last night and the philosophy appealed to me. I am fairly active and feel like that should give me a little latitude, calorie-wise---if it's the evening and I am still hungry and want to have an extra banana or something, I am sick of Weight Watchers and their points quota making me feel guilty about it. But at the same time I have been counting points or calories for awhile and feel really nervous about, as Tosca recommends, not doing that. And I have issues where I have on plans like the points one restricted things like healthy oils, just because of the calories, and this is not a good thing.

Fwiw I do a workout (30 minutes, as hard-core as I can) every morning and do a walk (30 minutes, with a Kathy Smith audio or Leslie Sansone video) every evening. I also do not have a car and so walk a fair bit in the course of my commute and daily activities. I am a teacher, so I am up and about during my day.

I do have some food allergies which are an issue, the most notable as far as this 'diet' goes being a nut allergy and a flax allergy. This is why I need to make sure I get in oils, because flax and walnuts are such good sources of omega 3 and I can't eat those! I was having bad eczema which cleared up when I started taking a fish oil supplement. Oh, and I have a corn allergy, but eating clean this will not be as much of an issue because the top sources of corn by-products are prepared foods :)

So I want to try it, but I guess I need some reassurances that the calories won't be obscene and that it is okay to not track them, just eat healthy and be okay.

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